The best economy seats on long-haul flights (2023)

The best economy seats on long-haul flights (1)The seat position in economy class can affect your comfort.

modern air travel is famousnot the most pleasant experienceAfter all, whowantHow many hours in a cramped seat next to a stranger in a pressurized metal tube?

Budget-conscious travelers love to upgrade seats in business class or other premium classes, but unfortunately, most of us can't afford that much. However, there are ways to increase comfort when choosing economy class seats.

"The longer the flight, the more strategically important seat assignment becomes," says senior reporter Zach Griff.point boy, the Huffington Post reported.

So what's the best economy class seat on a long haul flight? While the answers may vary from aircraft to aircraft, there are some best practices to keep in mind. Some seem contradictory. The key is to find out what is important to you and prioritize those factors. Below, Griff and other experts share their tips, including some A+ tips.

Increase legroom.

"First and foremost, you want to maximize your personal space, which can mean choosing a seat with more legroom or strategically choosing a seat with a unique configuration," says Grieve, similar to an emergency exit seat.

Even a little extra legroom can make a big difference on a long flight. So take that into account when choosing your seat. While the exit queues provide good extra space, avoid the queues directly in front of the exit.

"I would definitely avoid the back row or seats in front of the exit row," added Grieve. "These seats have little to no recline. So be careful before you choose them."

Even if you can't book a roomier seat, you can increase your legroom by packing carefully. Try to pack most of your belongings in your checked baggage or carry-on, storing them in the overhead compartment to avoid bulky backpacks or other items under your feet.

Increase your chances of sitting in an empty middle seat.

"I do everything I can to find an aisle seat next to an empty middle seat or a window seat next to an empty middle seat," he expertand the authorretaliation"I can sleep better if there's an empty middle seat next to me."

He increases his chances by looking for three rows of seats where the window seats are already occupied and then choosing an empty aisle seat.

"That way there's only one empty spot in the middle, which is less likely to be filled," she said. "If I pick an aisle seat among three empty rows, chances are two people who want to sit next to each other will take the other two. I try to pick the back seats too because those are usually the last people to sit. Sit."

Look for empty lines.

"Friendliness plays a big role with agents," says one travel expert, "Gay - Travel Show" hostRavellos"I usually ask -- politely -- if there's an empty row. If there is, take it with you. Nothing beats lying on a plane."

La Carmina likes to do her own thing.

"If I notice rows of empty seats on the plane, I remember those positions," she said. "The seat belt light went off after the plane took off and I crawled into an empty seat without asking the staff."

Estimate the distance to the toilet and kitchen.

"You should consider the distance from the galley to the toilet - all things that can affect your comfort level and ability to sleep during the flight," says Grieve. "These areas are marked appropriately on the seating arrangement. If you don't mind being disturbed by light, noise and smells, you should avoid these areas."

As they say: location, location, location. Try to choose seats that are at least four or five rows away from high-traffic areas for a quieter ride.

"There will be a lot of noise in the kitchen, the 'kitchen' of the plane, and there will be traffic, unpleasant sounds and smells in the bathroom," he said.Elite tourist arrangementsand marketing managersan.

Note that splitters are not necessarily the best…

The front row of the cabin may seem like a tempting option, but there are a few things to consider before opting for one of the bulkhead seats. Based on the previous point, you may be near a noisy kitchen. There are other possible disadvantages.

"Although bulkheads generally offer more legroom, stay away from these seats," says Grieve. "No one reclines in their personal space, but some drawbacks include non-aligned TV screens, fixed armrests and a lack of under-seat storage. Also, these seats are often reserved for parents flying with small children. reserved, so these seats can be noisy."

...and the back of the plane isn't necessarily the worst.

"You have to decide whether you want to sit more forward or more back," says Grieve. "Contrary to popular belief, there are actually some benefits to sitting in the back of the plane."

Also, the front of the plane tends to fill up faster than the back, so you may find the back is less congested.

"The further I was on the plane, the more likely I was to find an empty seat, even if there wasn't a full row of seats next to me," says co-founder Meg Gerald.women traveling alone"The seats in the back of the plane are often packed with passengers going to the toilet, but if I'm sleeping at this time because there's an empty seat or row of seats next to me, I don't understand the complaint!"

Many airlines offer passengers the option of paying a small additional fee to pay for a seat in the front of the plane. Ask yourself if the extra cost is worth it.

"If there's only a middle seat left and the seat choice is $25, it might be better to pay direct," says Victoria Yore, the travel blogger behind it.Come with me"However, if there is more than one available seat, window or aisle, or if you want another preferred seat, please choose an empty seat, even if it is in the back of the plane. You will still have to wait for luggage, and travel in general is always messed up. Either way, paying a lot of money to get to row 10 doesn't make much of a difference, and it won't save you that much time."

Look for unique layouts.

"I always recommend checking it outFacebookSeatGuru websiteResearch ahead of time what the best seats are on the plane," Stoller said.

In fact, not all aircraft layouts are created equal, so configuration can be another reason to look backwards rather than forwards.

"In general, most people think that sitting closer to the front of the plane makes the flying experience more pleasant," Grieve said. "While this is generally true, you should research the seat map when you book your flight. Some planes have unique 'mini cabins' with only a few rows of seats. These smaller cabins are often more private and quieter during the flight."

"Also, many airlines offer different seat configurations in the rear of the aircraft due to the curvature of individual aircraft," he added. "For example, you'll find a 2-3-2 layout in the back of the plane instead of the usual 3-3-3 layout. For couples or families traveling together, these seats might be a good option."

Don't forget about other location factors.

"Some passengers seem to choose to be closer to the middle of the wing, where they feel less turbulent, while others prefer to be closer to the front for easier exit, less engine noise and even better food options." Laura Laura Lindsay, Travel and Destination Trends ExpertSkyscanner.

she shows on aSkyscanner AnketaOver 1,000 regular airline passengers have found that the most ideal seat on a standard aircraft is 6A - the front window option. The "worst" was 31E, the middle seat in the back of the plane.

"Sitting in front of the wings and engines usually results in a smoother flight," Grieve points out.

Check your preferences for windows or aisles.

"Once you've chosen the row you want, you can choose an aisle seat or a window seat," says Grieve. "The former is great for those who like to stand freely when needed, while the latter is great for field of vision and the ability to rest your head on the fuselage."

There are pros and cons to each option, and experts The Huffington Post spoke with had mixed opinions. Rose prefers the window seat to avoid the distraction of car service and waiting in the toilet, while Gerald prefers the aisle.

"While the window seat is better for sleeping because you can lean against the side of the plane, I prefer the aisle seat because I can get in and out of the car as I please without disturbing anyone," she explained. "Being able to move as much as you need to is key to feeling comfortable on long journeys – walk down the aisle regularly to get the blood moving."

Those who like to get up and move their bodies may be inclined to walk, but flyers who hate being pushed or asked to move might be window people.

Windows seem to be a popular choice for those who want to sleep, especially on long flights, while those who prefer to use the restroom prefer to be in the aisle so as not to disturb other passengers, Lindsay added. "The pass is also popular with tall travelers who want to stretch their legs."

Charges may change if you are not flying alone.

"If you're traveling as a couple, it might make sense to choose aisle and window seats in a particular row, hopefully empty in the middle," says Griff. "If not, you can always switch to one of the cheaper seats Take the middle seat."

Please note, this is a middle seat offerdo not guarantee, However.

Types of research aircraft.

If you have more than one good flight option for your trip, check out the different airline deals. You may find more comfortable options on newer aircraft.

"This was also reported by frequent travelerson the left side of the plane"It's the best because the windows are off-center and can be placed against the wall," Lindsay points out.

These features may vary, but airline websites and third-party resources may varyprovide informationAbout different types of aircraft and aircraft carriers.

"Delta first"Active seat"— not only does this move you forward a bit, but it also moves up when you recline and hugs you into the seat for optimal comfort without sacrificing legroom," said Delta Air Lines Vice President of Experience Mauricio Parise brands.

He noted that nearly all Delta mainline aircraft currently have removable seats, and he plans to update one exception to comply with that standard.

More aircraft featuresresearch airlinesIncludes a "lean forward" seat andEconomy - Etagenbetten.

Book early.

"Most importantly, make sure you choose your seat as soon as you book your flight," says Grieve. "The earlier the better. If you wait to book a seat, you'll likely find fewer options as your departure time approaches."

Booking with a co-branded airline credit card can also earn coupons for preferred seating or expedited access status with the airline, which allows for free seat upgrades and more legroom, he added.

If you are unable to select your seat during the booking process, please try to check in earlier.

"If I have an economy seat without pre-selecting a seat, I always check in online as soon as the 24-hour pre-boarding window opens," Lakamina said. "I set up alerts or notifications to check in as soon as I can. It gives me the first choice of available locations."

If you are not happy with the place you got, don't be disappointed.

"If you don't get the place you want,expert leafletA great tool to improve seat assignments," points out Griff. "The web-based software allows you to set up seat reminders for each flight and receive instant email and/or text notification when your desired seat becomes available. "

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