Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (2023)

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You've created a team name, researchedReglas del Flag Football 5 vs 5, and even watched some online games to prepare.

You're just missing one last key component of the season: the pieces! We've put together a comprehensive 5 out of 5 listplaying flag footballand formations to equip your team with all the information you need for a knockout season. Super Bowl You're Coming!

Pro Tip:We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of offensive player lanes before diving into our flag football playbook. Find a complete guide tooffensive routes here.

simple back training

To begin our soccer manual, let's start with a simpler soccer formation. The unique defensive formation consists of one receiver on each side of center and middle and one a few yards behind par.

While walking, the two wide receivers, receivers X and Z, make a route post and cut to the center. Meanwhile, the Y Receiver takes a curved route after crossing the line of scrimmage. If the receivers don't seem open, the center can also break free and run a curved route.

Pro Tip:Always decide which receiver will move first when you cross paths at youth flag football games. You don't want anyone to headbutt you!

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (1)

Once the ball is deflected, the Z receiver quickly circles the defender and then makes a flight path, perfect for long distance. Receiver Y leans in and then cuts to the sideline, taking up the space that should be open when the defender returns to cover the flight path.

Meanwhile, receiver X and center take the appropriate post and corner routes to get through their defenders.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (2)

This flag football game is designed to win short distances when you are close to the front line.

The receiver on the right runs 10 yards and then cuts at a 90 degree angle. Their designated defender must follow them, leaving the right side of the field open. The rear receiver can then perform a drag lean to grab that spot for an easy catch.

The receiver and midfielder on the other side play in and out of crossover games, both together.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (3)

dispersion formation

In the spread formation, all three receivers are essentially in the line of scrimmage, with one starting a few feet back, allowing for a slight lag in routes that catch defenders off guard.

Pro Tip:While this image shows a recommended receiver layout, each of these soccer games can be customized to have receivers in different locations. And these 5v5 flag football games can be changed to 7v7. Customize the games to make them your own!

Is your opponent's defense a little weaker on the right? Then we have the perfect 5v5 flag football game for you.

(Video) 5v5 Trips Formation | NFL FLAG Football Plays

When walking, the Z receiver skirts its defender and a flight path of a few meters. Receiver Y then takes an alternate route to the right sideline. This player will find himself in the empty space of the far receiver, pushing the defense. The center also pushes towards the right wing to have more options.

Have all defenders moved to the right now? Don't worry, use the X receiver on a postal route to get great mileage.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (4)

Or is the defense weaker on the left? We also have a soccer game for that!

Receiver X makes a quick route option to the left wing, pulling the defensive line to the left. This allows receivers Y and Z to route in and out for long yards, respectively.

With the defense now fully shifted to the left, the center can clear a quick distance to the right sideline.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (5)

Using lanes with players that intersect each other is always a good strategy. In this game of football, receiver Y throws five yards and crosses to the rightmost receiver who is throwing trouble. Receiver X and center also cross paths as they both shoot slant shots – the defense won't know what hit them.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (6)


In 5v5 flag football group games, your offensive line starts close and then spreads out to their respective positions. This is to lump defenses together so they are not set up to move quickly while roaming.

Due to the difficulty of this soccer game, we recommend making an order of who moves first to avoid collisions or hesitations.

First, center and receiver Y make their respective corner runs to take out the defense. From there, the other two receivers play staggered closer. In this way, the receivers are open for both short and long routes.

Make sure you practice this 5v5 flag football game beforehand before adding it to your football playbook as it is a bit more advanced.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (7)

This flag football game is a less complicated version of the previous game. When walking, ReceiverX and ReceiverZ take curved routes and pull the line of defense back and out.

Once the defensive line has moved away, receiver Y and the center cross to the five-yard line. These spaces should be open for quick yardage.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (8)

The main objective of this soccer game is to gather the defensive line in the middle and then distribute it in different points of the field to allow spaces.

ReceiverX and ReceiverY do a seven yard run and then a corner route. These are the recommended receivers if you need long distance. ReceiverZ and center do a five-and-out route and aim for the sideline. Those slots should now be open for a quick sack as the defense drops back to cover the top two players.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (9)


During a travel formation, all three receivers are to one side of the quarterback at the start of the game. Please note that while we are demonstrating the correct attractions for our games, all the games on the left side are customizable.

(Video) 5v5 Spread Formation | NFL FLAG Football Plays

In this game of flag football, all receivers line up on the line of scrimmage to the right of the quarterback. On the walk, the X Receiver takes an optional five-meter route and cuts a bit to the sideline. Receiver Y angles at the five-yard line and receiver Z forms a flight path. The middle then breaks free and takes an angled curved path. This places players at staggered distances for different shot lengths.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (10)

While this play also staggers receivers at different distances, it includes a snap to catch the defense off guard as they focus on the right side of field.

When walking, the Z receiver makes an aerial path and the Y receiver a curved path at seven meters. Meanwhile, the X receiver and the hub control the input and output paths, respectively. This should open up the inside receiver on the left side of the field, as the defense will be drawn to cover receivers who are racking up big yardage on the right side.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (11)

This flag football game also makes use of the defense that is on one side of the field, but in a slightly more complicated way. That's why it's one of our favorite 5v5 flag football cheat games and a must-have in your youth soccer playbook.

After deflecting the ball, receiver Z reaches the 9-yard line, where receiver Y takes a long corner. That opens up two receivers on long mileage when you need a first down. Receiver X then runs a quick option route around the five-yard line. This tricks the defense into thinking the player is going left when he is actually going right. The defense must eventually follow the player to the right, leaving the center wide open to find an outlet at the five-yard line.

Pro tip: allow the hub to wait a few seconds before running your route. This allows receivers to pull defenses to one side and leave the other side open. You'll thank us later.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (12)


For twin formation for 5v5 flag football games, think of non-runners as two pairs or twins. These two pairs of twins stand side by side early in the formation and complement each other.

On the walk, the two receivers on the right run angled goal post routes in staggered lengths that should draw the end line toward the center.

At this point, the receiver X and the center execute fast routes in and out, respectively. These routes must be short distances, so be prepared for a fast pass. This route is perfect for closing a small gap for a first descent.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (13)

On the walk, ReceiverZ throws a fly ball where Receiver Y makes a 5 and out. Meanwhile, the X-receptor turns a lean into a fly. These three lanes should distract center defenses and allow for a quick snap to center during an optional lane.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (14)

For this football game, catcher Z takes a back route and catcher Y takes a chair route after the quarterback calls the walk. Meanwhile, Receiver X does a spin and clears the safety on a five and leaves. The chair route is especially effective as there are two changes of direction, opposite to the usual one.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (15)

I education

In formation I, the three receivers stand behind the quarterback. This can be a good formation because it doesn't give the defense a clue as to where the offensive players want to go. These attacking soccer games are sure to excel on defense, making them a great addition to your flag soccer playbook.

On the walk, Receiver X takes an angled route after reaching the line of scrimmage. Receiver Y does an angled flight and Receiver Z does a fast trip after crossing the line. Also, the medium is released and makes a curved path. This flag football game must push the defense in all directions, leaving the center extremely vulnerable.

(Video) 5v5 Bunch Formation | NFL FLAG Football Plays

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (16)

After the walk, Receiver X walks an angled path, as does Receiver Y. Receiver Z walks an angled hitch path around the five-yard line. The middle should loosen and form a curved path.

Pro Tip: If you're using this soccer kit, let the Z receiver stop your path for a few seconds. This allows the other receivers and the center to push the defense away from the center, leaving the trailing line less protected.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (17)

For this game of flag football, Receiver X does a short-distance chair route. Catcher Y then crosses Catcher X on a five and is out. Receiver Z hits two obliques and a clean snap and hits a fly ball, opening up the game for a big yardage.

Pro Tip: Since ReceiverX and Y cross paths twice in this game, make sure they talk about who goes first so they don't trip. Also, before adding this route to your flag football playbook, we recommend practicing this route beforehand to reduce the chance of injury.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (18)

double rear formation

In the double back formation for 5-flag football games, two receivers stand a few feet apart on either side of the quarterback. The end receiver is furthest from the quarterback in the line of scrimmage. These soccer games demonstrate that the receiver end starts from the right side, but can also be adapted to the left.

When walking, the X Receiver makes an exit route four meters away and pushes to the side. Receiver Z hits a post route and center hits a five and out. These routes should leave an opening in the middle, perfect for the Y receiver to make a flat hitch route.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (19)

After the ball has deflected, Receiver X takes a post route for deep yardage. Receiver Y makes an angled saddle path for a distance of equal depth. These lanes should remove defenses and leave more openings nearby. The Z receiver then makes an internal path and the hub makes an external angular path. These players are your favorite targets when you need short yardage for a first down.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (20)

To kick off this game of flag football, ReceiverX plays an angled corner route and ReceiverZ gets a five start. ReceiverY hits an angled hook route and Center breaks free for a five-and-out. This pushes all players to different points on the field, creating a variety of shooting opportunities. It's a great offensive football scheme to add to your youth flag football playbook.

travel stacking

In this formation, the three receivers are stacked vertically to one side of the quarterback. During our soccer matches, we show that the drives are more to the right, but the stack can be placed anywhere along the line of scrimmage.

When walking, ReceiverX walks eight meters and then takes a curved path. ReceiverY does an angled post path and ReceiverZ does an angled fly. All three routes take the defense to the back of the field, allowing the center to hit quick fives and come out at close range.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (21)

When walking, recipient X takes a short route and recipient Y takes a flat route facing the sideline. ReceiverZ then takes the route at the 10-yard line, creating an option for a deeper pass. If neither receiver is open, the center can release some big yards into a flight path.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (22)

(Video) 5v5 Single Set Formation | NFL FLAG Football Plays

This flag football game focuses on the right side of the field with two cuts down the middle and is a perfect strategy against a team with a weaker right back. During the walk, recipient X runs seven meters and then cuts. So receiver Y takes an angled curved path while receiver Z takes an angled path. The center makes a deep curve and continues to play into the weakness on the right.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (23)

twin cell formation

You will find that the formation of the Gemini stack is very similar to the Travel stack. Two receivers are stacked on either side of the quarterback. In our offensive formations, we have them on the right side, with the end receiver on the opposite side of the quarterback.

After the walk, ReceiverY does an overhead route and ReceiverZ's fives and outs. Meanwhile, ReceiverX flies out and Center runs with a five and out. This soccer game features two short footage options and two long footage options, so whatever footage you need, you'll have peace of mind.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (24)

After the quarterback calls Hike, ReceiverY makes a seven-yard corner play and ReceiverZ takes an air route. Meanwhile, ReceiverX takes a flat route and crosses downtown taking a seven-yard route. This flag football game puts each player at different lengths - another great football playbook for beginners.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (25)

For this game of flag football, ReceiverY runs eight yards on the route while ReceiverZ runs a deep post route. Both routes are deep for heavy and bulky goods. Meanwhile, ReceiverX takes a flat option path over center while center goes out to five and out. Both of these players are open to flatter yardage.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (26)

single block formation

In a 5v5 flag football single set formation, two receivers line up at the line of scrimmage, equidistant from each other. The end receiver stands a few feet behind the quarterback. Please note that the distance between players can be adjusted for personal customization.

Do you need deep images to figure this out first? This could be the perfect 5v5 flag football game for you. ReceiverY does a deep spin path, while ReceiverZ does an angled flypath after scratching his defender. This should pull the defense down and to the right. Meanwhile, ReceiverX flies in a left banked flight path. If short yardage is more on the cards, the center can be cleared for a five-plus route.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (27)

This flag football game has all four players on the field in different yards, allowing for quarterback versatility. The Z receiver runs farther with a flight path. Catcher Y makes a five-and-one out as Catcher X starts a slope before crossing the middle on an out. Finally, the center can travel a curved path of medium length.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (28)

On the walk, ReceiverZ runs a back route, while ReceiverY runs a curved route, both in yards deep.

Pro Safety Tip:If you want players to cross paths in youth flag football games, practice the games ahead of time. Eliminates any hesitation of the players on the field and reduces the risk of injury. After all, every second counts in a 5v5 flag football match.

Manual de NFL Flag Football 5 on 5 (29)

(Video) 5v5 Single Back Formation | NFL FLAG Football Plays


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