Delta Premium Select Review: Is It Worth the Cost? (2023)

The popularity of premium economy class, the class that sits between business and economy, is increasing.

While these seats don't offer a true restful experience, they're worth considering if you're concerned about how comfortable you'll be on a long overseas flight.

Now that Delta has made Premium Select available on four different aircraft types, the question of whether it's worth it can be answered.

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  • ¿Era Delta Premium Select?

    While the old US carriers (American, Delta and United) waited to make internal upgrades to ensure the financial case was strong, international carriers have been equipping planes with premium economy for decades.

    It took until 2017 for Delta to make Premium Select available on the Airbus A350. And now that that's the case, let's explore points worth considering before deciding to upgrade for your next trip.

    room and legroom

    The sheer amount of space is the most attractive benefit of choosing Premium Select, which is often twice the price of an economy ticket in the main cabin.

    Don't let the seat width fool you. Delta's Comfort+ and Main Cabin seats on Delta's A330-900neo are 18 inches wide.

    Premium Select seats are 18.5 inches wide with a 38-inch recline and 7-inch recline.

    The additional inches of space between the edges of each seat are not specified in these standards.

    Comfort+ and Main Cab seat cushions are pressed together. Your neighbor's square starts exactly where yours ends. There is no space to breathe.

    Between each seat in Premium Select is a huge double armrest that provides space for your arms and your drinks.

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    On a long flight, we found that freedom of movement became more valuable by the hour.

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    Legroom is the next consideration. 38 inches of headroom is available in Premium Select on the A339, compared to 34 in Comfort+ and just under 31 to 33 inches in the main cabin.

    This is essentially the difference between using aNotebookat your tray table with youWi-Fi onboard by Deltawithout feeling uncomfortable and overly involved in work for more than eight hours.

    In addition, the Premium Select has a folding footrest and legrest, which greatly improve comfort.

    Watching entertainment is also more convenient.

    While Comfort+ and Main Cabin passengers on the A339 get a 10.1-inch dashboard, Premium Select passengers get a 13.3-inch entertainment screen on the seatback.

    Plus, there's more aisle seating with the Premium Select seating plan.

    There would be less need to run past neighbors and less need to get out of the way if you were run over.

    Select Delta Premium Foods

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    For the most part, Delta treats Premium Select like it's its own cabin.

    You still have to use the restrooms.Economy-Klasse, it is very appreciated to have a dedicated flight attendant.

    On a long-haul flight, it is common for two flight attendants to occupy the 28 seats in the Premium Select cabin, endlessly replenishing drinks and snacks.

    You may not even need to tap the call button as the customer service is so attentive.

    Depending on the length of the flight, there are also full meals with an ice bar in the middle.

    Not only are these meals superior in quality to those offered in Comfort+ and Main Cabin, but they are presented on fine cutlery with real cutlery.

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    VIP check-in and boarding

    Some of the amenities associated with a Premium Select ticket are also offered as a Delta Medallion benefit.

    However, non-elite within the Delta system will find the following additions of particular value.

    When deciding whether or not the upgrade price is reasonable, keep in mind how important they are to you:

    • You can choose your seat before check-in.
    • An onboard Tumi amenity kit that includes an eye mask, socks, aToothbrushand earplugs.
    • Access to Sky Priority check-in and tarmac.
    • Access to Sky Priority expedited baggage handling and security service.
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    Delta Premium Select fares are typically rated P, A, or G.

    If you think this sounds silly, consider this: Based on Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM), Premium Select fares are credited 150%, Comfort+, and all Main Cabin tickets except Y and B flights are 100% credited.

    As you move up to Elite with the Delta Medallion, that 50% MQM bonus means a lot.


    A Premium Select ticket typically costs twice as much as an economy ticket, and this difference can increase as the flight approaches.

    It's pricier anyway, but things like premium shipping, better food, and extra miles help make up for some of that.

    You should avoid Premium Select if you are a seasoned solo traveler or want to use your travel budget to reach more destinations in less comfort.

    Families who need to purchase additional seats find this cost much more difficult to bear. It all depends on your travel style and the stage of life you are in.

    fly in pairs

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    Although widebody delta planes with 2-4-2 configurations are occasionally available in economy class, the dreaded 3-3-3 configuration is more common.

    A third wheel on the way to your destination spoils the honeymoon mood more than anything else.

    Couples are more likely to find a shared seat only when choosing Premium Select, as there are more seat pairs available.

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    Given the long distances covered by Delta's Premium Select cabins, this increase in isolation needs to be taken into account.

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    If you're traveling with a baby, these seat combinations are also lifesavers.

    The difference between a bearable ocean voyage and an event you'd like to forget can be carving your own cocoon and giving your little one extra space to stretch out.

    interior yes cabins

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    Although the Airbus A330-900neo, Boeing 777, Boeing 767-400ER and Airbus A350 have Premium Select, not all Premium Select cabins are created equal.

    The new A330-900neo, which has seats withbottle of waterThe backings, and especially the Aerofoam Industries memory foam padding, are Premium Select at its finest.

    In fact, memory foam is used on all A339 seats from front to back, which can greatly improve comfort and reduce fatigue.

    Upon entering the cabin of the A339 Premium Select, you will see a special Airbus dome light design called "Airspace".

    While the A350 and converted 777 have 48 Premium Select seats, the A339 has just 28 seats in its relatively luxurious Premium Select cabin.

    The modified 764 has memory foam seats and only 20 Premium Select seats due to its smaller overall size.

    It also has a compartment for water bottles. While the A339 is new, the bones of the 764 are older.

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    Premium Select frente a Confort Plus

    In our honest opinion, Premium Select is certainly worth the typical premium over Main Cabin.

    A 31-inch climb on a cross-country flight is a truly terrifying experience. For adults, an international flight of eight hours or more is almost unbearable.

    For example, Comfort+ and Main Cabin are grouped into oneLayout 2-4-2no A330-900neo.

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    Securing a few seats on the left or right side of the plane on Comfort+ isn't a bad way to travel if you're a couple and neither of you is as tall as the TPG.

    The 34-inch Comfort+ space isn't bad, and the pair of seats ensures privacy beyond a window.

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    The decision to pay for Premium Select becomes more difficult when you are a Delta Medallion Elite member and can board Comfort+ for free as a membership benefit instead of paying more than the standard Main Cabin when you are new to Delta.

    If this applies to you, generally you should only consider upgrading to Premium Select if the cost difference is 30% or less, or if the trip in question is exceptional and warrants going the extra mile.

    Delta Premium Select junto com Delta One

    Delta One's reclining seats, the airline's business class, are ideal for weary travelers.

    Delta Premium Select is an upgraded version of Economy that offers extra amenities and more legroom.

    It's a good compromise between the uncomfortable rear seats and the pricier front row seats in business class.

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    final verdict

    Overall, Premium Select is definitely worth paying the extra if you can afford it.

    With more space, better food, better service, priority services and air miles to be earned, it could be a good option for those dreaded long-haul flights.

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