Pupils in Dangerous Places - LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (2023)

Scattered throughout Lego Harry Potter - Years 1-4 are 50 students who need to be rescued. You may encounter one student in danger in each of the game's 24 levels, and another 26 as you roam freely around Hogwarts. Check out our guide to students at risk to find out where to find these students in the game and what you need to do to help them.

Freshmen in dangerous places

Part 1 -the magic begins

In Diagon Alley, use Wingardium Leviosa on the brown table next to Quality Quidditch Supplies. Jump on it and the other character will pull you onto a ledge above it. Jump onto the ledge and approach the student.

Part 2 -from the dungeon

At the end of the bathroom level, the student is trapped in one of the cubicles. The troll begins breaking the booths, freeing the student.

Part 3 -a haunted broom

As you build the rune cabinet, you can see metal blocking your way to a side area near the cabinet. Use redoubt to break the metal and the student will run away.

Part 4 -The Forbidden Section

In the second part of the level, go to the end of the first row of shelves you come across and use Wingardium Leviosa on the book on the floor to shake off some bricks. Build a cuckoo clock out of the bricks and tap it a few times until the student jumps.

Part 5 -The forbidden forest

At the beginning of the level, the student is caught by a devil trap in a niche in the wall. Use a well-aimed Lumos spell to unleash it.

Part 6 -hostile face

When you reach the room with the flying keys, use the broom you picked up from the statue to fly to a ledge on the right side of the room. Jump on it and use Lumos to clear the devil trap next to you and free the student.

Sophomore in Dangerous Places

Part 1 -ground dust

At Borgin & Burkes he wears Redoubt in the closet under the stairs.

Part 2 -Dobby plane

When Dobby is hiding in a brown closet (at the end of the level), there is a chest on the ledge under the closet. Use Lumos to break free of the demonic trap holding it, then use Redoubt to remove the lock on it. Finally, open the chest to free the student.

Part 3 -Crabbe and Goyle

When you get to the Slytherin common room, use the broom by the fireplace to sweep the fireplace and remove some bricks. Build these bricks into a picture frame and say hello to the portrait. The portrait breaks the student's glasses and pops out.

(Video) LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - All Hogwarts Student in Peril Locations (Complete Oveworld Guide)

Part 4 -Tom Riddle's Diary

In the first memory room, use the rune locker to get a key, then go left and open a door to free the student.

Part 5 -follow the spiders

When fighting Aragog, the student to Aragog's right (yours, not his) can be seen encased in a web. Hit him with a spell to free him.

Part 6 -there Basilisk

In Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, the student is trapped in a cubicle. After the first toilet is flushed and Scabbers presses the button on his barrel, a devil trap will appear around his cabin. Clean with Lumos and the student will run away.

Third year student in dangerous places

Part 1 -News from Azkaban

When you first get on the train, use dark magic to open the bathroom behind the trolley witch and the student is inside.

Part 2 -Hogsmeade

When you get to the Three Broomsticks, you'll find a snowman in the left corner. Destroy the snowman to find the student inside.

Part 3 -controlled gimmicks

After using the fountain to grow the plant and reaching the ledge above it, head left and use Redoubt on the locked door.

Part 4 -yell to the cabin

In the last phase of the level, you will see the student fighting near Lupine and Sirius. Climb the Bowtruckle ladder and cast a spell on the student to free him.

Part 5 -Kuss des Dementors

After rescuing Buckbeak, you'll land in a forest clearing. You'll find the student on the far left of this area cornered by a bug. Kill the bug to save the student.

Part 6 - Thedark tower

After passing the second Dementor, turn left and use Redoubt to open the door there. Go through it and you'll come to a ledge below and the student.

4th grade students in dangerous places

Part 1 -The Quidditch World Cup

Right at the beginning of the level, to your right and a little further down, there is a small house locked with a padlock. Use Redoubt to open it and free the student.

Part 2 -dragon

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When you reach the fourth dragon and need to block three chains, use Griphook to open the vault there.

Part 3 -the first task

When the dragon chases you down the hallway, you'll find a cupboard halfway down the hallway, locked with a padlock and chain. Open it as fast as you can to free the student before the dragon gets to you.

Part 4 -A secret

As you enter the bathroom (not the perfect bathroom), use black magic on the cabinet on the right side of the room.

Part 5 -or black lake

When you reach the second tunnel that you can swim through, make sure you're at the back of the screen. Swim left over yourself until you find a man in a boat. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the boat to bring the oars back there, then use it again to get the boat moving and the student will jump out from under it.

Part 6 -The dark lord returns

When you build the source to jump over the hedge, before jumping, keep walking towards the screen and you'll see the student being pinned to the wall by a devil's trap. Use Lumos to free him.

Student at danger spots around Hogwarts

men's room

On the right side of the room are two bathroom stalls. Hit the left one to free the student.

Charms Classroom (Left)

Go down the hall under the classroom and continue to the end. The student is trapped above you in a web that you must cast a spell to break.

Charms Classroom (Left)

Drop into the hall below the classroom and go right until you reach the chained sliding animals. When you reach them, go down the ditch in front of them and near the exit, in the ditch, you'll find the student trapped in a devil's trap. Use Lumos to free him.

Hallway of the magic room

Student's red ball is stuck in a shelf, use magic to knock it over.

bell tower

As soon as you enter the room you will see the student pinned to the wall with a spider web. Access the network to open it and share the student.

Inner courtyard of the clock tower

A Gryffindor boy is bullied by three Slytherins. Hit each of them with a spell to scare them off.

(Video) Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4: The Black Lake FREE PLAY (All collectibles) - HTG

Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom (right)

Use Redoubt on the chest next to the board, then flip its contents and turn it into an entrance to a secret passage. Go to the new door and set up the equipment in front of you, attached to a small platform. Once the gear is in place, hop onto the platform so you can jump and reach the student and free him from the web.

Entrance hall

On the left side of the room the student hangs from a portrait. Hit the bookshelf below him to knock the books over, then use Wingardium Leviosa on it to build platforms towards the student. Approach him and he will jump to safety.

grand staircase

At the top of the stairs, above Dumbledore's office, you will find the student trapped in a spider web. Hit the web with a spell to release it.

Big Quarter

In the middle of the hall, on the left wall, you can see the student trapped in a spider web. Hit him with a spell to free him.

courtyard of the Great Hall

Hit the big Slytherin banner to make it unfold and the student falls.

Gryffindor common room

Enchant the sofa with the child sleeping on it. When the couch spits him out again, he hits the student with a spell to get him upright.

Hagrids Garten

After removing all the food from the picnic basket, use Wingardium Leviosa again to shake a seed. Use magic to grow the seed into a pumpkin that will detach the pupil for you.

Hagrid's Garden (Time-Turner)

After using the Time-Turner, you'll find the student trapped under a pumpkin in the far-right corner of the garden. Get rid of the pumpkin to free the student.

Herbalism Stove (2)

Make the power potion and pull the lever in the far left corner to free him from behind the bars.

Lufa-Lufa common room

Destroy the poisonous tentacle (large plant) in the chimney.

Entrance of Hufflepuff

(Video) Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 PS5 Bonus Part: All Student in Peril Locations

In the area where you find the portrait leading to the Hufflepuff common room, find the mandrake and place it in its pot.


On the ground floor, approach the two owls holding what appears to be a large scroll. As you approach, the owls will unfold the scroll and the disciple will fall.

Owlrey (Giratiempo)

After using the time turner you can see the student trapped in the bird feeder in the center of the room. All you have to do to free him is hit him with a spell.

Ravenclaws Zimmer

The student is cornered in the middle of the room by a page burping book. Next to the book is a chain that you need to hit with a spell to tie it to the book.

Slytherin room

As you enter the dormitory, you can see the student behind a bookshelf. Hit him with a spell and he will fall, freeing the student.

the countries

You will find the student near the entrance to Hagrid's garden, trapped in a devil's trap. Use Lumos to free him.

The sea

Three large brown boxes can be seen near the water. Break them and build the bricks that come out to fix the pier and get to the student.

The protected section of the library

Under the ledge on the right is a red book on the shelf. Hit it to knock it over, then tilt it to spill its contents. Use an animal to dig up some Bowtruckles so you can climb the ledge. At the top you will find a mandrake that you need to put in your pot.


To the left of the store is a billboard with a ledge under it, the student is trapped there. Under the ledge is a large roll of canvas. Use Wingardium Leviosa on it to set it up as a springboard for the student to jump onto.

Quidditch Field (Time-Turner)

Use Redoubt on the chest to the right of the shop entrance to remove the lock. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the chest to flip it and the student will fall.

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Are there cheat codes for Lego Harry Potter Years 1 4? ›

There are actually two different ways to enter cheats. The first can be found in the LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 section, by heading over to Wiseacre's Wizarding Supplies in the Diagon Alley hub. Enter the building and head upstairs, there's a chalk board that you can enter cheats on.

How to get past the restricted section in lego harry potter years 1 4? ›

Have Scabbers climb up the tubing and to the right, where he can knock down some debris. As Harry or Ron, use magic to send the debris flying toward the back door. It'll attach and cause the door to swing open. Pass through that doorway to enter the area on the other side.

How do you save students in peril in Clock Tower? ›

Climb up those stairs to reach the top of the Pendulum Tower area, which is full of gears. As you enter, look toward the back wall right near the entryway. There's a Student in Peril waiting. Zap him a few times to free him from the cobwebs.

How many students in Peril are in Hogwarts? ›

There are a total of 50 students to find in the game, all in peril. 24 of those students are located in the Story mode stage, which leaves you to find an additional 26 throughout the halls of Hogwarts Castle.

What is the secret code in Harry Potter Lego? ›

General Lego Harry Potter Cheats
CheatDescriptionLego Harry Potter Cheat Code
Gold Brick DetectorDetects Gold Bricks84QNQN
Hogwarts Crest DetectorDetects Hogwarts CrestsTTMC6D
Ice RinkFloor behaves like slippy iceF88VUW
InvincibilityInvincible to damageQQWC6B
19 more rows
Apr 18, 2018


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