The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (2023)

If you ever wanted to help yourselfStar Wars lightsaber, afterthe sims 4 Drive to BatuuThe Game Pack will be your new best friend.

Especially when fighting an opponent with a different colored blade, these incredibly bright lightsabers provide a spectacular light show that you can participate in as part of lightsaber challenges.

Before that you have to assemble it yourself.lightsaber the sims 4First of all. This page explainshow do you get a lightsabernothe sims 4, A list ofKyber crystals and lightsaber hilts.and how to participateLightsaber fights and challenges.

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  • Explanation of how to get a lightsaber in The Sims 4 Parts and Assembly
  • How to get a lightsaber in The Sims 4 using cheats
  • List of lightsaber hilts and kyber crystals in The Sims 4
  • How to assemble your lightsaber in The Sims 4
  • The Sims 4 Fighting, Training, and Lightsaber Combat

Explanation of how to get a lightsaber in The Sims 4 Parts and Assembly

Once you started theDrive to Batuugame pack there are three districts to choose from; But when it comes to lightsabers, Black Spire Outpost is the place to be.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (1)

In addition to being the perfect home away from home for first-time visitors to Batuu, Black Spire Outpost is also the location of Savi's lightsaber workshop. Shopping there isn't the only way to get lightsaber parts on Batuu, but it's still a great place to start.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (2)
The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (3)

You can find Savi's workplace hidden behind the Dok-Ondar Cave of Antiquities and slightly opposite the entrance to the residence.

You will not find pre-assembled lightsabers for sale in Journey to Batuu. Instead, each lightsaber consists of two components: a hilt and a kyber crystal.

There are seven colors of Kyber Crystal available in Batuu, as well as twelve different hilt designs, and while the difference in this game seems to be purely cosmetic, the options will help you customize your Sims' lightsabers to your liking.

There are several ways for your Sims to get the lightsaber parts they need.

Purchase parts at Savi's Lightsaber Workshop

Savi's Lightsaber Workshop isn't the only place on Batuu where you can find lightsaber components, but it's the most reliable supplier, especially for beginners looking to invest in parts for their first lightsaber.

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The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (4)

Savi's has three different types of items, all at fixed prices: Kyber Crystals are 450 credits and lightsaber hilts are 250 credits, while a lightsaber display case (not a must like the other two, but a nice decorative memento from your Sim's trip). ) available through Batuu, with seven colors to choose from) cost 100 credits each.

Note that these prices are in credits, Batuu's local currency, not simoleons, and that there is no currency exchange on this planet.

As such, your Sim will likely need to take on a few missions for one of Batuu's factions (or win big at the Sabacc tables) to pay the price of 700 credits for the minimum parts needed to make a full lightsaber. functional.

Savi's stock remains the same day after day, and not all possible lightsaber parts can be found for sale.

Still, once you grab a hilt and kyber crystal from Savi's stash and dispose of your hard-earned credits, your Sim will have everything they need to build a perfectly usable, if not necessarily unique lightsaber.

Complete missions to earn items.

Much of the new gameplay introduced in Journey to Batuu revolves around the three local factions: theFirst Order, Resistance and Villains- and how your Sims' interactions with them affect the situation on Batuu.

These stories take place in a series of quests that can be completed for each faction.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (5)

Completing a mission increases or decreases your Sim's reputation with various factions, earning credits (useful for shopping at Savi's Lightsaber Workshop, and if you just want to get paid, you might want to know which villains pay the best), and income bonus items .

Most quests include a bonus item as part of the payment upon completion. Sent directly to your Sim's inventory, this random Batuuan item is often a useful item for future quests, such as: B. a data spike or fake ID. but in rare cases it will be a lightsaber hilt or a kyber crystal.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (6)

In addition to faction missions, once your Sim has a lightsaber, they can return to Savi's Lightsaber Workshop at any time and request a lightsaber challenge.

(You can find more details on the challenges later in this guide.) These challenges work like quests, but with two key differences: they don't affect faction reputation, and instead of a random bonus item, your Sim gets a lightsaber.

Observation:Technically, the wording of the challenge promises you a chance to get a lightsaber piece, but at the time of writing the chances of getting one after completing the challenge seem to be close to 100%.

How to get a lightsaber in The Sims 4 using cheats

You knew it was coming: if you're really stuck for the credits, or just want to get your hands on some lightsaber parts that weren't commercially obtainable before, well, The Sims 4 has a hack for that.

This is a debugging cheat, so once you have enabled testingcheats via the command console, all you need to do is Shift + click on your active Sim and select "Batuu Cheats..." > "Give Items of Batuu" in the pop-up window - Menu Above.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (7)

This will fill your Sim's inventory with absolutely free stuff, including many quest items; But if you're reading this guide, you're probably more interested in the five lightsaber hilts and five kyber crystals that just appeared.

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The reward for this cheat is always the same: you get one of each type of lightsaber hilt for sale at Savi's Workshop, plus the rare Dominant Elemental Nature hilt; and one each of the red, green, blue, purple, and black Kyber crystals (the last two colors are rare and not commercially available).

Those aren't all of the lightsaber parts in the game, but with just this cheat, your collection is more than half complete. Talking about...

List of lightsaber hilts and kyber crystals in The Sims 4

Like all collectibles in The Sims 4, lightsaber parts come in three levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. (By the way, if your Sim has the Healer aspiration, the lightsaber parts will count toward their collectible quest goals.)

In Journey to Batuu, rarity does not affect the value of these items, only the chance of receiving them as a quest bonus. See the table below for full details on the types of lightsaber parts:

Sims 4 Kyber Crystals List

heartrarityOn sale?Batuu cheating?
Azulto spreadYY
verdesto spreadYY
Putrefactionto spreadYY
SchwartzHardly evernorteY
removeHardly evernorteY

List of lightsaber handles in The Sims 4

ProjectrarityOn sale?Batuu cheating?
Bold power and controlto spreadYY
elegant peace and justiceto spreadYY
Imposition of power and controlto spreadnortenorte
powerful elemental natureto spreadnortenorte
Robust protection and defenseto spreadYY
Protection and defense in commandUnusualnortenorte
dominant elemental natureUnusualnorteY
noble peace and justiceUnusualnortenorte
virtuous justice and peaceUnusualnortenorte
Fateful power and controlHardly evernortenorte
Great protection and defense.Hardly evernortenorte
elaborate elemental natureHardly everYY

How to assemble your lightsaber in The Sims 4

Righteous or wrong, your Sim has captured at least one lightsaber hilt and one kyber crystal each.

Now to turn those two undeniably decorative but still inert pieces into a single functional lightsaber.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (8)

Go to your Sim's inventory and click on the Lightsaber Hilt or Kyber Crystal you want to use.

Selecting a Kyber Crystal will grant you the Place interaction on the lightsaber hilt. A popup menu will give you the option to choose from all the grips currently in your inventory.

On the other hand, clicking on a lightsaber hilt will give you the option to "Install Kyber Crystal", which works the same way, but in reverse. Either way, you trigger an animation where your Sim combines the two parts and is instantly captivated with the joy of owning a lightsaber.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (9)

You can now click on the lightsaber in your Sim's inventory to use it.

If you want to change your grip/crystal combo, you also have the option of replacing the Kyber crystal. or you can set the lightsaber to your Sim's favorite light, which means it's what they use by default when told to fight or duel.

You can have multiple lightsabers in your Sim's inventory and use whatever you want... but only one at a time. Dual wielding is not allowed on the Batuu. Pardon.


The Sims 4 Lightsaber Battles: Training and Combat Explained and How to Participate in Challenges

Your Sim now has a lightsaber, but what can they do with the most coveted toy for Star Wars fans?

Learning to Use Your Lightsaber: Skill Training, Combat, and Fitness

Well, you can try to practice a little right away. Go to your Sim's inventory, click on the lightsaber, and select Lightsaber Training.

You don't even need a partner for this activity - to help out, a small baseball-style drone (a Marksman-H remote battle training droid, to be exact, which is what I absolutely knew of Dome and didn't just look on Wookieepedia) doesn't show up. swim during a playful training session with your Sim.

(Unfortunately, outside of your Sim's lightsaber training, you can't keep this cutie to interact with.)

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (10)

Your Sim develops physical skills as they use their lightsaber, whether in one-on-one training, friendly combat, or challenges.

Higher physical ability means a better chance of winning a duel, although there is an element of chance involved: for example, my fitness level 4 Sim lost a match against his fitness level 2 partner.

However, raising your Sim's fitness level to 9 or 10 seems to almost guarantee a win against an NPC opponent.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (11)

Assuming you finally tire of deflecting the Marksman-H's adorable laser beams, you might want to consider fighting another Sim.

Despite the ease of obtaining lightsaber components at Savi's Workshop, lightsaber possession seems to be surprisingly low among the Batuu population, and your best chance of finding an opponent is to have another Sim in your household build their own. lightsaber.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (12)

Once you find another lightsaber wielder to play with, you can select "Lightsaber Training". During combat, your Sims' fitness progress bars will be visible above their heads and no one will be declared the winner.

Instead, the two opponents sheath their swords and share a warm handshake embrace once the activity is over.

lightsaber challenges

If you're looking for a little more competition for your lightsaber-wielding Sims to engage in, you can try challenging another Sim to a lightsaber duel or request a challenge from Savi's Workshop. Despite the common terminology, these two activities are actually quite different:

lightsaber challenge

If you interact directly with another Sim who has a Lightsaber, such as using the Lightsaber Spar social network described above, you'll find that another option is available: Lightsaber Challenge.

(Video) EASY Savi’s (Galaxy’s Edge) lightsaber HACK! One Kyber Crystal - all six colors!

This is an informal challenge, but while it's still a mostly friendly affair, it's a bit more serious than a training session. While Sims still get the Fitness skill, their progress isn't tracked by a bar above their heads, like a workout; and a Sim is victorious when he finishes the activity, knocking his opponent down and forcing them to relent.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (13)

Of course, this is all fun and no one gets hurt or upset...for now, at least. Don't be surprised if certain high-level faction quests later in the Journey to Batuu story require your Sims to take part in some high-stakes lightsaber challenges.

OurFlames for The Sims 4it can help you quickly get all kinds of bonuses in the game. In the meantime, we can help you with extensions.become a werewolf,Manufacture in Eco Living,tiny life,how to become a mermaid,how to become a magician,school and dancemiUniversity degrees and distinctive diplomas. In June 2020 we also saw the free addition ofStairs in The Sims 4.

Claim the lightsaber challenge

Regardless of whether your Sim has a friend to duel with, it's also a good idea to compete in the Official Lightsaber Challenges. Return to Savi's Lightsaber Workshop and select "Request Lightsaber Challenge" from the interaction menu.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (14)

There are a few different challenges, but they only appear one at a time. Thankfully, there isn't much of a difference other than the name of the challenge and accompanying text, as in practice each challenge has the same reward for completing it: 200 credits and a chance to win a new lightsaber piece.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (15)

Functionally, Lightsaber Trials are quests like any other on Batuu and are tracked in the Batuu Quests section of your Sim's career window.

As such, it's important to note that while your Sim can request a Lightsaber Challenge in Savi's Workshop and summon a Lightsaber Challenger at any time, they won't be able to accept and complete the quest if they appear. the Batuu mission window. active. .

Make sure you complete all faction missions before requesting a lightsaber challenge to properly trigger the challenge selection menu. If not, you can still fight the challenger, but you won't receive any rewards for doing so.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (16)

After accepting the challenge, you must find your Sim's opponent. Like other quest givers on Batuu, your challenger is identified by a circular marker above his head: in the case of a lightsaber challenger, this is a purple marker with the Black Spire Outpost logo inside.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (17)

The lightsaber challenger will appear somewhere in the area shortly after you accept the challenge. In theory, they could spawn anywhere around Black Spire Outpost, but the area outside of Savi's lightsaber workshop and the enclosed courtyard to the side of the apartment seem like the places they're likely to go.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (18)

Once installed, the challenger will begin practicing against a training droid while waiting for your Sim to join him. Since they're probably the only other Sims in the area who can train with a lightsaber, this is another useful way to spot them if they're hard to find.

Click on it and select "Lightsaber Challenge" from the social interactions menu. If your Sim has a lightsaber challenge active in the Batuu quest window, a small icon next to the interaction message will alert them that this is the path, challenge complete. challenging task.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (19)

Lightsaber challengers can be very hard to beat - great physical skill and (in all likelihood) multiple tries is the only way to beat them. Your opponent will leave once your challenge is over, so you'll need to return to Savi's workshop and request another challenge to try again.

The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (20)

Fortunately, even when you lose, these hardened warriors often seem to have a softer side: they'll sometimes give you a small amount of credits after you defeat them, but nowhere near the payout you get when you finally win.

And win or lose, even though you haven't actually been promised a lightsaber piece, there will almost certainly be a new one in your inventory next time.

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The Sims 4 lightsabers, from sourcing parts, hilts and kyber crystals to lightsaber challenges (21)

They seem to especially like to give away Kyber Crystals, even generous with the uncommon and rare types, including the ones you can't get through the "Batuu Items" cheat, so if you're looking to further expand and customize your Yes, Saber of Light - Challenges is an excellent source for free and hard-to-find parts.


How to complete the lightsaber Challenge in Sims 4? ›

Click on them and select 'Challenge with Lightsaber' from the social interaction menu - if your Sim has a Lightsaber Challenge active in their Batuu missions panel, a small icon next to the interaction prompt will let you know that this is the way to complete the challenge task.

How do you get lightsaber parts in Sims 4? ›

There are a variety of ways to acquire Lightsaber Parts. Some can be purchased from Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities and Savi's Lightsaber Worshop. Others can be earned as rewards for rising in the ranks of any of the three factions.

Where do you get kyber crystals in Sims 4? ›

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities can be found in Black Spire Outpost across from the Ronto Roasters food vendor building. Dok Ondar will sell you a variety of rare treasures, including a Lightsaber Hilt and a couple Kyber Crystals.

How do you make a lightsaber on Sims 4? ›

To craft a Lightsaber, you will need at least one Hilt and one Kyber Crystal. You can either click a Hilt in your inventory and use the “Install Kyber Crystal” interaction, or you can click a Kyber Crystal in inventory and use the “Place on Lightsaber Hilt” interaction to create your customized Lightsaber.

Do you get anything for completing Sims 4 challenges? ›

Successfully completing a scenario in The Sims 4 rewards the whole household with several thousand Satisfaction Points apiece. Satisfaction Points can be spent on bonus traits and powerful potions in the in-game Reward Store.

Can you buy extra lightsaber parts? ›

Extra Hilt Pieces – Customizing your lightsaber doesn't just stop at the Kyber Crystals though, you can also buy extra pieces for your hilt, aka “Scrap Metal.” This allows you to further change your blade's hilt, or even merge a light side and dark side style together!

How do you get a black lightsaber? ›

Follow the green energy beam (likely a power conduit for the Death Star's planet-destroying laser) to where it connects to the metal arch in the image above, and use an air dash to land on the arch. After doing this, players need only head to the top of the arch to acquire the black lightsaber crystal Holocron.

Why is my black lightsaber red in Sims 4? ›

No glitch here, it's intentional. Most of the content in Batuu is based on Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, and when you build a lightsaber there, the rare black crystals make the blade red. Basically, the black crystal is essentially just a collector's item in game and in real life.

What are the rare kyber crystals? ›

A kyber crystal, simply known as a kyber and described as a lightsaber crystal or the living crystal, was a rare, Force-attuned crystal that grew naturally and was found on various planets across the galaxy.

What is the rarest Kyber crystal at galaxy's edge? ›

One of the rarest things to find in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is a Black Kyber Crystal. These black crystals are randomly hidden inside the red Kyber Crystal bottles and you never know when you are going to get one.

Can you buy extra kyber crystals? ›

Currently, the only spare parts you can purchase are additional kyber crystals which are available at Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities. The price for additional crystals is around $20.

Can you make a custom lightsaber? ›

Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers at the Walt Disney World Resort. Construct your very own lightsaber—and experience the power of the Force—at Savi's Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsabers! Select the heart of your lightsaber, the kyber crystal—available in red, blue, green and violet.

Is there a way to make a real lightsaber? ›

Dr. Kaku thinks we probably could if we build a lightsaber blade with hot plasma heated to around 12,000°F, contain it on a ceramic rod with an electromagnetic coil, and power everything using trillions of nanobatteries. The technology necessary to create Dr. Kaku's version of a lightsaber does not exist—yet.

How do I make my phone a lightsaber? ›

Turn Your Phone Into A Lightsaber With This Mind-Blowing Google Chrome Experiment
  1. Visit the Lightsaber Escape website on your desktop and enter the '' URL displayed on the screen into your phone's browser. ...
  2. Hold your phone vertically with both hands and press initiate.
  3. You're all set.

Is there a pink light saber? ›

Saber comes with 1 LED function: steady light. LED Color: Pink. Length: 28 inches.

Are 2 lightsabers better? ›

The double-blade means you've got twice as much laser sword to work with. It's much better at blocking attacks (including blaster bolts) coming in from multiple angles. It doesn't seem to deal as much damage to a single target, but you're more likely to hit multiple enemies with each swing.

What is the most legendary lightsaber? ›

1 The Historic Skywalker Saber

Much can be said about the fabled Skywalker Lightsaber. It's been used by plenty of notable Jedi over the years, with the likes of Anakin and Luke Skywalker making it the franchise's most iconic weapon.

Does Sims 4 have ending? ›

We talk a lot about open world games, but The Sims 4 is a game that we can truly classify as being open-world. There is no end goal and you can do with your Sims whatever you want.

Can Sims get fired in Sims 4? ›

Conversation. Have you ever gotten your sim fired in The Sims 4? You have to have very poor performance for this to occur. An example would be skipping days continuously.

Do Sims get robbed in Sims 4? ›

Burglars are drawn to your lot on a random basis after 10PM after your Sims go to sleep. You can of course play with these odds and modify your chances with a new Lot Trait and Lot Challenge. The Good Neighborhood Lot Trait will lessen the chances of Burglars ever coming to your home.

Who has a purple lightsaber? ›

Only one person in canon wields a purple blade: the Jedi Council's Mace Windu.

Can Jedi have 2 lightsabers? ›

While it is not one of the seven lightsaber combat forms, Jar'Kai is a technique that can be used in conjunction with those forms. Using two lightsabers is a skill many Force-users train, yet only a few ever really master.

Is Savi's Workshop worth it? ›

Even at the $250 price-point, Savi's Workshop is truly something special–an experience to be savored and remembered long after the lightsaber breaks or dies. This is one of the most popular Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge offerings at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and for good reason.

How rare is a purple lightsaber? ›

They are extremely rare and attuned to the Force. The color emitted by each crystal is determined by the personality, fighting style, and force-alignment of the wielder. This article will focus on the mysterious purple lightsaber crystals.

Did Mando lose the Darksaber? ›

After the Great Purge of Mandalore, the Empire desecrated Mandalore and Bo-Katan lost possession of the Darksaber.

Why is the Darksaber heavy? ›

It's actually Wren who explains why, exactly, the Darksaber is so heavy. In an episode of Star Wars: Rebels, she remarks, "Energy constantly flows through the crystal. You're not fighting with a simple blade as much as you are directing a current of power. Your thoughts, your actions, they become energy.

Why did my lightsaber turn red? ›

Construction. In the construction of a Sith lightsaber, individuals partook in a process known as bleeding. By ways of the Force, they would pour negative emotions such as rage, hate, fear and pain into kyber crystals. The process would result in the crystals gaining a distinctive crimson or red hue.

Do all dark side users have red lightsabers? ›

The story follows Anakin Skywalker's former Jedi apprentice, who was first introduced in the Disney animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The book answers why those force users who are swayed to the dark side always have red lightsabers, instead of the predominantly blue or green blades associated with the Jedi.

Can you get a red lightsaber? ›

How to get a red lightsaber in Jedi: Fallen Order. Launch a New Journey Plus playthrough and then head to your lightsaber customization bench on the Mantis as soon as you can. A red kyber crystal option should've been automatically added to your options.

Who has the rarest lightsaber hilt? ›

Why Mace Windu's Lightsaber Hilt Was The RAREST In All of Star Wars.

Who has a white lightsaber? ›

Ahsoka Tano, the former Jedi Padawan who aided in the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, is acknowledged as the sole possessor of the white lightsaber.

Is there a black lightsaber? ›

An ancient lightsaber that serves as a powerful symbol of leadership to the Mandalorians, the Darksaber is a unique weapon with a black-energy blade lined with a crackling white edge.

Who has a black lightsaber? ›

In season 1, in the final scene of Chapter 8, we see the Imperial security officer Moff Gideon ignite a black-bladed lightsaber.

Can you get a black lightsaber at Disney World? ›

The Darksaber is back in Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios! If you make your way over to Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities… …you'll find it in case over at the counter!

Does the Darksaber have a kyber crystal? ›

The darksaber does have a kyber crystal just like all other lightsabers do! The crystal is the heart of the saber, giving it not just its color but its energy as well. Kyber crystals are unique, and for the Jedi, the crystal chooses its owner.

Can you reverse bleed a kyber crystal? ›

It was possible to "heal" the effects of bleeding on a kyber crystal, by using the light side of the Force, thus changing the crystal's color again. The process typically resulted in a white crystal.

Can you get an orange kyber crystal? ›

You get to build the hilt and choose your kyber crystal, which Star Wars geeks know determines the color of your blade. Officially, you're only allowed to pick from the four colors seen in the movies: blue, green, purple, and red.

Can a lightsaber have 2 crystals? ›

A dual-phase lightsaber was a lightsaber that contained two or more kyber crystals, allowing its blade length to be extended or shortened in the middle of combat. Darth Vader's lightsaber was an example of one, with the weapon achieving the feature with two kyber crystals.

Can you make a plasma lightsaber? ›

In 2020, gadget makers Hacksmith Industries built a 'lightsaber' based on a high temperature stream of plasma that hit temperatures of around 4,000 degrees Celsius. They demonstrated its ability to burn through a variety of materials, if a little slower than the average Jedi master might have time for.

Can you bring lightsabers to Disney World? ›

While you may bring the full lightsaber into the theme parks, please know you'll be asked to stow it away safely to enjoy any attractions so your plan to just bring the hilt is a good one.

Can you change the color of legacy lightsabers? ›

The only lightsabers that can change color are the Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber from “The Clone Wars.” Those can be changed between green and blue by pressing a button on the saber hilts.

Who made the first lightsaber? ›

Affiliation. The First Blade was an ancient weapon that served as the foundation for all modern lightsabers. It was designed by an ancient Je'daii Master known as the Weapon Master and kept on Tython by droids for millennia.

Does Disney's lightsaber work? ›

While the technology behind such a powerful weapon is fictional, there are tons of lightsabers on the market for fans of all walks of life. Of course, real-life, Disney-licensed lightsabers can't cut through walls.

How do you summon Kylo Ren Sims 4? ›

Find Kylo Ren in The Sims 4

To meet Kylo Ren, players will need to ally themselves with the First Order. They can do this by speaking to Lieutenant Agnon and asking him for missions, then completing the missions and reporting back.

How do you unlock Batuu outfits? ›

Unlock All Clothing Items

In order to instantly unlock every clothing item for Create a Sim, players need to input "cas. unlockbytag GP09" in the cheat console while Create a Sim is open.

What is the cheat to get rid of fame quirks in Sims 4? ›

If you want to cheat your way to the top, Shift-click your Sim and select public image. There's a "public image" option now. In the next prompt, there are four options: set reputation, add (or remove) fame quirk, increase (or decrease) celebrity level and freeze frame.

How do you go to the Star Wars world in Sims 4? ›

Just click on Batuu and you'll immediately travel there. If you decide you want to play around with the new build options or turn your sim into a Twi-Lek and let them roam around Brindleton Bay causing drama, you'll eventually get a phone call from a neighbor in the world asking you if you've visited Batuu yet.

Can you WooHoo Rey in Sims 4? ›

Building Your Relationship

Kissing Kylo and kissing Rey, the choice is yours. As with any other sim, options will open up to WooHoo once the relationship increases.

Is Luke Skywalker in Sims 4? ›

Luke, Leia, and Darth Vader Can Finally Be A Family In 'Sims 4'

Can you wear Jedi tunic in galaxy's edge? ›

You can buy Jedi robes at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, you just can't wear them in the park. Guests of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge may not be able to don the film-accurate Jedi robes they purchase at the park. Fans over the age of 14 are not permitted to wear costumes in Disney parks.

Can you marry someone from Batuu Sims 4? ›

You will need to follow the normal romance procedures to get them to love you, but before long, you will be able to propose. At any time, you can also make the Star Wars characters move out of your house, much like any other Sim.

Can you build on Batuu? ›

You cannot build in Batuu. Generally, this isn't an issue since there are places to sleep, eat, and refill your needs. However, there are a few niggles, such as not being able to eat, pee, or shower in the resistance base. Hopefully, some cheats or an update will allow this to be solved for storytelling purposes.

Can Sims lose fame? ›

Sims can only lose fame by doing nothing. If a Sim goes more than a couple days without doing any fame-gaining actions, you'll get an alert in the top-right corner of the screen notifying you of the potential of fame decay.

How many fame quirks can a Sim have? ›

With four possible quirks in total, the first will unlock at star-level one then a second at star-level three. The final two trait slots will unlock when your sim is recognized as a five-star celebrity. However, even celebrities don't get to choose their quirks.

Can you get rid of fame quirks? ›

Perks can be cleared (along with fame levels) by ordering a Celebrity Cleanse on a celebrity's phone. Buying a Quirk-B-Gone potion from the aspiration rewards store and drinking it will remove one quirk.

Can you go to the army in Sims 4? ›

As with any career, your Sim can join the Military career simply by sitting down at a laptop/computer, using their cell phone or by the job tab on the user interface. Once you have joined the career you will be greeted with a pop up asking you if you wish to start the first Work From Home Assignment.

Where can I Woohoo in Batuu? ›

If you head over to Batuu you'll discover that the dwelling in Black Spire Outpost where you freshen up and change your clothes can also be used to woohoo. Simply click on the building and select the option to head inside to start the fireworks.

Who is the criminal in Batuu? ›

The elusive local crime boss of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, few have seen Oga in the flesh and have lived to tell the tale. She has earned an infamous, almost mythical reputation among smugglers, criminals, and prominent figures of the underworld. Even the mere mention of her name sets the locals on edge.


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