Public Auction: Rushville Layoffs Online Auction #1 (2023)

Harmeyer Auction and Appraisal Co. is pleased to offer competitors in the #1 Rushville Downsizing Online Auction. This auction includes many new or lightly used items including Wallace sterling silver flatware, serving for 8, Le Creuset bakeware, Longaberger baskets and dishes, patio furniture, patio and landscape decorations, step stools, long handles, tools, some power tools and a few silk tote bags, wreaths including some rustic berry wreaths, various ribbons, wreaths and craft supplies, Vera Bradley bags, designer purses, sofas, armchairs, TVs, home decor, Anheuser-Busch wooden boxes , nail barrels, solar lights, space heaters, ponies - and IU memorabilia, Rowe pottery and more. If you have any questions about this auction, please contact Lisa at 765-938-9595. Auction starts: Monday, May 15, 2023. There are no auction previews. The auction is closing due to limited spaces; Wednesday, May 24, 2023 begins at 6:30 PM with a cascading soft close. Collection at the auction: Saturday, May 27, 2023 12:00 - 18:00

1 - Werner 6ft Aluminum Ladder, Model #356, Type III Home, Load Capacity 200 lbs. This batch will not ship.

2 - Original paper clip boxes 13" diameter x 18" high. This batch will not ship.

3 – Original nail barrels 10 inches in diameter and 17 inches high. This batch will not ship.

4 - Made by Scovill. Co. Antique oil lamp with burner Queen Ann no. 2nd Co. Measures approximately 19" tall. This series is not shipped.

5 - Davis welding and fabrication. Co. Oil Can, Antique Cincinnati, Ohio, approximately 10 inches in diameter and 23 inches tall. This batch will not ship.

6 - Wolfgang Puck 12 Cup Stand Mixer New in original packaging, very heavy base and Wolfgang Puck 12 Cup Stand Mixer with continuous flow attachment, both come with manual. This batch will not ship.

7 – 1948.-1951. Rushville High School Holcads 1948., 1949., 1950. i 1951.

8 - Le Creuset Dark Rectangular Baking Dish with Lid Cerise 4.5 Qt New in original packaging.

9 - Le Creuset square pan with lid Cerise 2 liter ceramic with lid New original

10 - Le Creuset Cerise Rectangular Enameled Cast Iron Grill measures 13" x 8.75" and is rarely used. Comes in original packaging.

11 - Essential Bakers Lidded Bakeware, Red Blush Stoneware Rectangular Lidded Bakeware, 15" x 9.5". 3.3 qt, new in original packaging.

12 - Calphalon Elite Nonstick 8" Pan New in original packaging.

13 - Wallace Silver Flatware, Pink Polka Dot Serving Pattern for 8, 8 Table Spoons (8.359 oz), 8 Dinner Forks (12.163 oz), 8 Salad Forks (8.788 oz), 12 Spoons (10.088 oz), Spoon for sauce, pickle fork, spoonful of sugar (3,599 oz), total 42,997 oz. 8 knives and 8 butter knives are not included in the weight. Wooden box for storage.

14 - Set of tableware Sheffield Golden Prestige. Original packaging.

15 - Sofa and cushions from Hampton House. Measures approximately 81" x 37" x 35" to top of backrest, approximately 18" from floor. Country blue interior with cream and red details. This batch will not ship.

16 - Lane Recliner Manual lever operation, normal operation. This batch will not ship.

17 - Insignia 37" Flat Screen LCD TV with Remote Control, Model. NS-LCD37-09, Serial No. R3295JA006710, Changeable. This lot will not be delivered.

18 - Corner TV Stand, 2 adjustable shelves, 2 doors, measures approximately 35.5" x 18.5" x 29". There is no shipping charge for this series.

19 – 2 wooden side tables. 1 Centurion side table with lower magazine shelves measures approximately 25" x 16" x 24.5" high. Other side tables measure 15" x 12" x 23.5" high. Signs of normal use. This batch will not ship.

20 – 2 exclusive Longaberger table lamps. Measures approximately 29" tall. Made exclusively for Longaberger. This series does not ship.

21 - Wooden bookshelf with open back. Stained wood shelf with dark green sides, measures approximately 29" x 12.5" x 51.5" high. Contents not included. This set is not shipped.

22 - Tell City Dining table and 4 chairs 4 chairs pattern #F8553, Andover #48, round table #8046, Andover finish #48, a few dings and scratches. Dimensions: diameter 47", height 30, width 11.5 with 2 leaves.

23 - Longaberger Red 2011 Plastic Laundry Basket Cover, as new, measures approximately 23.5" x 17" x 9.5". This lot is not shipping.

24 - Pottery Barn Envelope Metal Mailbox Brand new unopened, measures 16" x 11". (The picture is the physical mailbox of lot No. 128, unopened.)

25 - Longaberger basket with swivel handle, black and red trim, measures approximately 12" x 8" x 6"

26 - Longaberger 1995 Father's Day Basket Mini litter basket with insert and protector and wooden lid. Measures approximately 7.5" x 7.5" x 10.5" tall.

27 – Spring basket Longaberger 2007. It has 2 guards, one is separated. Measures approximately 10.5" x 7.5" x 6"

28 – Longaberger Fruit Basket 1995 The movable handle is 8 inches in diameter and 9 inches high.

29 - Longaberger 1996. Basket of sweet peas. Articulated handle, plastic guard, measures: diameter 8", height 7".

30 – Longaberger 1995 Small collection basket, 2 leather handles, eightfold wooden partition, made of original plastic. Dimensions: 14.5" x 9" x 4"

31 - Longaberger Christmas Collection Basket 1995 Protected Cranberry Basket, 8.5" x 8.5" x 7" and 1989 Holiday Memorial Basket, 9" x 5" x 7".

32 - 1996 Rowe Pottery Works vase, 5.5" diameter, 9" high.

33 - 1996 Rowe Pottery Works potter. Dimensions: diameter 4.5", height 7".

34 - 1996 Rowe Pottery Works Baking pot with covered blueberry basket design. Dimensions: diameter 4.5", height 6".

35 - 1996 Rowe Pottery Works Crock. Measurements: diameter 9.5 cm, height 10.2 cm.

36 - 1997 Rowe Pottery Works Heart Bowl, approximately 5.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches high.

Season 37 Gerzit? Cream stone jug. Cobalt blue cream pitcher is marked #025, bottom is unmarked and has minor cracks.

38—Williamsburg Pottery Vase. Dimensions: diameter 4", height 6.75".

39 - 1991 Strawtown Pottery Strawtown Indiana Blue Heart Design Terracotta Bowl.

40 - Fenton Silverware Basket, Fenton Clear Ruffled Silverware Basket, Fenton Kale Rose Compote, Fenton Amber Stud Vase, Blue Viking? a small container. This batch will not ship.

41 - Wooden flag stand with 25 flags, approx 22 inches high, new in original packaging.

42 - 2 red strawberry light up trees from Pottery Barn, both new in original box, 36" tree comes with power cord, 18" tree is battery powered.

43 - Stetson American Beauty Porcelain serves 8, cream and sugar, salt and pepper, teapot, serving bowl, some chips, salt shaker damaged, see picture. This batch will not ship.

44 - BC Comics Johnny Hart Glasses and Wine, 14 Anteater Lowballs on the Rocks, 7 Caveman Double Rocks Glass, 9 Fire King Wine Bowl, 4 Wine Glasses. This batch will not ship.

45 - 11 colorful Solor bottles, 2 each red, blue, frosted, green and 3 yellow, new in original packaging.

46 - Homelite Electric Blower/Vacuum UT42120 2 Speed ​​220 MPH With Vacuum Kit, Like New, With Original Box. This batch will not ship.

47 - Hanging basket Longaberger Snowflake Light blue with white details in winter green. Measures approximately 17" x 11".

48 - Dept 56 Budweiser Clydesdales from the Original Snow Village Collection, new in original packaging, Lighted House by Livery Stable & Boot Shop from the Heritage Village Collection, in original packaging.

49 – Rita Jackson Fence and Wreath Sculpture

50 - 1991 Strawtown keramika Vaza & Crock Crock Distribuirao Island Imports.

51 – Longaberger Colts berry basket with lid. Small berry basket with Colts logo on wooden lid, plastic protection.

52 - Rowe Pottery Works Chip & Dip Set 1996, 13.5" diameter, intact. This lot is not shipping.

53 - Longaberger Handled Platter Woven Traditions, cornflower, original packaging. Dimensions: 17" x 12".

54 - Longaberger 9x13 Woven Traditions baking dish, cornbread baking dish, original packaging.

55 - 2 Lenox Santa Claus dolls "Naughty or Nice" and "Winter Woodland Friends" height 21 cm with original packaging.

56 – Longaberger Mini Muffin Tin Woven Traditions, Paprika, Original packaging.

57 - 3 baskets Longaberger 1995 Horizont of Hope basket, lined and protected, 2 baskets Longaberger 2010, red, with snowflakes, guard.

58 - 2009 Longaberger serving basket insert, separation guard and plastic cover. Basket dimensions: 15" x 10" x 3".

59 – 2 Longaberger bread baskets. The handle of one basket needs to be repaired, and both baskets have a bread protector.

60 - Longaberger Collector's Club Basket 1996 Small serving basket with checkered lining and plastic protection. Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 4".

61 - Crosley Director CD Turntable, Model # CR2405A, Dimensions: 17.5 x 14.5 x 10 inches. Shrunken, doesn't appear to have been used. This batch will not ship.

62 - Plattenalben Kenny Rogers、Willie Nelson、Lee Greenwood、The Oak Ridge Boys、The Statlers、Kenny & Dolly、Ray Parker Jr.

63 - Harmony House wardrobe with top compartments, stained dark green, 2 sliding glass doors on top, dimensions: 88.9 x 45.7 x 78.7 cm high, 155.5 cm high at top of compartments. This batch will not ship.

64 - Bookcase with colored painted shelves, measures 31.5" x 13" x 57" high. Not supplied with this lot.

65 - Console table with drawers. The upper and lower shelves are painted and have a dark lacquered finish. Measures approximately 44" x 11" x 28.5" tall. Some water damage and surface wear. This lot will not be shipped.

66 - Decorative Clock and Candle Holder, The Country House Collection Abby's Candle Holder, new with tags, 2 battery operated clocks, (quarter clock 8" x 9" tall, Chef Le Nomand clock 13.5" tall)

67 - Cosmetic lamp, new in box. Measures approximately 22.5 inches tall.

68 - Wind & Weather Metal Bottle Stem, new in original packaging, measures 15" x 11.8" x 37.2" tall. This lot is not shipping.

69 - Bag Full of New Holiday Lights Rubbermaid Roughneck Bag, Box of 27, New Holiday Lights, Clear, No Box. This batch will not ship.

70 - Christmas Lights, New in Box, 2 Solar LED Strings, Orange and Green String Lights, Tear and Snowflake Set, Flaming Nail Set, NO SHIPPING FOR THIS LOT.

71 - Longaberger Herbstlaubjug New in original packaging.

72 - Longaberger Peppermint Twisted Coasters 4 brand new original coasters.

73 – Family Circle Recipes Kochbuchsammlung, Woman's Day, 365 Snacks, Appetizers & Appetizers, Ready in Minutes, Weight Watchers Across America, Cookie Recipes, Southern Living, Potlung, Quick Cook, Betty Crocker Rezeptsammlung.

74 - Recipes Pillsbury Christmas, Hello, Cupcake, The Fannie Farmer, Coca-Cola Classic Cooking, several small recipe booklets, Ball Blue Book, printable and storage container folder, 18 gallon storage bag. This batch will not ship.

75 - Taste Of Home Cookbooks The Baking Book, Winning Recipes, Celebrations Cookbook, 2006 Food Review.

76 – Raleigh Church,Frazee Cookbooks Rezepte vom Aloha Gang Relay for Life-Team,Recepti iz srca od Raleigh Christian Church。

77 - Cookbook Collection Spoiled Chef for Busy Moms, Food, Family & Friends, Happy Birthday and more. Rubbermaid 12 qt. bag.

78 - Colts Mugs, Planter & NFL Recipe 4 Indianapolis Colts Mugs (3 in original packaging), Colts Planter, Sunday Night Football Recipe & 31 Qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

79 - 2 Vintage Style Beer Straw Boxes This lot is not shipping.

80 - 2 Country Charm Round Electric Light Fixtures, 11" Black Metal Lanterns, Original Packaging, All With Tags.

81 - "Whoa-a-aa" horse card.

82 – Jim Shore "The Joy of Christmas Morning" Maße ca. 11" tall.

83-2 Stanley Electric Stapler and Staples. One new, one like new, Channel Lock Stapler, box of assorted staple sizes.

84 - Fenton pink angel bell in iridescent with praying hands bell. This batch will not ship.

85 - Home, Home I Still Believe and Want Sign 21" long, I Still Believe 24" x 5.5", Wishes a happy man with a gift, 16" x 6". This item does not ship.

86 - Mailbox with red metal trim measures 11" x 15.5".

87 - Yankee Candle Lanterns, Red Lantern 2 Yankee Candle Mason Jar Lanterns, New Metallic Red Lanterns and Abby's Candle Jar from the Country House Collection. Everything is new. This batch will not ship.

88 - 48" folding table, black vinyl top with some wear, measures 48" x 20" x 28" H. This lot will not be shipped.

89 - Barn Farmhouse Metal Wall Bag with Berry Spray, 11.5" x 17", Wooden Welcome Box with Handle, 16" x 8" x 12" H, Country Charm Wreath with New Berries, Rectangular 67" bowl, hammered wood finish, 23" x 4.5" x 4", with winter floral sprigs and berries. This lot is not shipping.

90 - Large ball jar with plastic egg container, approximately 12 inches tall, glass lid and wire hanger. This series is not delivered.

91 - 4 Count Sturbridge Plaid Chair Pads New Yankee Workshop Burgundy/Beige New Pack 18" Square.

92 - Stanley 3 speed fan working.

93 - Granite Canning Pitcher and Enamel Pitcher, White with Black Rim, Enamel Pitcher with Lid, 11.5"D, 7.5"H, Low Shards, Granite Canner with Wire Frame and Glass Grips, 11D inches, H 8". Do not ship with this shipment.

94 - Toro Power Shovel, 13" wide snow rake included, appears to be rarely used. Telescopic snowmobile roof rake with extension pole, new in original packaging. This lot will not ship.

95 - Husky 6 gallon shop vacuum included. HDX retractable scrubbing brush. This batch will not ship.

96 - Zero Gravity Lounge Chair and Pillow 2 Plow & Hearth Outdoor Pillow (new). This batch will not ship.

97 - Electric heater and humidifier, all new in original packaging. Lakewood 1500 watt heater, minor box damage, Honeywell Refrigerated Humidifier 1.2 gal. This batch will not ship.

98 - Christmas Ornament, Pottery Tree 20" Tall Medium Faceted Tree, 17" Tall Small Faceted Tree, Both New in Original Packaging, Poinsettia Star, 200 Count Mini Lantern, Santa Clothespins, Small Berry Candle Ring , clock ornament picker, Christmas Towel, metal bell, soup balls, Santa figure, bag of flakes, 66 Qt. Tote bags etc. This lot will not ship.

99 - Country Berry/Wine Wreaths and Cardinals 8 berry wreaths, like new, metal angel charm, pine cones, large bag 24.5" x 17.5" x 15.5". Does not ship with this lot.

100 - Floor and table lamps made of metal. Brown metal, like new, without shade, 63 cm high. Metal table lamp, 18 inches tall, works. Not supplied with this series.

101 - Decorative Wood Farmhouse Wooden Mailbox Wall Bag, 4.5" x 21.5", 2 Wooden Mailboxes, one from Maine Barrel Company, measures 12.5" x 8" x 9.5" tall, wall bag is wooden, 4.5" x 21.5"

102 - Barnwood with galvanized pipes and faucet, 16" x 19", not supplied with this series.

103 - Coir Padding and Coir Mulch Mats 3 New 22" Coir Sheets, 2 Rolls of Coir Carpet, 23" Wide, 2 Coir Tree Mulch Mats, 24" Diameter, 4 Cushions resistant to soil moisture. 3 wire hanging baskets (one 16") (Diameter with coir, 2-12" dia with coir.) Not supplied with this set.

104 - Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe carpet cleaner New and unopened. This batch will not ship.

105 - LPG BBQ and freezer bag, UniFlame BBQ, new in unopened box, thermos bottle and Artic Zone insulated lunch bag, new.

106 - Espresso side table with drawers and lamp Espresso side table, new in box. Wood end table, top opens for storage, 17" x 13.5" x 18" high, lamp, desk. This series does not ship.

107 - Cuisinart Petit Portable Gas Grill and Insulated Lunch Bag; grill is missing grate, measures 16" x 11", insulated insulated lunch bag, handmade foil container. This batch will not ship.

108 - Artropolis Deluxe Artist Set Looks new.

109 - Bookshelf, cabinet compartment, nutmeg finish. Signs of normal wear, dimensions: 81.3 x 35.6 x 119.4 cm (height). This batch will not ship.

110 - Knight Connection X deluxe cart and clubs, new and unopened. Accepts any size golf bag. Lady Sanders golf clubs and bags.

111 - Lasko Portable Air Heater and 2 Small Heaters Lasko Model #5624, Digital Control, 39 inches long. 2 air heaters Barton model SH-30. All 3 are open. This batch will not ship.

112 - Metal Sign, Ceramic Planter, Flower Arrangement, 2 LED Mini Battery Powered Lights, New in Box, Spring Flower Arrangement in Wooden Vase (Vase 11 inches tall), Ceramic Watering Can, "This is your last chance". Bloom" - metal sign, 20" x 6.5", blue glazed terra cotta planter, 7" x 4.5" high, Better Homes and Gardens galvanized tub with small drain, 11.75" diameter x 5.75" high Series No delivery.

113 - Folding director's chair with table, new brand Rural King, new plastic, dark blue, max. 250 lbs. This batch will not ship.

114 - Lifetime Adjustable Folding Personal Dining Table 30" x 20". This batch will not ship.

115 - Birdcage Photo/Note Holder, Clock & Ornament Sheffield Home Sheffield Metal Birdcage Photo/Note Holder with Wooden Pin, New with Label, 16" x 19" H. Wire Basket with 3 Ball Jars with Wire lids and potpourri, (basket size 11" x 4", 2 qt. ball jars with wire lids and potpourri, Eddie Bauer battery operated clock, Cafe Des Marguerites metal table clock, battery operated. NO Ships from this series.

116 – The original frame of the fence and the inscription on the porch. White Fence Stand with Peeling Paint, 32.5" x 8" x 26.5" High, Come Sit on My Porch Wooden Sign, Measures 43" x 7". This lot does not ship.

117 - Apollo 12 & 14 Glasses & Pitcher, 3 Boxes 4-11 oz. Libbey Glasses, Apollo 14, (1) Apollo 12, November 19, 1969, (3) Apollo 14, February 5, 1971 glasses. This batch will not ship.

118 - Vintage school chair. This batch will not ship.

119 - Ceramic jug and pot Green crackle glaze, burnt orange vessel with cracks, see photo. This batch will not ship.

120 - Ryobi Cordless Lawn Trimmer and Blower, 18V 12" Cordless Lawn Trimmer, Brand New in Box, Blower Used and Working, 2-18V Battery, IntelliPort Charger. This lot will not ship.

121 - Wooden stool with heart-shaped cutout and wooden box. The bench is 25.5" x 9.5" x 24.5" tall and the crate is 17.5" x 12.5" x 10" tall. This batch will not ship.

122 - Patriotic wreath and porcelain wreath, Ø 33 cm.

123 - 2 T-posts and clothesline. Brand new in box, 4-50 foot rolls of vinyl coated clothesline. This batch will not ship.

124 - 6 Galvanized Food Spatulas, New, (1) 11" tall, (5) 8.5" tall.

125 - Wooden Porch Signs (2) "Please Sit on My Porch" 42" x 7" and "Welcome" 28" x 7". This batch will not ship.

126 - Anheuser-Busch box St. Louis, Missouri. Unwrapped, postmarked 1942, measures approximately 18" x 11.5" x 10". This lot will not be shipped.

127 - Wooden crate from Frank's Quality Beverages, approximately 18" x 13" x 5" tall.

128 - Brand New Pottery Barn Boxed Metal Mailbox 16" x 11".

129 - Clay pots, coasters and planters. Different sizes. Most are new, only a few have been painted. This batch will not ship.

130 - 4 Bag Chairs, Colts, Glaciers Edge 3 Like new. This batch will not ship.

131 - Fall decorations, wreath, silk, metal pumpkin stake, fall wreath, silk flowers, several pumpkin skewers, fall burlap leaves, 14 rolls of burlap ribbon, 2.5" x 30 feet (one roll used). This one most of the shipment is new This batch will not be shipped.

132 - Easter and spring decorations Spring and summer wreaths, spring silk flowers, green wreaths, mostly new or like new, some with tags. This batch will not ship.

133 - Easter and spring wreaths, wooden tapestries with bunnies, colored eggs, silk flowers, most new or like new. This batch will not ship.

134 - Easter Crafts, Plastic Eggs, Cookie Cutters 4 large bags of multi-colored plastic eggs, Easter gift bags, window stickers, Easter foam crafts, die sets, ribbons and more. This batch will not ship.

135 - Clear glass vase and egg decoration Vase filler, colored eggs, eggs decorated with mercury. This batch will not ship.

136 - Christmas Wreath and Greenery, Perfect condition, 30" Christmas Wreath, New with tag and original packaging, this lot does not ship.

137 - Christmas Wreaths, Floral Arrangements & Greenery 18" and 20" marked wreaths, most look like new. This batch will not ship.

138 - Balsam Hill Iced Glitter Twigs & Swags 12 glitter sticks, new in original packaging, Christmas gift with 2 black knitted hat baskets, 10" diameter x 9" H and 6" diameter x 5" H. This lot will not ship.

139 - Christmas Signs, Bells, Cards & Towels "I Believe in Santa" Wooden Sign, 28" x 16", "Merry Christmas" Wooden Sign, 13" x 4.5", 2 Christmas Towels, Long Cards in Box, Bells Bells. This lot will not be shipped.

140 - Ribbon on a Reel 7 Rolls Green Ribbon Ribbon, 15' Each, 2 Rolls Green Ribbon Ribbon with Wire, 28 x 2, 2 Rolls Red, 1 Roll Green Metallic Ribbon, 7/8" x 4 Yards Each , 3 rolls of green moss ribbon, 1-1/2" x 25 yards each, 2 rolls of red soup ribbon, 2.5" x 25 yards, 3 rolls of silver Christmas ribbon, approximately 90 feet each, 7 rolls of red Christmas ribbon Ribbons , 90' each, Red Premium Mesh Ribbon, 5.5" x 30', 2 Rolls of Red Velvet Ribbon, 7 Rolls of Red Velvet Gold Backing Ribbon, 25 yards each, 1 Roll of Red Mesh Ribbon, 60ft

141 - Spherical glass container with lid and plastic eggs. It measures approximately 11.5 inches in height. This series is not delivered.

142 - Solar Path Lights Hampton Bay LED Solar Path Lights 4 Pack Brand new in a box of 20 solar path lights and look like new.

143 - Patriotic Flag, Ribbon, Patriotic Burlap Flag, 35 inches, 3.12 inches x 18 inches, Flag, 6 rolls of wire-trimmed burlap ribbon, each 2.5 inches x 15 inches. Everything new.

144—Galvanized watering can and bucket, 7.5" diameter and 7.75" high. #6. 11.5" diameter barrel, 9.5" high. This batch will not ship.

145 - Nozzles, sprinklers, thermometer Several new front nozzles, 2 sprinklers, new thermometer, garden hose connections.

146—Sprinklers with nozzles for hoses and garden tools

147 - Garden Tools Hori Hori Sheath Tools, FiberComp Spades, Cultivators, Dirt Shovels, Shears, Lawn Mowers.

150 - Garden artistic bicycle. This batch will not ship.

151 - Vintage 2 wheel scooter This lot is not delivered.

152 - Walk-Through Garden Plow, Vintage Super Small Steel Spoke Wheels. This batch will not ship.

153 - 3 metal planter holders, 10" diameter, 27.5" high. This batch will not ship.

154 - Metal stand for garden plants and hanging basket. Wire hanging baskets are 19.5 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep, plant stands are 16.5 inches in diameter and 25.5 inches tall, and smaller stands are 10 inches in diameter and 17.5 inches tall. This batch will not ship.

155 - 5 hooks for shepherds 4 double hooks for plants, 1 hook for single plants. Measurements: 72 to 89 inches (height), minimum 48 inches (height). This batch will not ship.

156 - 7 Shepherd's Hooks 2 Double Plant Hooks, 4 Single Plant Hooks, 1 Lightweight Double Hook, Sizes 65 to 91 inches tall. This batch will not ship.

157 – 2 milk jugs. Red, one is 13 inches in diameter and 26 inches tall. Black milk jug with rusted bottom, see photo, 13" diameter, 24" high. This batch will not ship.

158 - Metal planter basket with legs. Dimensions: diameter 22", height 18.5". This batch will not ship.

159 - Table and chair set with parasol. Hampton Bay Glass Top Patio Table is 43" x 43" x 29" tall and comes with a parasol and 5 swivel chairs. This set is not shipped.

160 - 2 metal bistro chairs, which can be stacked, dark blue, like new. This batch will not ship.

161 – Original wooden bench and welcome sign. Bench measures 48" x 11.75" x 19" tall and "Welcome" porch sign measures 38" x 7.25" (wire hanger on top comes loose on one side). This lot is not shipped.

162 - Bird feeders in the cabin and candlesticks for the terrace. Bird feeder has some damage as shown, measures 14" x 9" x 9". 6 metal and glass candle holders. This lot is not shipped.

163 - Utility vehicle, metal. Comes with castors, mesh shelf and measures approximately 30" x 20" x 35.5". This series is not shipped.

164 - Garden hose/hiding reel and garden hose Not supplied with this series.

165—Original galvanized carpenter's box and oval tub. It has some rust and measures 20" x 9" x 10.5" tall. Better Homes and Gardens Oval Tub with handle and small hole in bottom measures 19" x 10" x 5.75" tall. This batch will not ship.

166 - Metal grid with 5 planter holders, galvanized tub; Red metal, measures 21" x 50" high, galvanized laundry tub with debris, 18" diameter. Not supplied with this series.

167 - Concrete bird bath approx 22" diameter and 28" high and very heavy. This batch will not ship.

168 – Damage to 2 cement memorial benches and stone supports measuring 18" x 12" and a bench 27" x 11". This batch will not ship.

169 - Metal grid with 5 planter supports and metal frame. The Black Metal Trellis is 21" x 50" tall and the Red Rustic Look wall decor is 22" x 36". This batch will not ship.

170 - Ethan Allen Leaf table and 4 chairs. Finishes showing some wear and fading, one chair seat as pictured has been restored. Table is 56.5" x 36" x 30" tall (23.5" side down). This batch will not ship.

171 - Long Handle Broom, Ball Scoop, Steel Rake, 2 Garden Hoes, 24 Tooth Fiberglass Leaf Rake, Fiskars 24-37" Telescopic Bypass Shear, Most New. This lot will not ship.

172 - Long handle tools, adjustable rakes, garden hoes, mini round and square shovels. This batch will not ship.

173 - Rakes, shovels and brooms for children. metal and plastic. This batch will not ship.

174 – 2 trees for outdoor plants. Accepts one 12" diameter x 46" high pot and one 12" diameter x 10" diameter x 33" tall pot. Not supplied with this series.

175 - Patio Furniture Covers & Lightweight Tarps 4 chair covers, some covers have small holes, 1 table cover, 10' x 12' lightweight tarp, repackaged.

177 - 2 pendant lights, both new in box, open at bottom, approx 4.5 inches in diameter and 11 inches tall.

178 - Little Tikes golf set and tennis ball set. The golf set comes in its original packaging. This batch will not ship.

179 - Kites, Micro Kites and Little Golden Books Soft and Fluffy Elephants, My Little Golden Book of God, 7 Packs of New Kites Packs 4 Packs of New Micro Kites Packs 4 Packs of New Packs Frisbee Polar Earth Stick and Ball Pack Spade and Ball Gear Pack, brand new packaging. This batch will not ship.

180 - Colts, IU, Notre Dame Garden Flag and Fathead Colts Decal Holder, Colts, IU, Notre Dame Garden Flag, 2 Garden Flag Holders, NEW. Indiana Hoosiers Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Size XL.

181 - 2 igloo ice cube coolers 12 qt. Cooler with wheels and handle and Igloo cooler, both like new, 22" x 12.5" x 15.5". This lot does not ship.

182 - Lounger with pillows. This batch will not ship.

183 - 3 Humidifiers, Brand New Unopened Ultrasonic Humidifier, 2 Faucet Humidifiers.

184 - 2 Tower Fans Lasko, 36" tower fan with remote control, new in box. Will work Lasko 40" tall fan. This lot will not ship.

185 - 2 DeLonghi Micathermic panel heater New in unopened box. Function. Measures approximately 27" x 22". This batch will not ship.

186 - Hampton Bay LED Solar Pathway Lights 6 Pack New With Box.

187 - Square table/chair cover. Brand new with box. Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 30". (Box shows some water damage)

188 - Bucketeer Bucket tool organizer and bag New and in like new condition.

189 - 3 hand sprayers Flo-Master 1 gallon, Do it Best 48 oz, Solo 1 liter, new in box. This batch will not ship.

190 - Plastic food containers and various sets Kitchen towels and oven mitts, plastic plates, sun tea containers, cake tins with plastic lids, pizza containers, plastic cups, dishes. This batch will not ship.

191 - 3 Heavy Duty Yard Storage Bags New With Box 48" x 16" x 22".

192 - Stand for garden plants. Black metal plant stand, brand new with tabs, measures 10 inches in diameter and 13 inches tall. The rustic steel stand measures 9.5 inches in diameter and 33 inches tall. Metal plant pot with handle, 16 inches in diameter and 22 inches high. 8 inch rolling frame plant stand, new with tags. This batch will not ship.

193 - 3-layer wrought iron plant support. 3 black flower pots, the diameter of the flower pot is 3-6.5 cm, and the height is 104.5 cm. This batch will not ship.

194 - Christmas Lights and Storage Box 2 Solar Powered LED Light Boxes, Clear Mini Light and LED Light Boxes, 2 Strings of Battery Powered Fairy Lights, 6 Gallon Storage Box with Lid. This batch will not ship.

195 - DeLonghi Micathermic Panel Heater New, unopened box. This batch will not ship.

196 - Bird feeder, tallow feeder, carrying bag with lid. Several hummingbird feeders, tallow feeders, ant repellants, hourglass feeders, thistle feeders, wire feeders, most new. This batch will not ship.

197 - Linings for coconut baskets and wire baskets. New inserts, wire baskets 22", 19", 16" x 7".

198 - Original wooden planter. Below is a plant box and above is a shelf. Measures 31" x 7.5" x 32" high. This series is not shipped.

199 - Fence Frame and Ornaments, Dark Green Fence Frame, 26" x 13" x 4", Small 3 Piece Decorative Fence, 12.5" x 30" and One Panel, 12.5" x 10". Antique Fence Panel , 24" x 36". This lot will not be shipped.

200 - Automatic retractable front door hose reel. Brand new in original packaging. This batch will not ship.

201 - A bag full of household insulation items. Boxes of New Heat Shrink Window Film, V-Seat for Weather Protection, A/C Gaskets, Rubber and Felt Sealing Tape, Sealing Rope, Window Kit Tape, Fiberglass Pipe Jacket, 10' x 25' 4M inches of fresh membranes, mostly new and unopened. 68 qt. Pouch with lid. This batch will not ship.

202 - A bag full of household insulation items. Several boxes of new heat shrink window insulation, air conditioner gaskets, rubber and felt sealing strips, cable sealant, window kit tape. Most of them are new and unopened. Rubbermaid 18 gallon container with lid. This batch will not ship.

203 - Insulating seal of the air conditioner. Several new packages.

204 - Galvanized Bucket and Planter 2 Better Homes & Garden planters with handles, holes in bottom for drainage, 15" diameter x 9" high. Galvanized 2.9 gallon bucket. This batch will not ship.

205 - Colts neon and solar lights. New in box, works.

206 - Colts Apron, Pilsner Glasses, Cooler & More 2 Pilsner Glasses, Carrying Case, Portable Beverage Cooler, Lid, Apron, Sterilite 27qt. Pouch with lid. This batch will not ship.

207 - Colts Flag, Blanket, Mat & Banner 8' Colts Flag, Stadium Blanket/Blanket, Non-Skid Carpet, 17" x 27.5", New Boxed. Colts Flag 34" x 29.5".

208 - Colts Gnomes, Jewerly & Ornaments Socks Slippers, Pierced Earrings, Collar Pins, 13 Wooden Horseshoes 3.3" x 3.5".

209 - Metal bell "Brass Look". 3 larger bells, one flap missing, 3 bags with smaller bells, unopened.

210 - Monster Jammer & R/C Cars Radio Controlled Monster Jammer Trucks, 2 Speedsters, new and unopened.

211 - Party tub with stand. Brand new in original packaging. 21.5" diameter x 8" deep.

212 – Flex Seal & Seal 'n Peel Caulk & Caulk Gun Multiple cans and tubes. 10 oz. Like new smoothbore caulking gun with carrying case and cap, 15.5" x 13" x 12". This lot is not shipping.

213 - Weed and Insect Control, Latest Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed, Rose and Flower Care, Chlorothalonil, Fly Spray, Deer and Rabbit Repellent, Bloom Boosters, Sevin, Bumblebee and Wasp Sprays, Houseplant Insecticides, Control Mower Yard Insect Repellents, Ortho Max, Spectracide Bug Stop, Weed B Gon, Animal B Gon, Terro Ant Killer, Tree & Shrub Protection & Feeding, Dog & Cat Plugs, Sevin Dust, Lawn & Garden Pesticides, Snow Melters and ice, most of them new. This batch will not ship.

214 - Weed and Bug Control, mostly new Preen Weed Killer, Preen Weed Killer with Brilliant Flower and Fertilizer, Ortho Max Bug Killer, Miracle Gro Plant Food, Slug and Slug Killer, Dog Repellent and Cats, Daconil, Sevin, Spectracide, Rose & Insect Killer, Yard Wasp & Hornet Killer Cutter, Flying Insect Killer, Insect Stopper, Weed Killer, Ice Melter, Weed & Grass Killer, Ortho Insecticide Soap, Natural Cutter, Mosquito Repellent, Almost everything new. This batch will not ship.

215 - Weed and Insect Control, mostly new Ortho Max Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Insecticide, Driveway Heat, Preen Weed Killer, Daconil, Spectracide Weed and Herbicide, Rose and Flower Care, Brush Killer Plus, Sevin, Rose- and Floral Insect Killer , Bug B Gon, Malathion, Sevin Concentrate, Sevin Dust, Yellowjacket Trap, Miracle Gro Garden Feeder, Crossbow, Terro Fruit Fly Trap, Snail and Slug Bait, Hot Shot, Cutter Wasp and Hornet, Several cans of Raid Flying Insect, Terro Liquid Ant Bait, Insect Repellent, Insect Trap, Pest Control Hot Tapes. Most are new and will not be shipped in this batch.

216 - Ice Melt & Windex Outdoor Multi Bottle Windex Multi Glass & Patio Cleaner, Scotts Outdoor Cleaner, Krud Kutter Household Cleaner, Ice Melt Jars (melted ice is hard and needs to be broken). This batch will not ship.

217 - Signature Collection Small porcelain bouquet 8 serving plates, 12 bread plates, 12 berry bowls, 12 cups, 14 saucers and some small chips. Eagle Flag & Flag Dish, cream jug, cracked, not supplied with this lot.

218 - Fostoria, fuses and miscellaneous. Fostoria Mayonnaise Bowl on American Glass Base, Salt and Pepper Candle Holder with Stand, 2 Cobalt Blue Jars, Candy Bowl with Lid, Crème Jar, Vinegar Bottle, Small Blue Jar, Christmas Cookie Tray, Flower Frog, 2 console bowls, one of which is used as a planter. This batch will not ship.

219 - Pink Sherbet, Mid Century Coffee Bottle, 10 Pink Sherbets with Feet, Anchor?, 3 Pink Sherbets with Handles, Mid Century Modern Coffee Bottle. This batch will not ship.

220 - H. Burgess porcelain jug, mugs 2 Frankoma mugs, jug with cracked and chipped glaze, bowl with foliate decoration, decorative box with rose on lid, restored base, see picture. This batch will not ship.

221 - Humidifiers and ionic air purifiers. Ultrasonic humidifier with night light, new in box. Compact ionic air purifier Ionic Pro works. This batch will not ship.

222 - Stakes and supports for plants and the garden. This batch will not ship.

223 - Scarecrow, wood and metal, 81 cm high. This batch will not ship.

224 - Wooden corks of Santa Claus and Snowman. Yeti spikes are approximately 30 inches tall. Santa is 35 inches tall. This batch will not ship.

225 - 3 scarecrow stakes, pumpkin easel. The scarecrow is approximately 60" x 46" tall and the pumpkin is approximately 18" x 15.5". This batch will not ship.

226 - Bag full of wrapping paper. 37 new unopened scrolls, several opened scrolls. Sterilite 45 Gallon Top with Wheels. This batch will not ship.

227 - Slim Porch Christmas Trees, Wreaths 3 Slim Porch Christmas Trees, 1-48" tall, 2-36" tall, Tabletop Tree, 2 Wreaths, 20" Diameter, 2 Christmas Floral Arrangements, 45 Gallon Sterile on Wheels for Carrying .This lot will not ship.

228 - Vine Wreaths, various sizes, most new with tags, 24", 30", 24" oval, 19", 11", 15", 16", 36" This lot is not shipping.

229 - 3 Wreaths and Wreath Boxes, 2 Lighted Wreaths, 30" Bristle Pine Wreaths, New with Stickers, 21" in 24" Diameter, 3 Plastic Wreath Storage Boxes. This series is not delivered.

230 - 3 Fall Wreaths and Wreath Boxes, approximately 20 inches in diameter, 3 plastic wreath storage boxes. This batch will not ship.

231 - Snowman Window Pane Trim measures 16" x 26". This batch will not ship.

232 - Selection of autumn flowers and pumpkins. Harvest Cluster string lights, new in box. Rubbermaid 36 gallon bag. Most of the flowers are new. This batch will not ship.

233 - Fall Ornaments & Large Tote "Welcome Fall" Sign, Autumn Acorn Bowl w/Spoon, New with Tag, Acorn Ornament Tote Bag, Tealight Holder, Hallmark Turkey, 31 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

234 - Autumn decorations and a rustic berry wreath. Mostly New Fall Kitchen Towels, 31 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

235 - Spring flowers and bunny sticks 2 wooden bunny sticks, spring flowers and wreaths. A few new cards. This batch will not ship.

236 - Pumpkin sack toss game. Brand new in original packaging. Dimensions: 16" x 19".

237 - Autumn handbag with flowers and wreaths Most of them are new or like new. Sterilite 64 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

238 - Bag with sackcloth ribbons and ties Several rolls of new ribbon, various sizes, some with wire. 66 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

239 - Christmas ribbon in a bag Sterilite 18 gallon container, mostly filled with new rolls of Christmas ribbon. This batch will not ship.

240 - Christmas Green and Bells 3 metal bells, just like the new Christmas Green. This batch will not ship.

241 - Soil Fertilizer Heads for Containers and Trees and Shrubs 3 bags, 1 cubic foot each, 12 Miracle Gro Tree Heads. Hermetically sealed storage container, plastic container with potting soil. Aqua Globes, new in box. This batch will not ship.

242 - Christmas gifts, greens and bells 2 white baskets, 6 metal bells, metal wall bag with Christmas greens, pine branches with nest, mostly new. The bag measures 24" x 17" x 15". Shipping is not included in this series.

243 - Bag of Christmas Wreaths, Approx 41 Yards of Wreath, One with Cones, Christmas Wreath with Wire Stand, 23" Diameter, 38" Tall, 27 Gallon Sterilite Bag. This batch will not ship.

244 – Christmas ornaments and decorations

245 - Hallmark Carousel and Bearingers Carousel Stand for 1989 collectible carousels, Snow Horse, Holly Horse, Star Horse and Ginger Horse. The Bearingers of Victoria Circle 1993 desktop screen.

246 - Berry Vine Stars, Wreaths & Floral Sprays 9' Branch Wreath New 24" Cone Wreath New 24" Wreath New Berry Vine Branches & Stars New Sterilite 27 Gallon Tank. This batch will not ship.

247 - Earthenware Kettle with Fall Decor 7.5"D x 10"H Jack-O-Lantern Candle Holder 5.5"D x 10.5"H Sterilite Bag. This batch will not ship.

248 - Country Charm's Autumn Berry Garland, Ribbon & Tote Berry Garland, several rolls of burlap ribbon and autumn ribbon, mostly new. 66 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

249 - Christmas Gift, Berry Candle Ring, Christmas Tree Skirt, Flower Branches, Original Lighted Spice Lights, Berry Wreath, Wooden Santa, 18" Tall, Rubbermaid 41 Qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

250 - Christmas wreath Wreath and branches 6' Cascading wreath New packaging Wreaths and branches Most are new. 41 qt Sterile case. This batch will not ship.

251 - Nativity and Christmas decorations, window stickers, snowman models, stuffed Christmas frogs, Christmas tree skirts. Sterilite Bag, 24" x 17" x 15.5". This lot will not ship.

252 - Christmas wreaths, branches and edges of the tree. Most are brand new, 12' branch wreath, 6' wreath, soup tree skirt, large tote, 23" x 18" x 17.5" high. This shipment does not ship.

253 - Glowing White Icy Branches and LED Tree, Pottery Barn, Glowing White Icy Branches, new in box, requires 6 AA batteries, 37" tall. 2 pcs LED tree, 8 ways of light effects, 6 feet tall, all in original packaging. This batch will not ship.

254 - Wreaths, Wreaths & Bags 3 Wreaths Wreaths 36" Wreath Box New Sterile 66 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

255 - Mesh tape, Nova

256 - Driftwood Star and Jingle Bell Light Strand Driftwood Star by Pottery Barn, original packaging, 16" diameter red jingle light cluster, new in original packaging.

257 - Resin Yeti Welcome Sign. Measures approximately 12" x 17" and is a collection of wooden snowmen with some damage.

258 - Valentine Paper & Craft Supplies Paper Plates, Napkins, Plastic & Paper Cups, Gift Bags, Stamps, Stickers, Cookie Cutters, Wooden Picture Frames, Cupcake Holders & Sterile 51 Qt. This batch will not ship.

259 - Valentine's Day Decorations 2 Heart Vine Wreaths, Large Heart 24" x 22", Welcome Sign, Fabric Wreath, Plastic Bag 27.5" x 16" x 12.5". This lot does not ship. .

260 - Fall Foam Craft Supplies, Stickers, Foam Activity Supplies. Sterilite 65 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

261 - Foam for handicrafts for autumn and winter. This batch will not ship.

262 - Valentine Craft Foam This lot is not shipping.

263 - Christmas green, spray and stars. White Star measures 18". Tree Top Star. Under Bed Storage Bag, 40.5" x 20" x 6.375". Not supplied with this series.

264 - Spring flowers in silk and wreath 2 bouquets of irises, branches of yellow silk, wreath, ivy. 66 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

265 - Berry Garland and Candle Ring Sterilite 7.5 Gallon Tank. This batch will not ship.

266 - Ribbon and Bowdabra Bowmaker Rolls of ribbon in various sizes, colors and styles. The original Bowdabra Bow Maker. 74 qt. plastic bag. This batch will not ship.

267 - Christmas Ornaments and Fairy Lights, Christmas Floral Centerpiece with Wishing Cup, Silk Poinsettias, 3 Packs of Ornamental Lights, 2 Boxes of Fairy Lights (20 each), Wreath and 18 Gallon Bag. This batch will not ship.

268 - Decorative Wooden Flower Stake Box Dark green wooden planter box with handle, measures 20" x 6" x 13" to the top of the handle. Winter Berry Bloom Spray, Berry Diffuse Spray, Battery Operated LED Twig, Brand New in Box , red and white twigs.(Most twigs and berries are new with tags.) This lot is not shipping.

269 ​​​​​​​​- Fall floral sprays, wreaths and wreaths. Most are new. Sterilite 64 qt. bag.

270 - Fall Decoration, Scarecrow, Basket, Metal Welcome Sign, 15" x 10", Pumpkin Basket, 12" Diameter x 10" H, Towel, 7" Sunflower Holder, Metal & Glass Turkey Holder. Carrying bag of 72 liters. New items with tags are not shipped in this batch.

271 - Greeting cards and half-folded greeting cards Pack of 2 half-folded inkjet greeting cards. 12 packs of cardboard in various colors, brand new. Sterilite bow case.

272 - Coir Lined Wire Hanging Basket 2-12" Dia 1-14" Dia Square 2-12" Broken Chain Hanging Basket 1-20" Coir Liner 3-16" Dia.

273 - Basket lid 12" with 2 handles. Dark green accent. Dimensions: diameter 12", height 10".

274—Pots, planters and perlite. Clay pots of various sizes, saucers, flower pots, plastic pots, vases, small rolls of wire mesh, bagged perlite, 2 children's watering cans, spouts, several small pot climbers, new in bags, small garden spade. Large batch (shelf not included.) This batch is not shipped.

275 - Metal Charcoal & Plant Holder 4 Metal Planter Holders, Oval Pot with Rope Handles, Drain Hole, 20" x 14" x 10", Fire Pot with Drain Hole, 13" Metal Planter, Two-Tier Stand plants, brand new in box. This batch will not ship.

276 - Christmas tree, stand and wreath mold, tree size unknown, Christmas tree stand looks like new, styrofoam wreath mold, some winter flower picking tools, new with tags, 2 small metal snowman buckets. This batch will not ship.

277 – Earthen pot for flowers. Beautiful blue flower pots of different sizes. Maximum diameter is 11.5 inches. Small hanging tea candles. This batch will not ship.

278 - 2-layer plastic planter. The lower pot is 17.5 inches in diameter, the upper 9 inches in diameter and 19 inches tall. This batch will not ship.

279 - LED plug-in and pendant lights. Battery powered LED pendant light, 12" LED socket, all new in original packaging.

280 - Tree Irrigation System, Tall Planter Covers 3 Tree Irrigation Systems, 2 All Weather Tall Planter Covers, all look like new.

281 - Clear Glass Dinnerware, Princess House Serving Bowls, Salt & Pepper, Pickle Plate, Princess House Handmade Crystal Cabinet, Hand Cut Water Jug, Platter & More. This batch will not ship.

282 – Dishes made of porcelain, iron and fire king. The Fire King shared plate, bits and iron ore from China, bits and cracks, as shown. This batch will not ship.

283 - Eddie Bauer Glassware Set and 18 Piece Christmas Glassware Set, (6 each 16oz 12.5oz 9.5oz), Christmas Glassware, Cups and Zip Up Storage Box, 18.5" x 14" x 10.5". This item is in low supply.

284 - Sack Stars from Pottery Barn, Patriot Supplies 16" and 22" Diameter Sack Stars. Burlap ribbon, star, 4 flags, 31 inches long. brand new.

285 - Eddie Bauer Navy Dinnerware, 11 Dinner Plates, 10 Bread/Salad Plates, 11 Plates, 9 Mugs, 9 Soup Bowls, Meat Platter, 2 Jugs, Some French Fries. (Set of 4 in original packaging, included) This series is not delivered.

286 - Bamboo Pergolas, Planters, Rope Pots This lot will not be shipped.

287 - Christmas Ornaments and Tote Rubbermaid Roughneck 18 Gallon Tote Christmas Glass Vase Filler. This batch will not ship.

288 - Travel Memories and Trinkets Indiana Trinket Bowl Canada God Bless Our Home Coasters Maui Angel Ornament.

289 - Bird feeder, sleeping bag, bird feeder spoon, gutter spoon, hummingbird feeder, nest, 2 seed balls. The bag measures 17" x 23.5" x 15". Shipping is not included in this series.

290 - Angel doll and bag Christmas snow globe. Sterilite 27 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

291 - Eclipse Therma Back Curtain Panels 7 new panels, (4-42" x 84" and 3-42" x 54") 31 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

292—Coal pot or ash bucket. The small hole at the bottom is rusted, see photo. This batch will not ship.

293 - Side Table, Bar Stool, Shelf, Candle Holder, Round Tiered Side Table, Solid Maple Stone, Signs of Wear, 19" Diameter, 26" Height, Black Bar Stool, 12" Diameter, 29" Height, Wood Shelf 5" x 40" long wooden candle holder, 66 cm high This series is not shipped.

294 - Wooden Pram, Crate, Baby Chair, Doll Bench Pap's Wooden Toys Wooden Pram, Made of Oak, Maple, and Walnut, Small Baby Chair, 11" x 8" x 6.5" High, Doll Bench, 12" x 7" x 12", wood - pallet, 15" x 11", wooden box with lid, 17" x 14.5" x 13" H. This lot does not ship.

295 - Red Serving Tray Wood Sign Metal Serving Tray 15.5" Diameter New Wood Tray 13" x 10" If A Broom Fits Ride It Metal Sign "Love" "Life" "Laughter" Wood "Welcome Home".

296 - Corner and wall cabinets 33" x 10" x 32.5" high, corner cabinets 36" x 21" x 31" high. This batch will not ship.

297 - Rugs Several Area Rugs, Like New, Oval Weave, 22" x 33", Hunter Green, 20" x 40", Navy Blue, 2' x 3', 22" x 43", Red 20" x 32", Green 20 " x 32"

298 - Mr. Coffee, Shaped Cake Pans, Napkins Burwelles Cake Pans, Instructions, 5 Cup Mr. Coffee machine, open, 4-piece dark blue plastic cutlery set, 12-pack napkins, bamboo and chrome skewers, not much supplied.

299 - Plant Support, Extension Hook, Multi Extension Hook Chain, Extension Chain, Large Ceiling Hook, 9.5" Plant Chandelier, Shelf Brackets, 20-12" Multiple Extension Hooks, 9" Iron Plant Bracket and 15", Sterilite 18 gallon tank, mostly new. This batch will not ship.

300 - Other High Gloss Cobalt Blue Home Tiles, 3 Home Ventilation Grilles, 2 Accessories, Clothespins, "S" Hooks for Opening and Closing, Flexible Felt, Kwikset Door Handle, Picture Hanging Kit, Kidde Smart Alarm, fixed insulation of external pipes 112 qt. Bags, mostly new. This batch will not ship.

301 - Circular Saw, Jigsaw, Hand Grinder Skilsaw 7-1/4" Circular Saw, Handi Works Hand Grinder, Craftsman 19.2V 3/8" Cordless Drill with Battery and Charger, Skil Variable Speed ​​Jigsaw, Drill Bits, Plastic Case , 16" x 13" x 12". This series is not shipped.

302 - 18V Black & Decker Weed Trimmer. With battery, without charger, not tested. Cordless Homelite clippers with charger can be opened. Scissors and scissors. This batch will not ship.

303 - Wasp and Hornet Spray for Pest and Insect Control, Raid, Shut Down, Hot Shot, Spectracide Bug Stop, Good-Bye Cracks, Windex Outdoor, Sevin, Deer and Rabbit Repellent, Weed B Gon, Home Defense, Round up . Most are full. This batch will not ship.

304 - Paint Accessories Paint Pots, Paint Rollers, Brushes, Putty Knifes, Paint Pots, Paint Bucket Inserts, Stripper Gel, Caulking Gun, Plaster Remover and some new items. Rubbermaid Tote, 23" x 18" x 17.5". This lot is not shipping.

305 - Paint accessories Bowls, brushes, practical paint cups, paint rollers, sealants, rags, putty knives, paint stirrers, trimmers, gauze, sanding blocks, mostly new. This batch will not ship.

306 - Terro Ant Killer & Grass Seed 4 new spray bags, 1 serving bag, 5 lb bag of sun and shade grass mix. This batch will not ship.

307 - Solar Path Lights 4 solar path lights, etched into plastic, 2 solar reflectors, all with stickers.

308 - Whitewashed Wooden Boxes, Wooden Boxes Whitewashed Wooden Boxes "Panel Style" Front, 15.5" x 13" x 8", Wooden Flower Box with Double Turn Handles, 13" x 7.5" x 4", Small a wooden tool box, a small iron holder for a black terracotta pot. This batch will not ship.

309 - Tools, Tool Boxes & Bags Claw Hammers, Rubber Hammers, Screwdrivers, Adjustable Wrenches, Tool Boxes, Craftsman & Husky Tool Bags.

310 - 12V air compressor and bell hand pump

311 - Children's books, scissors and cardboard with templates, 6 scissors, plastic templates, vinyl alphabet and children's books. Sterile case. This batch will not ship.

312 - Oval quilt frame with stand measures 68.6 x 47.7 x 81.3 cm (H). This batch will not ship.

313 - 1996 Longaberger Recipe Basket Woodcrafts lid, insert and plastic guard.

314 - Plastic pots and holders for plants. Large red/black marble effect plastic bowl, 15.5" diameter, 8" high, with drainage holes in the bottom. 3 plastic drawers, each drawer holds 12 pots, measuring 17" x 13". This batch will not ship.

315 - 3 Baseball Gloves and Pitch Ball Trainer 3 Wilson Ball Gloves, Signature Edition, Tom Glavine, Wilson Kirby Puckett, Wilson Greg Maddux, Consultants Series. Franklin baca lopticu za vježbanje.

316 - Colts Tervis Mug, Colts Drive Shield, Tervis Travel Mug with Lid, Colts Drive Shield, 24" x 4", 2 Colts Ornaments, Key Chain, Duck House Sport Travel Mug with Lid, 2 New Bandanas.

317 - Decorative Crates and Baskets Set of 3 wooden nesting boxes, smallest is 7" x 7" x 4.5", largest is 11" x 11" x 5", unfinished crate 18" x 13" x 9.5". , 2 White Wicker Baskets , Apple Basket This lot does not ship.

318 - Strawtown earthen planters and other planters / planters for home and garden parties. This batch will not ship.

319 - Hand saws and pruning saws Not supplied in this series.

320 - Sad iron, can opener and buckthorn head. 2 sad irons, handle missing, coaster, buckthorn hammer, no handle, old fashioned can opener.

321 - Extension cord storage and timer Extension cord ungrounded 8 Tangle-free cord storage 6 sockets Garden insert with timer Original box.

322 - Household Extension Cord, Strips, Outlet Adapters, 2 Strips, 2-9ft Household Cord, 2-6ft Indoor Cord, 15ft Intermediate Cord (5 of which are new), Sterilite 24qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

323 - 4 Outlet Cord Reel and Extension Cord 16 Gauge 25ft Cord Reel New in Box 50 ft Horizontal Extension Cord New Power Strip Orange Extension Cord Ungrounded. 6 gallon bulk container. This batch will not ship.

324 - Home extension cord, 3-prong splitters, 6ft, 8ft outdoor splitters and 10ft extension cord, brand new. Socket adapter, Christmas tree cord with on/off button, plastic universal box. This batch will not ship.

325 – Extension cables and splitters. 6 gallon bulk container. This batch will not ship.

326 - Gift bags, gift boxes and bows. This batch will not ship.

327 gift bags made of natron paper and facial tissues, about 100 gift bags made of green paper, gift bags made of natron paper, 10 packages of facial tissues.

328 – 2 vintage windows. Both have peeling paint and are 28" x 19" and 28" x 27". This batch will not ship.

329 - The "Window" wooden frame measures 32" x 22.75". This batch will not ship.

330 - Lantern with candle, dimensions: 24.1 x 24.1 x 49.5 cm. This item cannot be shipped.

331 - Carhartt Fleece Lined Hooded Coat X-Large Heavy Duty Jacket.

332 - Carhartt wool jacket with hood. Fleece lining, detachable hood, X-Large, nice thick coat.

333 - Carhartt hooded jacket. Duvet lining, detachable hood, size large, nice heavy coat.

334 Carhartt jacket and sweatshirt with zipper. XL padded jacket with velvet collar, red and navy zip front, XL hooded top.

335 - 3 Carhartt 1/4 Zip Pullovers are all in X-Large.

336 – Afghanistan, blankets and pillows

337 - Red Pillar and Vase Red Vase from Bed Bath & Beyond, 2 matching red flower pots, 9" and 7" diameter, new with tags, red ceramic pitcher, 8" diameter, 11" tall Not included in this lot.

338 - Yankee Jar Candle and Longaberger 3-3.7 oz. Christmas Candle in a Cookie Jar French Vanilla Stonewall Home Honey Vanilla 13.75 oz Yankee Christmas Cookies 14.5 oz. Longaberger cream vanilla candle in glass, completely unburnt. This batch will not ship.

339 - "Barbin" Planter and Steel Garden Stakes "Welcome Aunt Barb" Carved Planter, 9.5"D x 9"H, Garden Stakes with Steel Cutouts, "Barb's Garden" 12" x 8" and "Barb's Place" , 10 ,5" x 8", ", (Inset missing.) This lot will not be shipped.

340 - Yankee Jar Candles & Warming Candles Creamy Vanilla Bean Warming Candle, Unopened, Yankee Christmas Cookie Candles 2-22 oz, 1-3.7 oz, 2 Tealight Jars with Metal Lids. All unburnt. This batch will not ship.

341 - Yankee Jar Candles Yankee Christmas Cookie Candles 2-22 oz, 1-3.7 oz, 2 small candle jars with metal lids, melted wax. All unburnt. This batch will not ship.

342 - God's garden table, angel, lantern. One lantern had a broken leg. 11.5 inch diameter round sign and stand, Teleflora vase, this lot does not ship.

343 - Pauline Schalk oil on canvas Four Seasons oil on canvas 5" x 7" canvas, wood frame.

344 – Kochbücher Taste of Home Christmas 2017、2018、2019,Better Homes and Gardens Celebrate Vol。 6,周末烘焙,The Skinny Grill Kochbuch,Pillsbury Christmas 2011,Christmas with Southern Living。

345 - Farm Wives' Best Cookbook, Mom's Great Baking Book, The Taste of Home Baking, The Comfort of Home Baking.

346 - Kids Recipes, Cake Pops, Big and Fun Cookbooks for Kids, Cooking for Kids, Baking for Kids.

347 - Fun & DIY Books DIY Projects Under $200 Best Tips & Projects Build Your Skills Grumpy Gardener Fuck Me?

348 – Holzschilder & Grapevine Tree Welcome, 18" x 3,75", Family is Everything, 21" x 4", Friends Welcome, Svaki život je bajka, 4" x 3", Grapevine Tree, 18,5" hoch .

349 – Holzschilder "This is my happy place", 25.4 x 17.8 cm, "Garden blessings", 38.1 x 14 cm, "Life is beautiful", 29.2 x 5.1 cm, "Believe - Hope - Dream, enjoy the little things".

350 – Holzschilder Backdoor Guest, Family is Everything, 21" x 3.5", Life..., 11" x 8.5", Every Life is a Fairy Tale...4" x 3"

351 - Golden Boy Books: God's Story, Jesus' Story, I Can Fly, Little Red Hen, Bible Songs for Children, Gingerbread Man, Bedtime, Ned's Book of Numbers, Play Peekaboo, My Alphabet, The little animal on the farm, my little mother goose.

352 - Samsung Blu-ray Disc player with remote control, model no. BD-F5100/ZA, serial no. ZXC41T4D519852H, bright.

353 – DVD filmovi Tom Cruise Action Pack, Apollo 13, Problem s oblinama, Zgodna žena, Last Vegas, Sparks of Madness, Caddy's Cabin, Honor Made, Thunder Parade, Skitnica, Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special, Brianova pjesma, Scary Bosses, The Butler , The Blind Side, The Help, Duck Dynasty, Dolphin Tale, The Descendants, (Some are unopened, opened cases have been reviewed)

354 - Philips VCR and DVD player with remote control, model number. DVP3340V/17, serial no. DE1A0718702125, with instructions for use, can be included.

355 - VHS film i prazna vrpca Little Rascals, Little Giants, Rookie of the Year, Mrs. Doubtfire, Veggie Tales, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Babe, Shrek 2, Meet the Fockers, Santa, Waiting To Exhale, City Slickers, Ambition Ling Yun, Mrzovoljni starac, Apollo 13, Beethoven br. 2, Božićna pjesma. Sony VHS prazna vrpca.

356 - Wood end table, measures 22" x 11" x 18.5" high. Not supplied with this series.

357 - Garland of stars, moon and chain of light. Several new packages, battery operated. 31 qt bag. This batch will not ship.

358 - Decorative, Cottage, Original and Mini lamps. Brand new packaging.

359 – 2 metal plant stands and earthen bowls. Black Metal Plant Stand, 10" Diameter, 20" Height, White Metal Plant Stand, 11" Diameter, 29" Height. Porcelain dish, this lot does not ship.

360 - Glass candlesticks, lanterns and vases. Lantern made of transparent glass with a metal handle. Flower spray, this batch is not supplied.

361 - Lights in a Row of Earth, Pottery Barn. 1 box is a set of 20 strings, 1 box is a set of 8 strings. (brand new in original packaging)

362 - Ralph Lauren Shorts and Hello Kitty Piggy Bank Girls Shorts Size 6 New with Tag and Hello Kitty Piggy Bank.

363 - Candles & Candle Holders Warm Glow Votives, Premium Mini Cones, Scent Circles, Candleberry Vanilla Crumb Candle, Yankee Tea Candles, 5 Black Metal Candle Holders, Yankee Christmas Cookies, Vanilla Cake, WoodWick, Mostly New. This batch will not ship.

364 – Glazbeni CD-i: The Beatles, Bob Seeger, The Righteous Brothers, Bread, 100 biblijskih pjesama za djecu, Duck Hall, Bob and Tom, Algreen, John Mellencamp, Mrs. Antebellum, Bruce Springsteen, Adele, Journey, Top Gun, Toby Keith.

365 - 2011 Longaberger Plastic insert for Mother's Day basket.

366 - Longaberger Inaugural & Teaspoon 1993 open basket with insert and guard, 2009 teaspoon basket.

367 - Pillar Candle Holder Coordinating pillar candle holder with glass and 2 pillar candles, approximately 13 inches tall. 2 Indian Summer Wood/Iron Posts, Small is 4.5" x 4.5" x 6.25" tall and Large is 8" tall. This batch will not ship.

368 - 5 electric pillar candles, new in original packaging. by Country Charm.

369 - Metal Planters, Vases & House Plates Peba Cast Stone Planter Pot 14" dia x 14" H Ceramic Vase 6" dia x 14" H Metal House Plate 12" x 5". This batch will not ship.

370 - Stained glass vase, transparent vase This series is not delivered.

371 - Draft Shields and Moldings 6 Protective Strips, Bundles of Stacked Protective Strips, Felt Protective Strips, Door Bottom Protective Strips, Rope Protective Strips. Rubbermaid 18 gallon bag. This batch will not ship.

372 - Willow Tree Angel & Denim Days Dječja Willow Tree Memorial Angel Originalna kutija 2 figure Denim Days.

373 – Berry Garlands and Floral Sprays Mostly New and Sterilite 66 qt. bag. This batch will not ship.

374 – 1999 Rowe Pottery Works Santa Claus with a stick.

375 - Mini Jim Shore Santa Claus and Santa Claus lighting up Crazy Mountain with a candle.

376 - Santa Claus series, wax heater. This batch will not ship.

377 - Bonbonniere, Apple Trifle Bowl, Australian Wine Vase, 1899 Wine Glass, Cracked Clear Vase, Martha Stewart Cream Pitcher. This batch will not ship.

378 - Wooden candlestick with a berry ring. Glass for glass, pillar candle, wood stand, 9" diameter, 34" height. 44.5" height to top of glass. Not supplied with this series.

379 - Berry Candle Ring Metal Pine Cones 2 Metal Pine Cones from Pottery Barn Rustic Star Ornament New in Bag 3 Small Berry Rings 4" Diameter Large Berry Ring from Country Charm New labeled.

380 - Lots of ribbons, jute ribbons, some with wire, mostly new rolls.

381 - Porcelain Vase and Flowers Turquoise Jug/Vase 8.5"D 9"H Charm Vase from RAZ 11.5"H Katie Brown with Jug/Vase. This series is not delivered.

382 - printer HP OfficeJet Pro 6978. With original packaging, it can be switched on.

383 - Recipes, Family flavors of Christmas 2015, 2016, Christmas desserts, Cake decorating ideas.

384 – Slavite sezonu i ideal 书籍 Better Homes & Gardens Celebrate the Season, 2000, 2001 & 2002 Books, Ideals Christmas Book。

385 – Bruce Springsteen dokumentarac i CD "Darkness on the Edge of Town".

386 – 2 HP printers HP Deskjet 3772 and HP Deskjet 3000 both included. This batch will not ship.

387 - Ott-Lite, true color model #OLF018TC, approximately 48 inches tall. on the job. This series is not shipped.

388 - Brother SX-4000 electric typewriter is working fine and needs a new ribbon cassette. This batch will not ship.

389 - Belkin Cooling Lounge for laptops. Brand new packaging.

390 - Unfinished side table and plant stand. Unfinished table is 26" x 16.5" x 23" tall. Plant stand is approximately 11" x 11" x 29" tall. This batch will not ship.

391 – Box of 4 plain 6D hot dip galvanized nails, approximately 2 inches long. The box weighs 4 to 5 lbs. This series is not delivered.

392 - Luminara candle with realistic flame effect. One 7" vanilla essence column. One 3.5" x 5" vanilla essence column. New in box. Each requires (2) D-size batteries.

393 - Luminara candle with realistic flame effect. One 7" vanilla essence column. One 3.5" x 5" vanilla essence column. New in box. Each requires (2) D-size batteries.

394 - Mirage LED flameless candle. One unscented white 3" x 5", one 3.75" x 7.5", both brand new in box, both require batteries. (Sizes C & D)

395 - Henn Workshops Mother's Day Basket Special edition with lining.

396 - Longaberger Falling Snow Mixing Bowl Red with white snowflake design, like new. 9 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height. This batch will not ship.

397 - Pottery Barn stoneware vase/jug. Handcrafted and measures 6 inches in top diameter and 12.5 inches tall. The terracotta vase is painted red and measures 5.5 inches in diameter and 9 inches in height. This batch will not ship.

398 - Lantern with pillar candle, dimensions: 20.3 x 20.3 x 52.1 cm, height. This batch will not ship.

399 - metal basket on two levels and galvanized bucket. 3 small galvanized barrels from Pottery Barn. Two-layer metal basket from Country Charm. This batch will not ship.

400 - 3 woven rugs, 2 oval rugs 38" x 24", rectangular rugs 36" x 25". Everything is like new. This series is not delivered.

401 - Vintage crochet mat

402 - Automatic sphygmomanometer Model CVSBAUTOPREM, with instructions, works. like new.

403 - Large Wall Clock, Lamp & Ornament, Original Wood Candle Light with Berry/Star Ring, 23.5" Diameter Wall Clock, Metal Lantern with Glass Globe, 9" Diameter, 17" Height, Battery Operated Table Clock. This batch of times has not been uploaded.

404 - Chuck Pagano & Boom, Children's Books "Life is a Game...Football is Ernst" Wood Sign 36" x 7.5, Colts Peyton Manning Trading Cards, Chuck Pagano Sideline Books, Boom, Baby! Book by Bobby Slick Leonard, 100 Things Colts Fans Need to Know and Do This series will not ship.

405 - Handheld Scanner and Photo Paper Pandigital Handheld Scanner Original Unopened 8.5" x 11" Pack Matte Photo Paper 2 Pack HP Advanced Photo Paper 100 4" x 6" Matte Unopened 1 Pack Soft Light 100 - 4" x 6", unopened.

406 - Paper for printers, cardboard. CD-R, 2-pack, Memorex CD-R, 10-pack and CD-RW, 5-pack, unopened.

407 - Durabrand CD Drive & CD Model CD-1095 Untested Eagles Toby Keith Tim Wilson Darius Rucker Lynyrd Skynyrd Chuck Wicks CD. This batch will not ship.

408 - Galvanized container for Coca-Cola, Puzzle 7 Bottle of Coca-Cola. 125th Anniversary Unopened 500 Piece Refrigerator Magnet Set Original Box Galvanized Coca-Cola Logo Tub 14.5"D x 8.5"H This lot will not ship.

409 - Kentucky Tactical Lantern & Light 4 ByB Lights New in Box Kentucky Tactical Lantern New in Box Expandable LED Work Light New in Box Illumi Beam Light Missing Charging Cable If battery powered flashlight works. This batch will not ship.

410 - Vera Bradley Cobalt Bag and Tablet Case. Vera Bradley cobalt blue large bag, new with tags, measures approximately 14" x 17"

Vera Bradley 411 Large Bag. New or like new, approx 23" x 13"

412 - Vera Bradley bag and lunch bag. The larger bag is padded and measures approximately 18" x 13", insulated lunch bag. Everything like new.

413 - Large Vera Bradley bag. Measures approximately 18" x 12.5", like new.

414 - Insulated lunch bags (5) Most are like new.

415 - Fossil wallet. Measures approximately 16.5" x 11" and has some pencil marks inside.

416 - Fossil Wallet Blue calf leather with synthetic trim.

417 - Fossil Jenna Bag Dark Turquoise New Size Approx 15.5" x 12"

418 - Mili Designer Purple Bag, New, Measures approx 14" x 13.5"

419 - Fossil leather wallet

420 - Dooney & Bourke Bag/Wallet New or like new.

421 - Dooney & Bourke wallet new with label.

422 - Fossil Ryder mini briefcase in Indian color, new with tags. Measures approximately 9" x 7"

423 - 2 bags/laptop bags, one Samsonite and one Solo.

424 - 2 Tervis IU mugs, flags and bookends, baby! Bobby "Slick" Leonard Book, Garden IU Hoosiers Flag, Ornament and 2 Tervis Insulated Mugs with Lids. IU Umbrella.

425 - Picture frames of various dimensions 5x7, 4x6, 2.25x3.25 almost like new. This batch will not ship.

426 - Picture frames, various sizes. This batch will not ship.

427 - Illuminated willow branch with timer. Box of 4 Brown Glowing Willow Branches with Timer, 19.5 inches, with 60 White LEDs. Each requires 3 AA batteries.

428 - 2 New Boxed Ceramic Barn Pillows 12" x 24".

429 - Rust-Oleum Colonial Red Spray Paint 6 cans, looks like new, stored indoors. This batch will not ship.

430 - Unfinished hall table with drawers. The base frame has a green stain and is 36" x 11.5" x 29.5" tall. This lot will not be shipped.

431 - Vine style basket and wooden decorative basket measures approximately 24" x 27", Blue wooden box 8.5" x 4" x 12", 2 wooden shelves? This lot does not ship.

432 - Longaberger Traditional Everyday Oval Muffin Basket with 2 Swivel Handles, Plastic Guard 10" x 8.5" x 3.5". With original factory tag.

433 - Nikon Coolpix B500 camera and tripod. Original packaging, manual, charger, camera bag, untested. Velbon CX300 tripod, new in box.

434 - Sharp Adding Machine & Office Supplies 3 binders, binder clips, 3 punches, scissors, tape, sticky notes, calculator, single hole punch, nails, clips and more. This batch will not ship.

435 - Office Supplies 3 hole punch, pencils, calculator, slips of paper, envelopes, scissors, notebooks, 3 ring binders and more. This batch will not ship.

436 - Canon adding devices and office supplies Adding tape, staples, punches, magnifying glasses, pins, adhesive tape, writing pad.

437 – Flash drives and dual USB drives. All 3 brand new in unopened packaging.

438 – Plastic bucket 12 qt. Bucket, Rubbermaid 19 qt. Double bucket, 2 Sterilite 10 qt. Buckets, 2 blue buckets. This batch will not ship.

439 – 2 "Mattress Springs" card/picture holders. Measures approximately 23.5" x 16" and comes in brand new packaging.

440 - Planter boxes made from old doors. Measures approximately 27.5" x 12" x 52" high. This series is not shipped.

441 - Splitters and extension cords 6 extension cords, small green extension cord. Plastic bag with bucket. This batch will not ship.

442 - Distributors and extension cables. Some of them are new.

443 - Steel Garden Stake 'Lions Fan' Lost Stake and Rushville Cord.

444 - General purpose compressed air vacuum cleaners with 6 tanks, mostly new. This batch will not ship.

445 - Husky 45 Piece Chunky Tool Set. Brand new packaging.

446 - Cottage window planter measures approximately 22" x 8.5" x 24.5". This lot is not shipped.

447 - Wood and Metal Jupiter Country Star Ornament measures approximately 41"L x 12.5"W, metal "believe" star 29.5"x 20". This batch will not ship.

448 - Large wall clock, battery operated, 25" diameter, not tested. This series will not be supplied.

449 - Wall decoration of the cottage "Flowers" sign in wood and metal, large wall pocket made of raw wood with flower branches. Dimensions: 11" x 29". This batch will not ship.

450 turquoise bag and wallet from Fossil. Signs of normal use.

451 - Dark green large bag by Christopher Kon, new with tags.

452 - Energy efficient rear curtains, 7 panels, new boxed, double lined, insulated, 40"W x 63"D.

453 - Insulated Sealing Panels and Clear Panels 6 Panels 45" x 56", 1 Sealing Panel 45" x 88" and 2 Custom Clear French Panels 54". All White, New in Box. 3 Pack New with Clamping Rings ( Purchased by Country Curtains)

454 – Pauline Schalk painting on wood, ceramic bowl and flower painting. Dimensions: 11.5" x 14.5".

455 - Bushnell Binoculars, 12x25 Case, 240 feet at 1000 yards.

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