Play DOTA 2 offline without Steam with RevLoader (2023)

Play DOTA 2 offline without Steam with RevLoader (1)

The usual tutorials on how to play DOTA 2, especially the latest DOTA 2 Reborn in offline mode, still require an internet connection in the first step, as you need to log in to your Steam client account to access the offline mode. . And that's a bummer for anyone who wants to play DOTA offline.

Below is the typical DOTA 2 Steam "Go Offline" method, which requires you to log into your Steam account; After logging in, you can disconnect from the Internet by clicking Disconnect in the Steam menu.

Play DOTA 2 offline without Steam with RevLoader (2)

In this post, you will surely play DOTA 2 offline, no internet or Steam login required.perfect for gamers with slow internet connection, volume based internet or no internet connection. RevLoader allows you to load DOTA 2 Reborn AI mode and custom DOTA 2 Reborn maps/games from Valve, including Overthrow, Dota 10v10 and Colosseum, as well as community creations like Roshpit Champions, Angel Arena Reborn and Angel Arena Black Star Play, Memes Reborn, Spin TD, Guarding Athena, Skillshot Wars, Attack on Hero, Battleships, Crumbling Island Arena, Custom Hero Survival, Dota IMBA, X Hero Siege: Reborn, Epic Boss Fight, Gem TD, Legends of Dota, Legends of Dota: Redux, Life In Arena, Naval Warfare, Pimp My Peon, Warlock Brawl, Legion TD Reborn, Horde Mode, Wraith Night: Expansion, Warchasers, Tree Tag, Survival Co-op, SF Wars, Retro Dota, Reflex, Pudge Wars , Invoker Wars, Dota Strikers, Enfos Team Survival, Adventure Mode, Quadroside, Footmen Frenzy, Capture Points and more.

But wait, there's more; You can also use cosmetic items, including Arcana, Immortals, Clothing, Terrain, Weather Effects, Cursors, Announcer Packs, Chat Wheel Mods, and more.

How to play DOTA 2 offline without logging into Steam using RevLoader 2022.

  • [News]
    • to use
      • Before proceeding, make a backup of your DOTA 2 and also disable your antivirus.

* PC or laptop (Windows 7 or higher and meets the minimum hardware requirements for a 64-bit system, Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core 2.8 GHz, Main memory: 4 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600/9600GT , ATI / AMD Radeon HD2600/3600, DirectX: Version 11)
* Install/Update DOTA 2 from Steam (Dota 2 7.31, at the time of writing)

* Download[Dota 2 offline launcher](Revloader with simple option, direct connect option).

- (Optional if you want to play a custom game) DownloadGCFscape
- GCFscape Runtimes:NET FrameworkMicrosoftYMicrosoftVisual C++. Ignore this if you already have them installed on your computer.


1.Open the Dota 2 offline launcher installer. In the destination folder, find/browse the path of your Dota 2 Win64 folder:"...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\play\bin\win64".

Play DOTA 2 offline without Steam with RevLoader (3)

Dota 2 Offline Launcher (interface principal do instalador)

(Video) How to play dota 2 no steam account needed | Dota 2 Offline Game

2.Click Extract.

3.Then copy the updated steam.inf file located in "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota" and paste it in "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game \bin\ ". win64\dota." After that follow below procedure for client emulator and item container update.

4.Run the desktop shortcut created by the installer called "Dota 2 Offline". Run as administrator, right-click on the icon and select "Run as administrator".

5.Finished! Now you can play DOTA 2 directly offline without having to log into Steam.for solo players, just create a practice match with AI bots, choose soil and bot difficulty.

Play DOTA 2 offline without Steam with RevLoader (4)

Interface principal do Dota 2 Reborn Launcher 2022

Client Emulator (steamclient dll Feb 2022 update) and Item Bin v5080 (Marci update):
1. Update your DOTA 2 client.
2. Download[Steamclient-DLL-Update]then unzip it and replace the old steamclient.dll in the dota 2 win64 path: '...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64'
3. Download[elements_570_v5080]y extraigalo a '...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64\platform'

  • [News]
    • Problems solution
      • - If you can't start the game, don't use the launcher, directly open revloader.exe (run as administrator).
        - You can try disabling UAC (click Windows Start, search for "uac" and click on the result "Change user account control settings", drag the slider to the "Never notify" setting and click "OK" " " You are done.) Then open the launcher normally.
        - If you still can't start the game, please download it[Dota 2 Offline-LAN de 2AENyl]. This works with Dota 2 version 7.31.
        1. Make a copy of the Dota 2 Beta from Steam\steamapps\common in a new folder.
        2. Extract Dota2Start.rar to the same folder (overwrite files).
        3. To enable the mod chat wheel, copy from dota 2 beta\game\nl to dota 2 beta\game\dota.
        4. If necessary, add additional commands in nyl.ini of dota 2 beta\game\nyl folder.
        5. Launch Dota2Start.exe and run Dota2.

Play DOTA 2 offline on LAN as host:

Make sure you have done this.Item Trash Updateto play LAN.

Important notes:
Please run revloader.exe as administrator to successfully play LAN.
To avoid merging slots for players on the client. Don't compromise as a host when choosing a hero; Wait for other players to choose their hero first.

Open the console by pressing the backslash "\" (without the double quotes) in the game lobby.

Here are the commands:

dota_bot_set_difficulty 3(You can set from 0 to 4: 0=Passive, 1=Easy, 2=Medium, 3=Severe, 4=Unfair)

dota_wait_for_players_to_load 1

dota_wait_for_players_to_load_timeout 120(120 is the time in seconds, you can change it)

(Video) DoTA 2 Offline Gameplay - No Steam

given map(Create map)

dota_bot_populate(to fill empty space with bot/AI) Ignore this if playing with another player.

  • [News]
    • Problems solution
      • - If the LAN game doesn't work, try to fix it. unloading[SKYNET_steam_api]and extract it. Copy and paste the files in this directory: "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64"
        - To change your in-game name, click on the player name in the upper left corner of the home interface. Click Edit Profile, enter your desired Gamertag and select Save Changes.

To connect to the host LAN:

Open the console by pressing the backslash "\" and enter the following commands: connect(Change this IP to the LAN host IP. To view the IP in Windows, press Windows key + R, this will open the run command, type ipconfig and press Enter. You will see a series of display information, but the line you are trying to find is "IPv4 address".)

good or bad joint team(good is for Radiant faction, bad is for Dire faction)

How to play DOTA 2 Custom Maps/Custom Games in offline mode:

  • [News]
    • to use
      • Before proceeding, you must have downloaded the DOTA 2 custom maps first.

1.Locate the custom map directory at "Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\570". Use "Search" in the top right corner of the window, type "publish_data" (without the quotes), it will show many results from publish_data.txt, open one of them and you will see the name of the custom map, right click - click on the post_data.txt chosen and click "Open file location".

For example, I opened the publish_data.txt file containing "Overthrow" and then "Open File Location". I found 455312245.vpk. And we have to extract this vpk with GCFScape.

2.Go to "Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota_addons" and create a new folder.

For example, I create a folder called "Overthrow", then open GCFScape.exe, select and open 455312245.vpk and extract it to "Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota_addons\Overthrow".

3.After extracting, open DOTA 2 with revLoader.exe, type in the console:

exemplo dota_launch_custom_game

This is what it looks like when I open my custom game "Overthrow":

dota_launch_custom_game Sturz

4.Finished! Enjoy playing DOTA 2 Reborn Custom Maps or Custom Games in offline mode, no internet required.

Play custom AI/bot scripts
1. Create a "bots" folder in the "vscripts" folder.

(Video) DOTA 2 LAN OFFLINE, NO DOWNLOADS, 7.06 and older

Play DOTA 2 offline without Steam with RevLoader (5)

2. Download the[bot script]for their respective versions of Dota 2:

  • Roteiro of KI Bot used for Dota 2 v7.19 (Ranglist Matchmaking KI, OMEN Bot Solo Mid – SF Only, A Beginner AI – Mid Lane Only, Mid Only Sole, OMEN Bot Sole Mid – Drow Ranger Only, GXC Bot AI, GOSU AI , Bot-Experiment Furiospuppy)
  • Bots for Dota 2 v7.29d
  • Bot scripts compiled by Vampire (FURIOUSPUPPY bot experiment - for v7.29 to v7.30, classified matching AI by adamqqq - for v7.29 to v7.31)

3. After downloading the desired bot script, place the files in the bots folder.

Play DOTA 2 offline without Steam with RevLoader (6)

4. Play a bot/AI solo game or use the command (given map) Then (dota_bot_populate). The bot script will load automatically.

Ready-to-play versions

  • [Accordion]
    • DOTA 2 Games 7.30c
      • This ready-to-play DOTA 2 offline client includes the Dota Plus Fall 2021 update.
    • To go down

  • [Accordion]
    • Spielbereites DOTA 2 7.30b
      • This ready-to-play DOTA 2 offline client includes the Dota Plus Fall 2021 update.
    • To go down

  • [Accordion]
    • DOTA 2 Games 7.29d
      • This ready-to-play offline DOTA 2 client includes the Nemestice Battle Pass update.
    • To go down

  • [Accordion]
    • DOTA 2 Games 7.27d
      • This ready-to-play offline DOTA 2 client includes the TI 10 Immortal Treasure 3 update.
    • To go down

  • [Accordion]
    • RevLoader solo for DOTA 2 7.19 a continuación
    • instructions
      • Play DOTA 2 offline without logging into Steam:

        1.To go downDOTA 2 v7.19c, find the links in the requirements. If you already have DOTA 2 withversion less than 7.19, Hewill serve.

        2.Extract Dota 2 Offline Launcher + Emu to and open Dota 2 Offline Launcher + Emu to 7.19x.exe, extract files to DOTA 2 Steam directory "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta \game\bin\win32"

        3.Then copy the steam.inf file located in "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota" and paste it in "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\ bin\ win32 \dota"

        4.Finished! Run the launcher or RevLoader and now you can play DOTA 2 directly offline without having to login to Steam.

    • LAN game with skin/cosmetic
      • 1. Open the launcher.
        2. Click Update IP.
        3. For Server/Host/Solo, select your OWN IP.
        For the client, select the SERVER IP to connect to the server.
        4. Click PLAY.

        Extra: Check Connect if you want to connect directly to the server.

FAQ DOTA 2 RevLoader:

1. How to change language from Russian to English?
- Change to the Dota 2 installation directory where the rev.ini file is located - "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64"(win32 for earlier versions)
- Edit the rev.ini file with notepad.
- Find the line with this text: Language
- Change the value from Russian to English and save the file

2. How do I change the player name?
- Go to the Dota 2 directory where the rev.ini file is located - "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64"
- Edit the rev.ini file with notepad.
- Find the line with this text: PlayerName
- Change the value to the desired player name.


3. How to play DOTA 2 game modes (All Pick, Captains Mode, Random Draft, Single Draft, All Random)?
- Open the console by pressing the backslash key "\" (without the quotes) in the game lobby.
- Enter the command according to the chosen game mode.
Choice for all: Dota 1 map game mode
For Captains mode: Map Dota Gamemode 2
For Random Draft: Map Dota 3 game mode
For Single Draft: Map Dota 4 game mode
For All Random: Map Dota 5 Game Mode
- After choosing the game mode, enter the command to join a team.
For Radiant faction: Jointeam good
For the Dire faction: evil jointteam

4. How to fix game update error?
Update your Steam via Internet first, then copy the updated "steam.inf" from "Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota" and paste it to "Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta \game\ box". win64\dota"

5. Console does not appear or Revloader gives an error
Try the following possible solution:
- Go to the Dota 2 installation directory where the revloader rev.ini is located. "...Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64"
- edit thoseRev. ThatFile with notepad.
- Find the line with this string:ProcName=dota2.exe -steam -silent /ayuda
- Replace this line with this one:ProcName=dota2.exe -console -steam -appid 570 -novid -dx11 -silent /ayuda

6. Steam connection lost error.
Below are the probable reasons why this error occurs:
- You run dota2.exe instead of revloader.
- You've installed Smart Steam Emu and haven't deleted its files yet.
- Revloader may not be compatible with dota 2 client version.

7. Says "Steam Validation Rejected" when starting/joining bot games.
- Close Dota 2, disable UAC and run it again (alternatively, you can right-click revLoader.exe in your Dota 2 folder and select "Run as administrator")

8. Can I use this in public/ranked matchmaking?
- You CANNOT use it on legitimate Dota 2 servers. First, you cannot join them.

9. Will it be useful forever?
- No, so we have to wait for an updated version if revLoader doesn't work properly.

10. Es zeigt immer „Connecting-se-network Dota 2“ e.
- Right-click revLoader.exe and select Run as administrator. Alternatively, you can right-click and select Properties. On the Compatibility tab, check Run this program as an administrator, apply and press OK.

11. Skin or cosmetics are not displayed in the game.
To play a LAN game with client and server skins/cosmetics:
- Edit rev.ini file with notepad
- Locate the parameter named ServerIPNSNet=
- Enter the IP address of the host in this parameter
ServidorIPNSNet =

To play a solo bot game:
- Edit rev.ini file with notepad
- Locate this parameter, ServerIPNSNet = and add # in front of it
#ServidorIPNSNet =

Workaround using Dota 2 Launcher:
[To server/host]
1. First make a backup copy of rev.ini.
2. Open the rev.ini file with notepad, delete the line "ServerIPNSNet =" which is in the last part.
3. Save the file.
4. Run "Dota 2 Launcher" as an administrator, click "Update IP" and wait for "Ready to update network IP" to appear. Then click on the link with the IP (do not check). From there, find your IP, which is the same as "My IP", and click PLAY.
[For customers]
1. Follow steps 1-3 above.
2. Run "Dota 2 Launcher" as an administrator, click "Update IP" and wait for "Ready to update network IP" to appear. After that click on Connect with IP (uncheck). Find the IP that created the game.

Using the Dota 2 Mod Master tool:
To play with skins offline and even online, which works in all versions (latest 7.31 and earlier), you can use the tool called[Dota 2 Mod Master by AJOM].

Here are the important tips. The tool uses a database and therefore requires an internet connection to generate and download files. You can have all global elements and choose what you want eg. B. Announcers, Guardians, Messengers, Terrain, Weather, Heroes, Warlocks, People, Cursors, Pets, etc.

After choosing what you want, a mod pack will be generated with game information or if you change the option, only the pack will be generated.

If you have any comments about this tutorial, you can leave them below. Thanks for reading!

Tutorial and tool - abno456 by Mobilarian
DOTA 2 RevLoader - bir3yk, revCrew e mr.crack
DOTA 2 LAN offline - 2AENyl
Mod Packs - Vampire
Selected image source - goodfon

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