Madden 23: The best offensive guides for MUT and Franchise modes (2023)


  • 1 1. Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)
  • 2 2. Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North)
  • 3 3. Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)
  • 4 4. Las Vegas Raiders (AFC West)
  • 5 5. Miami Dolphins (AFC East)

In soccer, executing shots better than your opponent often leads to victory. Playbooks are inherently intricate parts of any team, laying out the attacking and defending philosophy they represent. In Madden 23, each team has their own unique offensive playbook that, while sharing many similarities, also has some differences between each team.

Below are Outsider Gaming's picks for the best offensive playbooks in Madden 23. It's important to note that if you decide to use thesePrimers at MaddenUltimate Team (MUT), it is supposedThey will acquire team specific players or similar players to maximize the playbook..

There are two notes. First of all, real world games and the opinions based on them are not always accurately represented in video games. Second, the teams are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)

Madden 23: The best offensive guides for MUT and Franchise modes (1)

Best offensive players:Mark Andrews (TE, 93 OVR), Ronnie Stanley (LT, 90 OVR), Lamar Jackson (QB, 87 OVR)
The best games:Power Read (Shotgun Y Off Trio Wk), Lead Read Option F (Pistol Strong), Exhaust (Shotgun Normal Y Off Close)

As with many teams, the offense revolves around the quarterback, in this case Lamar Jackson (87 OVR). Jackson is an all-around quarterback and it's likely Baltimore would have had a first pick while waiting for the Super Bowl without him. He can shoot and run and represents a quarterback who can beat you in many ways at all levels.

On offense, he has help from tight end Mark Andrews (93 OVR), midfielder J.K. Dobbins (81 OVR) and Rashod Bateman (77 OVR). The line is led by Ronnie Stanley (90 OVR) and Kevin Zeitler (85 OVR), who help keep Jackson defenders at bay and shred the defense.

(Video) The BEST Offense in Madden 23! Unstoppable Scheme!

There are plenty of playing opportunities for Jackson in Baltimore's playbook, perhaps none better thanShotgun Y Off Trio Wk performance measurement. If the defense falters, the shot is right around the corner and if they stay, you've got Jackson and his 96 speed out in the open!F Lead-Leseoptionout of the pistol offers another play option with bigger blockers.filtrationit's a great passing play to showcase Jackson's arm prowess, offering multiple paths that attack the open areas of most zone defenses.

Note: Justin Tucker (90 OVR) could have been listed as the best offensive player, but he is listed as a special.

2. Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North)

Madden 23: The best offensive guides for MUT and Franchise modes (2)

Best offensive players:Joe Mixon (HB, 93 OVR), Joe Burrow (QB, 90 OVR), Ja'Marr Chase (WR, 87 OVR)
The best games:Flood Drive (Shotgun Tight Y Off), PA Sprint HB Flat (Par de alas de respaldo simple), Opção Shovel (Shotgun Split Slot Open)

This team has a three-headed monster on attack:Field Marshal Joe Burrow (90 OVR), Midfielder Joe Mixon (93 OVR) Wideout Ja'Marr Chase (87 OVR). The playbook is geared towards making games with these three players, but they are not alone.

La'el Collins (87 OVR) leads the line at right tackle, followed by Jonah Williams (78 OVR) at left. Tyler Boyd (84 OVR) and Tee Higgins (83 OVR) join Chase as the number two and three wide receivers, with Hayden Hurst (76 OVR) facing TE1.

floodcan help demonstrate Burrow's 87 shooting power and 93 average accuracy at short, medium and deep.PA Sprint HB Planocan put Mixon (93 OVR) outside with his 91 Speed ​​and 91 Agility.visor optionhe can fly Burrow or Mixon into space and use his speed to quickly gain range. With his 94 Speed ​​and 87 Catching, Chase is a threat on any fast lane.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)

Madden 23: The best offensive guides for MUT and Franchise modes (3)

Best offensive players:Travis Kelce (TE, 98 MED), Patrick Mahomes (95 MED), Joe Thuney (LG, 88 MED)
The best games:Stick N Nod (Shotgun Empty HB Wide), Speed ​​Option (Pistol Wing Flex Close), PA Boot (Singleback Bunch)

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As long as Patrick Mahomes (95 OVR) is your quarterback, you'll have the better offense for the foreseeable future. Plus, for the foreseeable future, if Andy Reid is his coach, his team will have a fun playbook. Both apply to Kansas City looking to add another Super Bowl title to the Reid Mahomes era (KC also received an Outsider Gaming nominationbest overall offensive playbook).

Travis Kelce (98 OVR), arguably the best tight end of his generation, will look to become Mahomes' number one again after Tyreek Hill is in Miami. Other catchers for Mahomes include newly acquired JuJu Smith-Schuster (80 OVR) and Mecole Hardman (79 OVR). HB1 is Clyde Edwards-Helaire (79 OVR0) and will look to break through the gaps created by a line led by Joe Thuney (88 OVR) and Orlando Brown (80 OVR).

Palo N AceneShotgun's Empty HB Wide gives Mahomes several options, including Edwards-Helaire for a wideout and a route bomb to Kelce that will hopefully open him up behind defense for Mahome's strong arm (97 Shot Power).speed optionallows Mahomes (Speed ​​84) and possibly Edwards-Helaire (Speed ​​86) to find open ground.PA initializationhe pulls Mahomes out of his pocket and moves, giving him the option to play the run or double up and run for more yards.

4. Las Vegas Raiders (AFC West)

Madden 23: The best offensive guides for MUT and Franchise modes (4)

Best offensive players:Davante Adams (WR, 99 OVR), Darren Waller (TE, 91 OVR), Josh Jacobs (HB, 87 OVR)
The best games:HB Stretch Alert Smoke (par Ace de una sola espalda), Mesh Spot (Shotgun Bunch), PA Deep Outs (Shotgun Doubles Y-Flex)

Las Vegas made a good attack but took the step to be among the best by adding thatwidth onlyand Madden 23club 99, Davante Adams. He offers quarterback Derek Carr (83 OVR) an elite target to pair up with wide receiver Hunter Renfrow (85 OVR) and tight end Darren Waller (91 OVR). Midfielder Josh Jacobs (87 OVR) is a threat both as a running back and as a receiver outside the perimeter. The lineup is led by Kolton Miller (84 OVR) and Alex Leatherwood (71 OVR).

HB Rauch Stretch Alertis a run pass option (RPO) that allows for a quick pass to a wide receiver or handoff to Jacobs on an extended play, using his 87 speed to create some space between defenders.knit stitchfeatures easy center drag routes and some outside routes to Carr (91 launch power) for easy footage. PA Deep Outs are expected to outwit defenses and open up escape routes deep in the defensive zone.

Always look at Adams first, then Waller, then Renfrow in any passing game. These three are your best options for easy or large gardens.

5. Miami Dolphins (AFC East)

Madden 23: The best offensive guides for MUT and Franchise modes (5)

Best offensive players:Tyreek Hill (WR, 97 OVR), Terron Armstead (LT, 93 OVR), Mike Gesicki (86 OVR)
The best games:Dolphins Y Corner (Shotgun Y Trips Wk), Radschalter (Pistole Tight Slots), HB Slip Screen (Shotgun Doubles Y-Flex)

(Video) Best Playbooks and Schemes for Madden 23 Franchise Simulation!

Like the Raiders, Miami also makes the list thanks to the addition of a key player, another wide receiver, Hill (97 OVR). He gives quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (75 OVR) possibly his first major league threat of his young career. He'll be able to use his 86 shooting power to throw short, deep routes up the hill with his 99 velocity. Jaylen Waddle (84 OVR) leads WR2 with Mike Gesicki (86 OVR) at starting tight end. Chase Edmonds (79 OVR0, Raheem Mostert (78 OVR) and Sony Michel (77 OVR) make an extremely capable quarterback trio, and the line is led by Terron Armstead (93 OVR) and Robert Hunt (74 OVR).

Dolphins Y cornerhe gives Tagovailoa short, medium, and deep escapes to play, sending Hill down.wheel switchTagovailoa offers routes attacking any level of defense, but the off-field quarterback can be the most dangerous.Pared corredera HBIt's a perfect play against any Blitz, especially when Mostert and his 95 Speed ​​make the catch with blockers and the field in front of him.

Now you know which teams are using the best offensive playbooks in Madden 23. Which playbook will you choose for your team?

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What is the best Madden 23 offense scheme? ›

Best Offensive Playbooks: Chiefs, Patriots, Lions, Saints

The best playbooks in Madden NFL 23 are those of the Chiefs, Patriots, Lions and Saints.

What is the best offensive scheme and playbook in Madden 23? ›

5 best offensive playbooks in Madden 23
  • Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens' offensive playbook is built around the run game. ...
  • San Francisco 49ers. ...
  • Kansas City Chiefs. ...
  • West Coast. ...
  • Spread.
Dec 29, 2022

What is the best offense playbook in Madden 23 current gen? ›

The Rams playbook may be the most complete offensive playbook in the game. Their single back is loaded with 15 formations including a few formations that are usually good like Y trips, duece close, and wing flex close. Then it still has one of the better gun bunches in the game.

What is the best position to play in Madden 23 face of the franchise? ›

Wide Receiver

Offense is clearly the better choice in Face of the Franchise mode. We had WR ranked lower until we learned that your play art doesn't really matter. You can realistically run wherever you want on a play and then call for the ball when you're open.

Who is the best offensive team in Madden 23? ›

What is the best offense to use in Madden 23?
  • Buccaneers (92 rating) Tampa Bay is the complete package for Madden players. ...
  • Bills (89) Who wouldn't want to play as the Bills' offense? ...
  • Chargers (88) ...
  • Giants (68) ...
  • Bears (69) ...
  • Seahawks (70)
Jul 22, 2022

How do you play better offense in Madden 23? ›

The 3 Step Process For How To Play Offense:
  1. Don't multiple routes into the same spot on the field.
  2. Not having more than 1 route around the user.
  3. 7 yard rule – each route should have 7 yards of space between each other.

What franchise has the best 3-4 playbook in Madden 23? ›

Best Playbook for a 3-4 Defense

Tampa Bay has the most fleshed-out 3-4 defensive in Madden 23. The traditional Over, Under, and Cub packages are all present.

How do you win every game in Madden 23? ›

How You Can Win Every Time In Madden 23:
  1. Snap the ball.
  2. DON'T drift back with your quarterback.
  3. Instead -> Slightly tap up on your left analog stick to move up a couple yards.

What Madden Playbook runs the most? ›

The best-balanced playbook is simply one that has a solid mixture of rushing and passing schemes that can be of use to most offenses.
  • Best rushing playbook: Baltimore Ravens. ...
  • Best passing playbook: Kansas City Chiefs. ...
  • Best balanced playbook: New England Patriots/Oakland Raiders.
Sep 1, 2022

What is the best passing style in Madden 23? ›

Madden 23 Skill-Based Passing: Best Settings
  • Passing Type: Placement & Accuracy.
  • Passing Slowdown: Off.
  • Free-Form Reticle Max Distance: Near.
  • Free-Form Reticle Speed: 7/20.
  • Reticle Visibility: Visible.
  • Meter Visibility: Visible.
Aug 19, 2022

What playbook has wildcat in Madden 23? ›

Madden 23 Tennessee Titans Offensive Playbook Wildcat.

Can you be a running back in face of the franchise? ›

The first thing you have to do before starting Face of the Franchise is decide on which position you would like to play. The five positions to choose from are quarterback, running back, wide receiver, cornerback, and linebacker.

What are the most important positions in Madden? ›

The most overpowered position on defense in Madden 22 is the safety position with a heavier emphasis on the strong safety position (SS). This position can produce great talent in some of the hardest positions to average a high overall in.

Does weight matter in Madden 23? ›

It's not a direct stat, but a guy who weighs 300 pounds is going to have less speed, acceleration, and pursuit than someone that weighs 250, but they may have more strength, block shedding, impact blocking, etc.

Does scheme matter in Madden 23? ›

Does a scheme matter in Madden 23? Yes, absolutely! Having a scheme is crucial, especially in online modes. Many players naturally develop schemes, repeating plays that work and that they find comfortable.

Who has the best offensive scheme in Madden 22? ›

Top 5 Offensive Playbooks in MUT
  • New Orleans Saints - great for mobile QBs.
  • Las Vegas Raiders - highly versatile, solid formations for pass and rush.
  • New England Patriots - always an excellent playbook, but now with more mobile QB plays.
  • Indianapolis Colts - the playbook for a pass-heavy focus.

What is the best scheme in Madden 22? ›

The best defensive scheme for simulation in Madden 22 is… Disguise 3-4. The Disguise 3-4 is the scheme we will go for every single time. That does not mean that you won't have success with other schemes.

What is the best defensive scheme in Madden 23 SIM? ›

10 Most Popular Defensive Playbooks In Madden 23
  • Kansas City Defensive Playbook.
  • 46 Defensive Playbook.
  • Multiple D Playbook.
  • Baltimore Ravens Defensive Playbook.
  • Las Vegas Raiders Defensive Playbook.
  • Carolina Panthers Defensive Playbook.
  • Miami Dolphins Defensive Playbook.
  • Chicago Bears Defensive Playbook.
Oct 5, 2022


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