DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 3 Finale Explained – Is Philomena Dead or Alive? Will there be a fourth season? 🇧🇷 DMT (2023)

season 1of "DOTA: Dragon's Blood" introduced the protagonists and the audience got a brief glimpse into the world of dragons. Season 1 established the threat of Terrorblade, a terrifying demon that hunts down the souls of dragons to wreak utter havoc. Terrorblade successfully consumes one of the Eldwyrms' souls, Uldorak. Uldorok lost his senses due to madness and was unable to fight for his soul, so Terrorblade consumed it to become stronger. Slyrak, Father of Fire, another Eldwyrm, fights Terrorblade and with Davion's help, Dragonknight finally defeats him and before he takes his last breath, he hides his soul inside Dragonknight. Davion merged with Slyrak's soul and had no memory of the incident. He is found by Mirana, the Moon Princess, and Marci, his mute maid. They set out to help Mirana find the elven thief who stole the moon lotus from Selemene's temple.

Meanwhile, the elven enclaves are being destroyed by Luna, who commands Selemene's army to retrieve the stolen lotus flowers. Luna kills Fymryn's friends while they are unarmed. Fymryn the Lotus Thief narrowly escaped Luna with her powers. Luna continues her killing spree in the enclaves, trapping the remaining elves only to turn them from someone's followers into Selemene's followers. Fymryn takes a break from the Summoner's Tower. Davion and Mirana enlist the help of Kaden, another Dragon Knight, to help Davion better understand himself. However, upon being betrayed, the troops made their way to the summoner's tower, where the summoner makes a deal under the merchant's oath. Fymryn joins her squad to patch things up with her clan and Mirana's clan. Davion is captured by what he calls his brothers. Other Dragon Riders take him to try and repair Slyrak.

DOTA: Drachenblutseason 2It was the continuation of the first season. It begins with Davion being taken to the Castle of the Dragon Riders and chained while his father experiments on him. The father then uses Davion's Dragonborn to retrieve his injured arm. He reveals his plans to a disguised Fymryn who takes on Kaden's appearance. Fymryn rushes to Davion's rescue.

Meanwhile, Terrorblade manipulates the dragons into attacking the fortress. Davion, Bram, Kaden and Fymryn narrowly escape, but the other Dragon Riders are killed. On the other hand, the magician captures Selemene and locks her in her daughter's room. Luna, after being cut off from the Goddess's powers, finds herself stripped of her power, as do her troops. They are ambushed by the elven enclave of Coedwei and rescued by Mirana and Marci, who take them to a mercenary camp connected to the Helios Empire. While tending to the wounded Luna and the other troops, the mercenary drugged them and took them to the palace to collect the emperor's bounty on their heads. As a sign of peace, Mirana takes her place as a legitimate princess and prepares to marry the Emperor as a sign of peace. However, Mirana is hit by an arrow that plunges her soul into the world between life and death. She is in a coma and the kingdom has been thrown into chaos. At the same time, Davion, Bram, Kaden and Fymryn are rescued by Auroth the dragon and Rylai his elf friend. Auroth gives the Ring of Cold Winter to Bram to protect. After rejuvenating the troops without Rylai, they headed to the Helio Imperium Palace to find Lina, her sister, and find out more about the Eye of the World Wyrm, the sun god's relic. They arrive just in time for Davion to witness Miran being shot. The Emperor refuses to hand over the Eye and Slyrak takes on Davion's wrath. Slyvion kills the emperor and helps Lina take the throne. However, Mirana awakens to be the rightful Empress, but while Lina confesses to Davion and holds a meeting, Viceroy Kashurra kills Lina. He reveals his form as the Void and wields the Star of Dawn as his weapon.

Kashurra unleashes her wrath, which then helps Mirana find solar energy and reclaim her position as Goddess and Empress of the Empire. Auroth and Marci lose their lives in the process, and the squad ventures into Foulfell to kill Terrorblade, only to discover that Invoker has made a deal with Terrorblade. As Chaos ravaged Emperor Helium, Davion learned from Slyrak that the other Eldwyrms had been slain and their souls stolen. Invoker stole all of Terrorblade's souls in exchange for Selemene's capture. "DOTA: Dragonborn"Temporary term 2with Empress Mirana ruling the Helios Empire.

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DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 3 Plot - What is Book 3 About?

The season begins with the troops venturing into Foulfell to defeat Terrorblade one last time. However, before the final battle, Fymryn becomes a Mene goddess and, having claimed Selemene's position as hers, helps the elven enclaves come to their senses. The summoner makes a deal with the Empress and helps Davion claim all of the field worm souls. He transforms into a hybrid while using all his powers and they begin their fight with Terrorblade. Terrorblade first manipulates them and then traps them in their personal nightmares thwarted by Fymryn's magic. Terrorblade is defeated, albeit at the cost of Davion's life. The Invoker took the opportunity to create a whole new world where his daughter Filomena lives and the troops have never met. Mirana finds herself in a strange present where her father is still alive and Kashurra does not exist. It's a future where Mirana hasn't lost Davion or Marci. In search of answers, he goes to the Oracle and returns with all his memories of the past. To set things right, Mirana decides to go after Davion early on and accompanies him on a date with Slyrak. She has an argument and understands that he is not the same Davion, so she leaves alone with Marci to discuss with Slyrak. Mirana has yet to awaken her powers, though she awakens a semblance of her powers to defeat Kaden, who was already there to stop Slyrak.

Along the way, the crazy broken moon rocks began to drive the rest of the residents crazy. Philomena seems lively and intuitive, while Fymryn rules all elves as the moon goddess Mene. Philomena requests an audience with her to end the ongoing war between the Helios Empire and the Elven Enclaves. Filomena looks for answers; however, the Summoner refuses to provide them. She searches Fymryn's memories for answers and discovers that this universe shouldn't exist. They team up to defeat Invoker and restore the timeline as it was before. Davion turns to Mirana to turn back time. Mirana and Fymryn decide to rule the new world as goddesses.

Is Davion alive or dead?

During his war with Terrorblade, Davion endured excruciating agony to capture all of the Eldwyrms' souls. He became a hybrid and continued to fight Terrorblade. However, in the heat of the moment, Terrorblade lands him a killing blow. When giving a speech, Davion uses the last of his strength to simply kill Terrorblade while giving a speech. He also dies after the last conversation with Mirana. While his attention was distracted, the summoner simply used an Archonicus machine, a book of untold knowledge, to go back in time and create a new world where the beings responsible for the countless deaths simply did not exist.

In this world, Davion has yet to meet Mirana. His paths cross as the world, minus the entities, repeats itself. They meet at the same bar where they met in Season 1 of DOTA: Dragon's Blood. However, Mirana tries to bring Davion back to her team, but Davion doesn't remember any of her precious memories. He follows Mirana to Slyrak's lair, albeit a little later, only to find that Slyrak and Kaden are barely clinging to life. New World Kaden remembers everything in the end and gives Davion his sword as a gift. Returning home after a fight with Mirana, he misinterprets her and finds the villagers turning into zombies. During the fight, Davion is impaled by a wandering zombie and transported into the void where he encounters Slyrak. Davion learns the truth about the world and his memories come back to him. With Slyrak's soul residing within him, Davion turns to Mirana for a journey back to the Summoner's Tower. Here they meet Filomena, who joins his cause and helps them fight against their father. Invoker transfers Mirana into the Void and freezes her as punishment for acting against him. He wanted her to see the Mad Moon shatter and the two rationalities of Radiant and Dread collapse.

Fymryn eventually rescues her after failing to contain the Mad Moon Shards with Filomena's help and accepts her, eventually freeing her from the frozen prison. Back on Earth, Davion and the rest of the team, including Luna, confront Invoker. After defeating the summoner together, Filomena asks Mirana to restore the world. She teams up with Davion and restores the Pillars, freeing the Eldwyrm souls as Guardians of the Pillars. She then tearfully reunites with Davion one last time, going back to the point where Davion dies. Therefore, after death, Davion reverts to his original state. He is then taken home by Kaden, who lives in the old world. Things go back to the way they were before.

What happened to the Old World and the New World?

In the second episode, the squadron heads to Foulfell to face Terrorblade once and for all. They confront and defeat Terrorblade, but lose Davion in the process. This entire incident and all of the events leading up to the Battle of Foulfell take place in the Old World. In this world, Filomena had lost her life and the sorcerer became involved in experiments to gain knowledge to take revenge on Selemene and also recover his daughter. In this world, Fymryn lost her close friends and family to Luna and her Night Silverwood Warriors under Selemene's command. Mirana lost her parents to Viceroy Kashurra and left the Empire to find her place among the soldiers of Nightsilver Forest. She took Marci with her and that's how she met Luna. Therefore, during the battle, the summoner had already started preparing to replace that world with a new one. He made Davion the sole target after making him host to the other dragon souls Terrorblade wanted. He set the stage and then introduced the machine to replace reality with another reality with the help of Archonicus.

Foulfell was the setting for the illusionist's plans. He then introduced a reality of all existing parallel realities where his daughter was healthy and alive. This new reality had Luna Loca, the practical prison for Primal Mind causes. They were chained to prison by the summoner's powers, but the maddened moon seemed to be slowly crumbling. Other than that, the new reality had no viceroy of Shakurra, and so Mirana's father lived on, though he was consumed by madness following the death of Mirana's mother. Marci also survived, but Kaden reached Slyrak's lair before him in the previous world. Davion had yet to make contact with Slyrak, so his soul was intact without Slyrak's interference. However, fragments from the Mad Moon's collapse reached Earth's surface more quickly, corrupting all nearby inhabitants with madness.

The mad moon was directly related to the destruction of all reality. The pre-existing realities of the Old World and New World were eventually destroyed by the heroes who were given quests by the rationalities after the Prime Mind disintegrated into two separate rationalities, Radiant and Terrible. The Radiant and Dire constantly fought within their prison, corroding the Mad Moon's surface and spewing some of the shards back to Earth. These shards lured the residents and heroes alike and consumed their minds with madness, eventually turning them into zombie-like creatures that killed each other without any control. In the new reality, Mad Moon eventually collapsed due to Invoker fixing the corrosion at an alarming rate and destroying Mad Moon to destroy the new reality because he wanted to stay safe with Filomena and destroy everyone else.

Philomena and her role in the ensuing chaos.

Philomena was the beloved daughter of the magician, and her mother was Selemene, who left her homeland to claim her throne as goddess of the moon. A young Filomena lost her life after being affected by an unexplained illness. Since Filomena was discovered with the disease, the summoner has spent every moment of his life looking for a cure. After consulting with all possible healers and healers, the sorcerer had to take Filomena to Selemene in the hope that she would cure her daughter. Always consumed by greed, Selemene refused to help Filomena until she worshiped her as a goddess, causing Filomene to lose her life for hating Selemene.

After Filomena lost her life, the magician planned to bring her back. He took every opportunity to prepare the ground to successfully bring her back. He manipulated Fymryn after she dedicated her life to the return of Mene, the previous moon goddess who was killed by Selemene. Fymryn was actually the goddess Mene reincarnated, although she had no idea and always believed that her powers simply came from the goddess's blessing. As she approached the magician to bring Mene back, he began preparing her to regain her position as Selemene. Last season, the summoner sent Fymryn to reclaim her rightful position as Goddess Mene and defend the remaining elven families before she could fight Terrorblade in the final battle. After removing the spark needed to become a goddess from Selemene, Fymryn managed to become a goddess herself, and Selemene dissipated as a spirit in her arms.

In the new reality, Filomena lived after Invoker managed to establish her and participated in understanding her oddities by performing experiments. He found certain fragments that he experimented with, which showed him some strange results. The slugs attracted to the stone consumed the new slugs which then penetrated the stone. He came to a conclusion and it was close to the truth. However, the summoner interfered and stopped them from proceeding. With Mad Moon slowly collapsing and the Invoker's power controlling him, Filomena accidentally discovers him while looking for her father to share some of her discoveries. Unable to contain such power, the summoner was on the verge of collapsing when Filomena rushed to save him. He refuses to say anything to her and asks her to subdue the Archonicus before moving on. However, their goddess Mene/Fymryn refuses to pray due to her angry spirit. Fymryn's mind is plagued by memories of the old world and is constantly at war with the new memories, giving her nightmares. Filomena offers to search her mind to offer her some comfort and also to answer Filomena's burning questions that her father doesn't want to answer.

He then finds out about the previous world, the old world, and what his father did, and starts righting wrongs. She helps the troops counter her father's actions who, upon discovering that Filomena knew the truth, nullified her magic that held Mad Moon together and caused her to pass out. Filomena understood that her father simply wanted her alive. However, the illness that had caused her death had manifested itself again. Unable to stop its spread, the summoner was forced to listen to Filomena and reset the reality to before. The last few episodes were a continuation of the old world after the new world witnessed its destruction.

'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 3 Finale Explanation: Is Filomena Dead or Alive? Will there be season 4?

After Filomena restored the world to its true reality, it no longer existed. Mirana and Davion returned to their original states after returning the Eldwyrms' souls and placing the pillars. They shared some intimacy before Davion lost his life to fix reality. Fymryn helped Mirana regain some stability and helped rule the world alongside her as the goddess of the moon and sun. Mirana gives the merchant the Archchronicus as a souvenir and instructs him not to give it to anyone under any circumstances. She just smiled and touched her stomach when the merchant asked if she had found everything she was looking for. This line was a flashback to DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 1, when Mirana angrily asked the merchant for help in finding the lotus flowers, which brought Mirana back to square one after the end of an eventful chapter in her life. It seems horrible that the merchant is a seer and his oath is binding due to his innate powers superior to gods and goddesses and even wizards. However, this particular final scene gives the impression that Mirana is actually pregnant. Tips from a child can be the start of a new season. DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 4 could easily focus on Mirana raising the son of a dragon knight, the host of many dragons and the god of the sun, the empress of the Helios Empire.

In the final episode, there is a brief glimpse of Filomena nursing her wounds in the moonlight while donning a nondescript cloak that protects half of her identity. Now, during the fight, Terrorblade appeared to be offering Invoker a deal to create a new reality where Filomena would always be safe and alive. Invoker rejected part of the deal that required the new reality to be a Terrorblade-shaped reality. The summoner silently instilled the same reality and successfully brought Filomena back without surrendering to Terrorblade's reality. This trailer hints at the possibility of DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 4 where there could be an explanation for this tangent, explaining how Filomena came back to life even after she didn't exist in this reality. It could be that the old world is not yet the current world again, but rather a connected reality manifested by the Invoker, who simply wanted his daughter alive and well and could do anything to make that happen. Therefore, there may be a chance that the downed character will come back to life, or it simply cannot.

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