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July 1, 2010


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Guide to Lego Harry Potter Gold Brick Locations. Red bricks are also included (2)
How to Find All Lego Harry Potter Gold Bricks and Red Bricks Locations. These how-to and how-to videos show you how to start collecting all 200 gold bricks and reveal where they are in the game on Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. There are also 20 red bricks hidden in the levels.


  • Golden stones 1 to 51
  • Golden stones 52 to 72
  • Red stones 1 to 10
  • Red bricks 11 through 20

Table of Contents of the Lego Harry Potter Instructions:

  • This page: gold and red brick locations
  • New page:Step by step grades 1-4
  • New page:Ridge Site Guide
  • New page:Cheat codes, tips and insider tips.
  • New page:
  • New page:
  • New page:Grading guide for students at risk
  • For fun:The wallpaper

There are some simple gold brick tips:
1 gold stone for each completed level = 24 gold stones in total.
1 goldstone per level for the true wizard = 24 goldstones in total.
1 gold brick per level for each ridge completed = 24 gold bricks total.

Gold Bricks Location Guide

There are 200 golden bricks scattered around the world of Lego Harry Potter. Here are some tips to help you get started and get closer to the 200 goal, and remember when you reach 200 collect the bricks in Knockturn Alley (on Diagon Ally Road / across from the Owl Emporium) and go to the Level Bonus. Once you log in, you'll unlock the Dark Lord himself, Lord Voldemort, as a playable character.

(Video) LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - All 20 Red Brick Locations (Complete Red Brick Guide)

This video shows where to get the first golden bricks in Lego Harry Potter:

#1 – Location: Bathroom Hallway
To find this gold brick you need to take the upper path (use DR). Eventually you will come to a showcase. Let the AI ​​partner get the pieces out of the way. Pull the sheath and crush it. Now follow the appearing snail. And you have another gold brick to add to your growing collection.

#2 – Fundort: Charms Underground Area Left (Requires RD. Use Locker)
Note that there is a bug to stop the game in this room if you try to exit the game while the game is auto-saving (via dragons). To prevent this, enter this room as the last area you enter the game. Hence, you might want to keep it as the ultimate goldstone as well. You earn this gold block by building the dragon. After jumping close and going back up, you'll get a gold brick for your escape.

#3 - Location: Underground Charms area on the right (key character required)
This gold brick is easy to find in the second room after exiting the first area. All you have to do is LM the vines (which hold the claws you see on the wall). If you do that, you will get this gold brick.

#4 – Location: Clock Tower
To earn this gold brick, simply attack the painting on the right. Once you've done that, grab the purple gear and place it with the other gears. The bell will reward you with another gold brick to add to your growing collection. Note: This gold stone may be in error and may not appear.

#5 – Location of DATDA office
To find this gold brick, DR the seven silver items you see in the room. You will find that some of them are groomed by pixies. If you do this, you will get a gold brick.

#6, 7, 8, 9 - Location: Diagon Alley
To find these Gold Bricks you have to delete the lock on the bar. After that, go down and you will find four statues. You have to build these statues by completing all the levels of each episode. There is a corresponding statue for each episode, for a total of four statues. In addition to completing the level, you must also achieve True Wizard status. After you build the statue you will get a gold brick. You can then get one gold brick for each statue, for a total of four gold bricks.

#10 – Location: Bedroom Hallway
To find this golden brick, all you have to do is hit each of the Hogwarts house banners in the dormitory hallway to knock them down. Of course there are four, one for each house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff). This will make the gold block appear. You can then collect it to add to your collection.

#11 – Location: Dumbledore's Office (Completing all required story levels)
In order to add this golden brick to your collection, you must have completed all levels of the story. This will give you access to Dumbledore's office. Inside you will find a treasure chest with a silver lock. Open it and you add this golden stone to your collection.

#12 – Location: Eelops Owl Emporium on Diagon Alley
To find this gold brick, you must enter the Eelops Owl Emporium. Once inside, you'll want to break each of the items inside. On your left you will find a sweeper that you can build. Build it and use the sweeper to sweep up all the dust on the floor. Be sure to run CONTINUE SWEEP repeatedly. Sometimes you can hardly miss a point. Keep doing this until you get a gold brick, which you earn by clearing ALL the dust. However, remember that this golden brick can sometimes fail, and once you earn it, you will become invisible! If he's invisible, you can still pick up the gold brick by running toward him. It will be next to the shopkeeper.

#13-#24 - Location: Eelops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley
You can purchase a total of twelve Gold Bricks at the Eelops Owl Emporium. But for that you need a total of 6.6 million studs! Buy them while collecting Studs throughout the game, and you can eventually add all twelve Gold Bricks to your collection.

#25 – Ort: Fountain Patio
To find this gold brick, DM the Black Knight armor that you will find next to the owl. Then use the broom that appears. Now you have to make sure you collect all the Blue Stud along the way. Do it right and get them all and a gold brick will be your reward.

#26 – Location: Great Hall
In this majestic hall where all the students of the house gather is another hidden golden brick. The key to this is the foods you see on the tables. You will find six in total and you must hit them all. The items are Green Cups and Green Jars, five of which you can find on the student desks and then one on the teacher's desk. Hit them and you'll make the gold brick appear. However, it appears above you and is too high to reach. To get it you have to break the plates at the end of the three tables. This will magically create a platform ladder that you can use to reach the gold brick. Ta-da!

#27 – Location: Entrance to the Great Hall
As with Gold Brick #21, you must reach four banners to get Gold Brick #22. You can find two of the banners in the Great Hall. Two more are near the stairs you used to enter the room. Just remove all four posters. This will give you another gold brick!

(Video) LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 - All 20 Red Brick Locations (Complete Red Brick Guide)

#28 – Location: Gryffindor Dormitories
To find this gold brick you have to earn it by using magic to break all the top parts of the beds. This will make the golden brick appear. It will be floating above one of the beds, so jump in to grab it and add it to your growing collection.

#29 – Location: Gryffindor Dormitories
This goldstone is easy to find in the Time-Turner version of this room on the north end wall. You will find a treasure chest. Open it up and jump inside. You will fall into a new area where you can collect this gold stone.

#30 - Hagrids Garten
You get this gold brick by moving the scarecrow's head, digging up the ground, and then smashing the pumpkins. Now flush and set up the chimney. Finally put the egg in the chimney. WIN Goldstein!

#31 – Ort: Hagrids Garten
Keep your eyes peeled in this section and you should find a gold brick. Some people understand after the scene with Ron and the snake.

#32 – Location: Herbology Classroom
This goldstone is prominently displayed above the cabinet at the back of the room. To place the gold brick on it, just jump out of the plane onto the top of the cabinet. From there, jump to the Gold Brick floating above.

#33 – Location: Hufflepuff Dorm
To find this gold brick you need to unlock the large (silver) padlock that you will find near the entrance. Then WL the cake in the color and you get this Gold Brick.

#34 – Location: Knockturn Alley (requires DR)
You can find this goldstone in Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley. Once you enter the store, you can easily find them behind the main counter.

#35 – Ort: See
In order to find this goldstone, you must first use WL on the fishing rod to catch some pond frogs. Once you've done that and pulled out a fish, jump on the fish and go past the two poles you see in the water. Keep going until you win the gold brick.

#36 – Second Library Room (requires Aging Potion)
This gold brick is obtained by attacking three brown wizard hats hidden around the room. You'll find a very hard-to-see hat on the right-hand platform, at the very top of a shelf level with you. You'll find another one on the platform to the left above the railing. You'll find one end on the back wall next to the big door. Hit them all and you will be rewarded with a gold brick.

#37 – Lobby (Behind the Bedroom Hallway)
To find this gold brick you have to light six floating candles by hitting them. Two of them will only appear if you knock at the top of the left door where the sign is. Hit them all and the gold brick is yours!

#38 - Location: Main entrances to the classroom
To find this gold brick you need to build a giant letter H near the DATDA entrance by using RD on the silver piece. This creates an animal tunnel. You have to move it with WL and finally use an animal like Scabbers to get through the animal tunnel. You will receive a gold brick.

#39 – Location: Mobile Stair Tower
This is a fun little puzzle to get another gold brick. You will notice that there are three paintings, one in the middle, one at the bottom and one at the top. The Quidditch player in the painting below is the one you need to meet first. He then throws the ball to the Quidditch player in the picture above. Go up and hit the painting. It is thrown to the Quidditch player in the middle field. Finally, if you hit this painting, it will be thrown at the dog above. Walk up to the dog and you'll find his bone has turned into this golden brick. FUN!

#40 - Location: Exterior of Hogwarts - Hagrid's Hut
To get this gold brick you have to LS / WL loosen the three stone slabs that you see near the platform in the middle of the room. After using LS/WL to lift the bricks, use WL on the brooms to dust them off. This will cause a golden brick to appear on the middle platform. pick it up!

#41 – Location: Owlery (Beyond the small courtyard. Boggart Chest Key required)
This simple gold brick puzzle allows you to match the corresponding color on the floor to the corresponding slot. There are three parts and you must place each one in the right place. You will be rewarded with a gold brick.

(Video) LEGO Harry Potter Collection Complete Years 1-4 Hogwarts Collectible Guide

#42 – Location: Owlery (Beyond the small courtyard. Boggart Chest Key required)
To earn this gold brick you need to use WL on the feather and tickle the painting on the second floor. This will spawn some normal bricks. You can then use WL on them to earn the Gold Brick. Wow!

#43 – Location: Pendulum Row
To find this golden brick, you need to instant message some pixies near a coin. This will drop a treasure chest. Open it to find this gold coin.

#44 - Location: Potions Room - Side Area
The location of this goldstone is in the side area of ​​the Potions classroom, where you'll find it behind an aging barrier in the center. Just use the aging potion in the other room to access the gold brick here.

#45 - Location: Entrance to Quidditch Field
This gold stone is very easy to get. First dig where you see the dig point, then use WL until the ribbon touches. Once that has happened and the music has calmed everyone down, you will be rewarded with a gold brick.

#46 - Location: Entrance to Quidditch Field
In order to discover this gold brick you have to use WL at the stand next to a bench. Once you've done that, hop in and have your AI partner (or friend) pick you up. Now you can get to the top of the store. Run along it until you see a ball that's stuck. Release the ball by using WL on it. This will cause the ball to roll around the store and give you a gold brick.

#47 – Location: Quidditch Training Grounds
To find this golden brick, you will find a treasure chest. Open it with DR and fly the broom through all the rings that appear. If you do this, you will get a gold brick.

#48 – Location: Ravenclaw Dorm
You get this golden stone by attacking 5 five golden books that are in the rooms. Two of these are under the beds, while three are on the shelves at the back of the master bedroom. After hitting all five Golden Books, the Golden Stone will appear.

#49 - Location: Lounge (Behind the Escalator Tower)
This gold brick is obtained by finding three rabbits so you can ride the spinning wheels next to the car. You can find the first rabbit in the box with the door. Follow this by using WL on the letter you will find in the mailbox. The second rabbit is on top of the garbage heap on the shelf. The last rabbit attacks the TV on the right four times in a row.

#50 - Location: Slytherin Dorm
To earn this gold brick, you will find a treasure chest in the background that you must loot. This causes the objects to leave and enter the source. Keep doing this until you earn another gold brick!

#51 – Transformation Classroom Side Panel (DR Required)
You get this funny gold brick by transforming the dummies in each lane into animals three times (in quick succession) with the red transformation magic. If you do it fast enough you will get this block of gold.

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