Is Citronella Safe for Dogs? or a dog repellent for the garden (2023)

As loving dog parents, we need to be very careful when buying products for our dogs. If a product is sold around the world with excessive marketing, it does not mean that it is safe for the dog. There is no myth in the answer of "Is citronella safe for dogs?“? Citronella is irritating to dogs, not the plant itself, but the oil derived from it. Oil extracted from lemongrass is used to make your dog unhappy. At the same time, it has a pleasant aroma for humans and is used in most cosmetics due to its freshly squeezed little lemon. But it scares the dog at first. Its smell leaves them dissatisfied and, in extreme conditions, when sprayed in the dog's mouth, it causes a change in behavior.

The citronella plant gets its name from the strong aroma it exudes. It is your average lemongrass plan but is now available in many popular genetically engineered forms for use in gardens, it is also used for greenery and beauty.

The dog may not like that delicious smell; Therefore, it is used as a repellent for dogs. So if you start thinking it's citronellasafe dogSo the answer is yes. When used in a controlled amount, it is safe for dogs with no side effects, but on the other hand, it is not a garden dog repellent. It will not work. It is used to stop barking and as a repellent for dogs.

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Is it a garden dog repellent?

Your pet may not be comfortable with this plant, but based on our research and experience, it is unable to stop dogs from roaming the grounds; They even plant it in different places in the garden, but it leaves no odor, so it is difficult for dogs to detect, but dogs are not comfortable touching this plant.

Many people believe that if you grow this plant in the garden it will keep dogs away, but we have never experienced this. Even people say that their dogs are comfortable with the plants and don't hesitate to visit the area where the citronellas are grown. So if you think it's a garden dog repellent, it's not.

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Is Citronella Safe for Dogs? or a dog repellent for the garden (2)

Citronella oil is used in two ways for dogs, both ways are considered safe for dogs and effective for humans in modifying canine behavior.

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citronella bark collars

Citronella oil is ideally used in the anti-bark collar, where the scent is linked to an electronic device attached to the dog's neck via a collar. When the electronic device detects a bark that emits a scent of citronella oil essence, these collars train the dogs and they stop barking.

But here the problem is that for some of the dogs it is irritating and punishing, but some of the dogs don't care about this smell and continue to bark. So if you're planning to buy a citronella-based bark collar, do some research on your dog's breed.

If you are using this fragrance for training purposes, we have found it to be suitable for all dogs. If you get insufficient response, you can adjust the amount to release into the scab. But instead of exercising, if you use the collar regularly, it can become ineffective for your dog.

Most of these anti-bark collars are very useful for small to medium sized dogs, while for large breeds, the sense of smell is useful, but the collars are not. This is because the puff barely reaches the dog's muzzle and just one bite can help him get fresh again. Also, instead of snorting it, it is more effective when sprayed on the face. Medium and small dogs are afraid of this and you can correct barking behavior within a week. Refills for these necklaces are sold separately, so getting a refill is not difficult.

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Citronella provides effective control over aggression and combat

On the one hand it serves to control barking, on the other it serves as a deterrent in aggressive situations. It comes in spray form and you have to take a drag on the dog and spray from a closer distance. As soon as the dog notices him, he will leave the place.

When dealing with an aggressive or fighting dog, a spritz of citronella in the nose of an angry or hostile dog can break up a dogfight. It is a quick fix in these cases and can prevent a fight between a dog and calm a dog that is becoming aggressive in your home.

It's also a safety spray, like if a dog gets mad at you and comes at you, give him a spritz of citronella and he'll run away. It's a spray that can repel dogs in any mood. Please watch out for dogs; It is more effective when sprayed on the face than on the fragrance nose.


Is citronella safe for dogs?

One thing is for sure: it is toxic to dogs. However, when used in minimal amount, it did not affect the health of dogs, for example, when used as a fragrance and oil in anti-bark collars in the old days, it is not harmful, as citronella is used in minimal amount in this spray. Its scent is still enough for a dog to change its behavior.

As far as we know, it is not dangerous or dangerous for dogs, as citronella spray only contains 10% citronella oil, which is not harmful to dogs when sprayed. The highest level can be risky, especially if dogs have breathing problems.

If you're still waiting for a straight answer, is citronella safe for dogs? It is like this when used in a control set. All of the above products contain a reduced amount of citronella, so the products are not harmful to dogs.

What is citronella spray for dogs?

It is an oil extracted from different types of lemongrass plants, rightly called citronella oil. It has roots in Java and Sri Lanka. The smell of this oil is unpleasant for dogs and is used in collars to stop barking and available as a spray to reduce barking behavior in dogs.

How effective are citronella collars for dogs?

When a citronella collar detects a dog's barking and emits a mist to calm the dog's barking, the dog will stop barking immediately. Therefore, citronella is considered safe and effective for stopping barking, and it is a natural extract that poses no threat to dogs.

Citronella spray for dogs, how to do it?

Mix 4 ounces of distilled water and 4 ounces of witch hazel along with 30 drops of citronella oil in a spray bottle or other bottle that can be used to fill the bark collar or spray. If your dog gets irritated and starts barking, send a light mist of citronella towards him to discourage him from barking. You will be amazed when you see the results as it is very effective.

Where to buy citronella spray for dogs?

When shopping online, we recommend buying from Amazon, the best place to buy citronella for dogs. If you are buying from a physical store, only buy a brand recommended by your veterinarian.

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final thoughts

It is only safe for your dog when used in a controlled amount and it is recommended to buy citronella spray and collar spray on the market. do not usecitronella beerstraight to any stronghold that might cause a problem. we foughtCitronella safe for dogs? o A dog repellent for the garden and all the related aspects, but our research goes further in another aspectcitronella; If you have something to contribute or have clear doubts, let us know in the comments.

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What happens if dogs smell citronella? ›

But you'll want to keep this away from your pets, too, because it's also toxic.) Matejka says the plant's essential oils and tannic acid are gastrointestinal irritants for pets. This could result in your pup having abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea.

What happens if a dog licks citronella? ›

Citronella Dangers for Dogs

If a dog ingests citronella, stomach irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, and neurological abnormalities may occur. Sprays and oils can cause skin irritation if they touch your pet's skin or paws for an extended period of time, and they may cause eye irritation if contact occurs.

Can citronella spray harm dogs? ›

A citronella spray can be aimed at the pet and sprayed near the eyes and mouth without causing much harm, but the strong scent will often deter or repel an aggressive pet. If you wish to train your dog into not barking then a citronella collar is a better choice - it automatically releases the spray when the dog barks.

What mosquito repellent plant is safe for dogs? ›

Herbs like basil, sage, and thyme not only give your food extra flavor, but also repel mosquitoes. With basil, you don't have to crush the leaves to reap its benefits. In fact, basil plants are toxic to mosquito larvae.

How do you make citronella spray for dogs? ›

Keep this oil handy when you need it for you this very purpose. How to make it: Mix half a cup of citronella oil with 4 cups of water. Pour into a spray bottle.

Do all dogs hate citronella? ›

While citronella naturally deters cats, it doesn't seem to always have the same effect on dogs. Dogs don't seem particularly attracted to it either, but it does smell lemony. So if you have a curious dog, be sure to keep these products out of reach.

Is citronella and lemongrass safe for dogs? ›

Diffusing citronella or lemongrass oil outdoors may act as an insect repellent to keep away mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. This is perfectly pet safe.

Why is citronella used for dogs? ›

Citronella is a known repellant. It is used as a pesticide. For this reason, citronella collars have come to be. The collars themselves will detect the audio levels of your dog and then spray them with citronella if they bark or yelp.

Is lemongrass toxic to dogs? ›

Lemongrass poisoning is rare in canines; however, lemongrass is a toxic plant for dogs if the animal ingests it in large amounts. Learn how to spot the signs of lemongrass poisoning in your pet and what emergency steps you should take.

Is the smell of citronella harmful? ›

It might cause skin reactions or irritation in some people. When inhaled: Citronella oil is likely unsafe. Lung damage has been reported.

Do dogs hate the smell of citronella? ›

Citronella candles and oils

Citronella candles are used to keep bugs away from you, but they will have the same effect on your dog. The reason your dog hates the smell of citronella is that the smell is so close to citrus.


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