How to Get More Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans: 11 Steps (2023)

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Last updated: March 4, 2021

Dark Elixir (DE) is a valuable resource available at Town Hall level 7, used for Dark Elixir troops, spells and upgrades for three of the four heroes in the game. DE will have a significant impact on your attacks and is a much rarer resource than gold or elixir. This article will help you stock up quickly.


Method 1 of 2:

Nabavite passive dark elixir

  1. 1

    Upgrade your DE memory and training.While this consumes elixir, it increases the health of the camp and increases the mining rate of equipment. Stage 1 drill holds 360 degrees for one hour. The maximum drill will withstand 1800 DE for one hour. This is a very important change to your DE farming and you should prioritize upgrading it over your elixirs/gold collectors and mines.

    • Spend time together. Otherwise, complete maneuvers look very attractive to attackers, especially when maximized.
  2. 2

    Collect Dark Elixir (Dark Elixir Diamond) from its sources.The Dark Elixir Drill is the only source of collecting Dark Elixir without attacking. They recharge every hour with a minimum level of 360 DE. Collect 6 times to get 2160 unique gold. At max level they have 1,800 DE, or 10,800 DE if you collect 6 times. This will make a big difference over time.

    • You can upgrade your drills to produce faster.


  3. 3

    to makeBasic appearance of good protectionYour dark elixir.Center your Dark Elixir with your Clan Castle and your Hero Altar. Build a wall around it. Level up Air Defense Systems, Mortars, Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers. This protects your DE from most attackers. You can place your town hall on the second level of the wall to attract raiders eager to loot, or you can place it in the middle.

    • Placing your Town Hall in the center will protect your loot, but make your DE more vulnerable.
    • You can place the DE bits closer to the middle if you want, although you may not have room for them.
    • To strengthen your base against all attackers, build compartments and use traps wisely.
    • Create a Tesla farm next to your DE warehouse by placing them all close together. This has a huge effect and helps protect your elixir of darkness.
  4. 4

    Conquer clan castle troops from your clan.They can help you defend your base from attackers. Go to your clan's castle and click "Request". You can request specific troops if you want. If you have room, it is recommended to summon an electric dragon, and fill the remaining space with Valkyries and Wizards. Make sure you don't have Wall Breakers, Hog Riders, Giants or Goblins.

    • You can also go to the clan tab to request troops.
  5. 5

    Use tricks to save your dark elixirs.DE troops receive 10% off the original price during special events. Take advantage of this by training regular and then adding a directed forcerecentlythe activity ends. Then evolve DE elixir troops and the initial price will be refunded. You can also stock up on dark potions before bed to hide from attackers. Raise an army in your barracks and fill them with golems or witches. This keeps the DE in your barracks safe from attackers.

    • For example, if you train 450 Elixir of Darkness per Golem during a special event and then 4500 Elixir of Darkness per Golem, you will get 4050 Elixir of Darkness per Golem. Depending on the level of your barracks, you can train up to 6-8 golems, resulting in a large extra DE.
    • to makesefThey have an army that was trained before the two DE armies. Otherwise it all ends up in your military store and goes to waste.
    • Log in again and don't forget to train your army!
    • Use golems and witches in a DE bank strategy because they have the highest DE per house. You can also train earthquake spells in the dark barracks.
  6. 6

    Use your vault to store additional dark elixirs.An attacker can only get 3% of funds, but can get 10-18% of DE storage. Store your loot here until you can use it for ultimate protection. This won't affect the day much, but will add 1000 DE over time.

    • You can get loot from clan wars, clan games and star bonuses in your treasury.



Method 2 of 2:

attack strategically

  1. 1

    Trophy on the rise.You'll find a lot of dark elixirs in the Golden League, and crystals are the best place to get 2000 or more per attack. If you are TH10 in the Master League, you can climb even higher and earn a league reward of 500 Dark Elixir for every base you start.

  2. 2

    choose a good armyIt is used to collect DE.You will need a strong army and will probably spend a lot of elixir to get to the dark elixir camp in most bases. If you just want to farm with bare pieces, you'll get a cheaper army that deploys faster. However, many people only partially shield their DE practice and you probably won't get 1 star with these attacks.

    • For a powerful attack, use a loot push equal to your TH level to get a Dark Elixir. For large dragons TH7-8. For TH8-9, use a giant or goblin knife. For TH9-11 you can use LavaLoon or Baby Loon.
    • For light army use Barch (barbarians and archers) or Giant-Barch. They are quick to train and help you practice DE. Giant-Barch can give you access to some DE memories.
    • Do not use BAM (barbarians, archers and minions), boar riders or golems as they consume dark potions and will reduce your DE processing efficiency. Make an attack that uses the fewest (if any) dark potions.
  3. 3

    Choose the right base.If you have a strong offense, look for an almost full DE shop on your base that isn't too hard to attack. For light attack, find a base with a full DE drill, you can get that too. Check the black box on top of the drill. When full, it can simultaneously hold from 360 to more than 1000 degrees. Practice a bit to know how strong your attack is and if you can handle the base.

    • If you don't mind spending elixirs, you can also do Blitz training for a decent amount.
    • Make sure you have a plan to go through all the wall layers or at least get to the DE shop. If you have jump or shake spells, they are usually placed in the inner wall sections, while the wall breaker is placed on the first level.
  4. 4

    Participate in clan wars.This is an especially good strategy if your clan is involved in a farming war, but you'll also get a lot of loot from competing rival clans. Choose a base that you can give 3 stars, preferably your TH rating or lower. Use power attacks or practice power attacks to farm. You will get a lot of loot that will be stored in your vault.

    • Try to win the war so you don't get punished for your loot.
    • Help your clan fill up the clan castle to protect your base.
  5. 5

    Know when to use your spells.Sometimes casting a spell at the right time can win the game and some juicy DE. But when should they be used? Lightning and poison spells are best used against clan castle troops. When your troops start entering the core or approaching a large group of buildings, you will be furious. Heals when your unit is low on health and near a splash guard. Before playing, use the earthquake spell and jump to open the compartment with the inner wall.

    • Use spells to keep your troops at the edge of the radius. This maximizes the power of the spell, especially since it lasts quite a long time. Try to predict where your units will go and place your spells in that direction.
    • Be careful not to accidentally drop your spells. Something that is easy to do.
    • Note that Clan Castle troops will now flee from Hex unless they clash with your troops.


Community Q&A

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    How much dark elixir can a level 2 dark elixir drill get in one hour?

    How to Get More Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans: 11 Steps (12)


    community response

    A level 2 Darkness Elixir Drill will release approximately 30 Darkness Elixir per hour when not boosted.

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