[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (2023)

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (1)

Elder Scrolls Online offers a wide variety of outfits for each character, one of which is Magicka DPS. It might take a while to figure out which one is the best, if you are looking for the best Magicka DPS sets to get to 100,000 points which definitely takes time to farm then this guide is for you.

10. Mechanical sharpness

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (2)

Visual effects of mechanical vision

Mechanical Acuity, the crafting set from the Clockwork DLC, is one of the best starter sets, also suitable for all levels of play. It is the best combo to use in the trash monster phase of most trials.

You'll want to pair it with a spell damage set to increase your overall DPS, since sets that increase critical strike chance are useless with active mech edge.

  • Product name: Mechanical sharpness
  • Type: For crafting
  • Location: Skill Pavilion in Clockwork City
  • Quality required for production: 6
  • Requires DLC: Clockwork City

All details:https://eso-sets.com/set/mechanical-acuity

9. Mucous cancer

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (3)

The scaly skin of a slime worm helmet

The Slime Crow Monster Helmet drops in Veteran Wayrest 1, while the Shoulders can be purchased from the Bravery Merchant. This is one of the best Magicka DPS monster sets available as it provides a 1 piece critical boost that pairs with the shoulder to give a smaller Berserker in case you can't get that effect.

It is often paired with another key suit, such as Zaans or Ice Heart, as this combination provides the best overall DPS, and is also used in highly mobile fights, as it does not require any special situations to trigger, unlike other monsters Suits are different.

  • Name: mucous cancer
  • Type: Monster Suit
  • Mjesto: Wayrest Sewers I, major
  • style: fearless

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/slimecraw

8. Zaan

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (4)

Helm of the magnificent Zaan

The Zaan Monster Helmet can be found in the Veteran Scalecaller Peak and Dragonbones DLC, while the Shoulders can be obtained from the Dauntless Chest in the Urgalarg Chieftain Bane.

This is the strongest single target DPS of any group of monsters in the game. The only downside to this accessory is that it can only damage within 8 meters. So you'll need to be close to keep it up, and it's best used in low-mobility boss fights or when analyzing meta dummies.

  • Ime: Zaan
  • Type: Monster Suit
  • Lokacija: Scalecaller Peak, Urgarlag Chief-bane's Dauntless Chest
  • Requires DLC: Dragonbone
  • style: fearless

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/zaan

7. Watkilt des Harpouniers

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (5)

The Harpooner's Wader Skirt looks primitive, but packs a punch.

The Harpooner's Watkilt is a mythic garment found in the Blackwood Warband. Once you collect five clues, you can craft it.

This set provides the highest DPS of any mythic set, as it greatly increases your critical damage and critical chance. However, to compensate for this, you'll need to make sure you don't take any damage as it will negate the effect of the set. This works best for boss fights where you don't take a lot of direct damage, like the Warriors in Hel-Ra Citadel or Yolnahkriin in Sunspire.

Name: Watkilt of the Harpooner

  • Genre: myth
  • Location: Antika
  • Erfordert DLC: Blackwood
  • style: unique

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/harpooners-wading-kilt

6. Bahseis Manie

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (6)
Bahsei Mania kostimi Sul Xana

Bahsei's crazy suit appears at Blackwood's trial in Rock Grove. It has perfect and imperfect versions. Refined version has an additional bonus to spell damage.

This set is powerful, but has quite a skill cap, as you have to keep your mana low to maximize damage. Even if you don't pay attention to your mana pool, if you can do decent damage with this set, you can get better DPS performance from this set, provided you make sure it's active on both lanes. You also want to use "No Magicka Restoration Food" and balance what you need to make sure your support has a sustain set for your party and only use synergy when needed.

  • Name: Bahseis Mania
  • Type: Probni
  • Location: Rock Grove
  • Erfordert DLC: Blackwood

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/bahseis-mania

5. Mantle of Siroria

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (7)

It has a Siroria Ring of Fire effect

The Cyloria Cloak Set appears in Summerset's Trial of Cloud's Breath. It has perfect and imperfect versions. The full version has an additional magical bonus

This is the strongest Magicka DPS set, best paired with a set that increases critical chance. However, it has a special mechanic that requires you to stay in an area to maintain the damage it does with spells, which is why it's most often used to deal with fake targets and less mobile boss fights. This is a must have for any Magicka DPS looking to increase their numbers.

  • Name: Cloak of Siroria
  • Type: Probni
  • Mjesto: Yunxi
  • Requires DLC: Summerset Isle
  • Stil: Welkynar

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/mantle-of-siroria

4. False devotion to God

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (8)

Sun tower pose which is dedicated to false gods on the body

The False God Devotion set appears in the Sun Tower Trials south of Elsville. It has perfect and imperfect versions. The refined version provides an additional bonus to spell damage.

This set is one of the best and can be used for any PVE content, as the 5 piece bonus reduces your mana cost and restores mana every time an enemy dies. This greatly increases everyone's stamina, allowing you to fire off more DPS.

  • Name: False piety
  • Type: Probni
  • Location: Sun Tower
  • Requires DLC: Elsweyr
  • Style: Sunspire

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/false-gods-devotion

3. Medusa

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (9)

Jellyfish on the body is a myth for the staff.

The Medusa Set is a dungeon set that can be found in Arx Corinium in Shadowfen. Grants the user incredible critical damage and permanent buffs.

The 5-piece bonus that comes with this set is a permanent secondary power boost that increases your critical damage by 10% and frees up skill space that could be occupied by Spike Trap or Channeled Haste - the only downside is that since it's a heavy armor set, the best it is to be used with 3 trinkets and a staff to increase its effectiveness.

  • Name: Medusa
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Location: Arx Corinium
  • Style: argonski

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/medusa

2. Mother's grief

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (10)

The sad appearance of the mother in the Argonian style

The Mother's Sorrow set is an Overland set, available in Deshaan. This is the most popular Magicka DPS set, offering both Magicka and Critical Chance for the perfect balance.

This set is probably the most versatile of the 5-piece set because you can pair it with almost anything and it works well. It is also readily available as an Overland set, and can be purchased from the guild store. Every Magicka DPS needs to have this set in their arsenal to deal maximum damage.

  • Name: Mommy's Trouble
  • Type: terrestrial
  • Ott: Deshan
  • Style: argonski

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/mothers-sorrow

1. Tear down the wall

[Top 10] Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO (11)

Der Dwemer-Mahlstrom-Stab-Look

The Crushing Wall Staff is an ability-modifying weapon set that drops in the Maelstrom Arena in Orsinium. It has perfect and imperfect versions. The refined version provides an additional bonus to breaking spells.

This is the most popular back wand and will be used by any Magicka DPS looking to increase their damage output. No DPS build is complete without this staff as it adds extra damage to your light and heavy attacks when in an elemental wall. Why do you want to make sure your elemental wall is always active and always light after every skill attack?

  • Name: broken wall
  • Tip: Arena
  • Venue: Mahlstrom-Arena
  • Requires DLC: Orsinium
  • style: dwarf

Details are at:https://eso-sets.com/set/crushing-wall

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