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today we are going to do thatstudent rescueI achieve everything is for collectingstudents at risk(Single player). There are 50 students in total to save Hogwarts and history quests. If you see a Lego person in trouble, help them! Rescuing students grants you 50/200 gold bricks. Once you find all 50, you get 45GRAMS.

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The magic begins on the spot
1. You find the fallen studentDiagon Alley, once there, look for a table on the right. Get on the table and have a teammate use WL to lift the table with you on top of it. As soon as you get close to the student, you can drop him.

from the dungeonLocation
2.You will find the student.sits in your tent. (Bathroom)

a cursed broomLocation
3.You will find the student once you pass the metal bars that areAbove the pipes, to the left of the bookshelf. You must use Redoubt to get through them.

The forbidden sectionLocation
4.You will find the student.In the second room, use Redoubt on the owl cage. Build from the resulting bricks and use WL on the resulting clock.

the forbidden forestLocation
5.You will find the student.In the Forbidden Forest, use Lumos Solem on the student being held by Devil's Snare.

Chapter 6 Face of the EnemyLocation
6.They find the student in the hole.There are some vines on a ledge in the key room. Get off your broom on this ledge, use Lumos, and drop down through the exposed hole.

again 2

Po fluLocation
7.They find the student locked in a silver lockerin Borgin and books.

dobby's planeLocation
8.You will find the student.we elves

Crabbe y GoyleLocation
9.You will find the student.UEIn the Slytherin common room, use the small broom near the fireplace to sweep the inside of the fireplace.

Tom Riddle's DiaryLocation
10You will find the the memory room. You must use the book ability for the locker. A key is released and is used to open a locker on the left to rescue the student.

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follow the spidersLocation
11You will find the student when you have the boss fight the spider, just free him from the web.

there is basiliskLocation
12You will find the student.Release it as part of the game. Use Lumos on the vine-covered tent in the bathroom to free him.

3rd year

Azkaban NewsLocation
13You will meet the student when you are on the train., that's exactly when you'll find her in the room with the DM token.

14You can find the student near the snowman at the end of the street. After enjoying the snowball fight, hit the snowman with a snowball to save him.

Unfug administrationLocation
15.You will find the student behind the locked door with a silver padlock, open the door and save him.

the house of screamsLocation
sixteen.You will find the student.At the point where you fight nasty forest creatures and build the red mushroom, a student gets caught in a spider web.

kuss of dementorsLocation
17You will find the student.In the area on the left with the bees, remove all the bees and the hive.

to the black towerLocation
18You will find the student near the fountains, look to the left and you will see a room with a padlock RD enter the room. You must defeat the Dementor.

4th year

The Quidditch World CupLocation
19You will find the student looking for the silver padlock that is in a shack. Use DR to find it.UE

20They find the student locked in the vault.This is the part where you do the three chains. Be sure to save the student in the vault on the right.

the first taskLocation
21You will find the student when the dragon is trapped for the second time. To the right is a locker with a silver padlock to unlock and redeem.

the secret of the eggLocation
22You will find the right student when you start the level above the other cabinet.

Oder SchwarzseeLocation
23You will find the student.After you pass the second set of pipes you need to break one of the pipes and go down to the left, use WL on both oars of the boat. Then use WL on the bow boat.

the dark lord returnsLocation
24You can find the student behind the eight yellow plants that you need to save him from the devil's traps.


Gryffindor dorms

25. The student appears to have been right next to the sofa above.
turned into a cube. Use magic to save them.

men's roomLocation
26You will find the student in the men's room, open the green stall on the left to save him.

Hall of Amulets CorridorLocation
27You will find the student in the corridor of the magic room.You can redeem them once you've spent Wingardium Leviosa.

Charms Underground Zone LeftLocation
28. The location is in the Charms Underground Arena on the left.

Charms Underground area to the rightLocation
29The location is in the underground Spell Arena to the right.

30. In a spider web at the entrance.

31. Located in the courtyard of the fountain.

equipment roomLocation
32. Found at the beginning of the equipment room.

Big roomLocation
33. If you look up, you will find the storm in a spider web.

Entrance to the Great HallLocation
34. This is just before the great hall.

Gryffindor master bedroomLocation
35. Hit the couch twice to find her and save her

Hagrid's Garden Location
36.If you put all the foods together, you can use WL
in a basket A student inside will drop a seed. Hit the seed to turn it into one.
Pumpkin, then WL him to 'save' him.

Hagrid's Garden Location

37.Use WL to hit the basket and the pumpkin to save the student.

Second Herbalism RoomLocation
38. Make a power potion and flush.

Hufflepuff Bedroom Location
39. Hit the plant near the yellow sofas.

Entrance to Hufflepuff's dormitoryLocation
40. Put Mandrake in the basket at the entrance to the Hufflepuff dormitory.

Beside the lakeLocation
41. Use WL to build a dock for the student after breaking the boxes he is on.

second room libraryLocation
42. Take the red book, build a ladder and put the mandrake in the barrel.

Lobby area just after exiting the bedroom hallway.Location
43. Use WL to use the books as a path.

escalator towerLocation
44. At the top of the stairs you see the painting with the dog.

Exterior of Hogwarts - Hagrid's HutLocation
45. To save the student, use Lumos Solem to free him.

46. ​​Go to the owls and they will open the scroll and the students will be on the other side of a small courtyard.


47.It's in the middle of a pipe. set it free

Entrance to the Quidditch pitchLocation
48. Use WL on the treadmill and create a springboard for the student to jump off.

Ravenclaw DormsLocation
49. The student is in the middle next to a book, hit the chain and the book will grab him.

slytherin dormLocation
50. Move the bookcase behind which the student is standing.



lego harry potter years 1-4 step by step

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