Clash of Clans: Complete Guide and Tips on the Clan Capital (2023)

clash of clanshe often gets amazing updates for his fans and no doubtSuperzellehe has incredible creativity in that area. Many updates came to the game, some of which were really shocking and brought the game into another dimension. One of these groundbreaking updates wasintroduced last springthe clash of clansclan capital. Fans of the game loved this update, and most of them love the idea behind it. To understand the concept behind it, let's take a look at this guide and see what exactly Clash of Clans Capital Clan is.

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  1. Understand the basics of clan capital in Clash of Clans
    • Eligibility to play Capital Clan
  2. Clash of Clans Clan Capital Guide and Tips
    • The Flying Machine, the Forge and the Merchant
    • capital districts
    • Raid Weekends e Capital Raids
    • District Friendly Challenges
    • clan capital skins
    • Terrain and Defense
    • military training
    • Troops and Spells
    • Gratifying

Understand the basics of clan capital in Clash of Clans

Have you ever thought of a way in which clan members all build bases together or do more than two raids together? That would be chaos, but fun nonetheless! Clan Capital mode, which implements the same idea, focuses on this aspect and allows all clan members to build their bases and fight other clans together. Players can recruit troops, build bases, and much more. Your clan and player village must meet the criteria (listed below) to play Capital Clan, and by tapping the airship in-game you can enter Capital Clan mode.

Clan battles bring many rewards and special advantages for the player and his clan. Rewards will be some form of currency, which will be explained in the following sections.

Eligibility to play Capital Clan

There is an eligibility criteria for playing Capital Clan which is not that complex. Regarding clan level, your clan must be at least level 2 to enter the mode. Regarding your city, your town hall must be level 6 or higher. After meeting the requirements, you can use the airship to travel to the capital next to your home village.

Clash of Clans Clan Capital Guide and Tips

As mentioned above, the mode will feature cities, each with a specific level. You are organized, and with each level beaten, you can upgrade to unlock the villages, which unlocks and upgrades the troops and buildings. The following paragraphs will explain Capital Clan terminology and show players how to approach this game mode.

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The Flying Machine, the Forge and the Merchant

Heflying shipis a means of transportation that helps you travel to the clan capital. Forge is a building, a kind of airship in Clash of Clans that takes you to your clan's capital. This structure allows you to create and collect small amounts of Capital Gold on a daily basis, the resource needed to upgrade your Capital buildings.

Players with a higher town hall level can assign builders to exchange resources for capital gold, which means you need a free builder to convert resources to capital gold. Builder Boost from Gold Pass and Builder Potions will speed up and reduce the time needed to craft Capital Gold in Forge. You can also complete an ongoing Capital Gold conversion using gems.

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In the Clash of Clans Clan Capital update, the merchant offers items for sale. All players in a clan will see the same items for sale at the same time, and the offers will change every Tuesday. Players can buy more items with gems, or they can spend their saved raid medals on items offered by the merchant, be it resources or magic items. Purchasing items for sale with Raid Medals will deduct the amount in Raid Medals from the player's collection.

capital districts

The series of bases within the Clan Capital are called Capital Districts. See below for more information.

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Capital Peak e Capital Hall

The main base is called Capital Peak, the highest and most important base in your capital. You will get Capital Peak unlocked once you unlock Capital Clan mode. On this base is the clan capital city hall, called Capital Hall, which is its important aspect.

Upgrading the main room allows you to unlock other bases, upgrades, etc. Clan players can contribute to improving major districts. The Capital Hall upgrade requirements are as follows:

level/districtbarbarian campsorcerer's valleylagoon balloonconstruction workshopdragon cliffsgoal quarry

One thing to note is that all these buildings are just one building at a time and will not increase as you upgrade Capital Hall. If you upgrade the main room, the hit points will also increase.

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districts and district offices

The other districts also unlock the troops, and each level unlocks the troops, building upgrades and the strength of your army can be upgraded, etc. Each district has a theme, and with that theme, players can identify the troops they can unlock and level up.

There are six more districts that can be unlocked as you level up in Capital Hall. Each of the six districts has its own district office. By upgrading the district hall, you can unlock new levels of upgrades for buildings, traps and troops in that specific district. District information can be found in the following table:

districtCapital Hall LevelHeunlock troopsunlock spellsunlock buildings
pico capital––––
barbarian camp2barbariansStealthy Archers, Battle Ram,
super giant,
Superbarbarian, horde of subjects
–ArmΓ©ager x3
sorcerer's valley3secosuper magicalHeilzauber,
jumping spell
Army Storage x1, Spell Storage x1
lagoon balloon4globoSkeleton Barrel, Rocket Balloon, Flying Fortresslightning spell–
construction workshop5buildersassault van,
dragon cliffs6Continuesuper dragon pig riderrage spellsmilitary camp x1
goal quarry7the golemBerggolem––

Raid Weekends e Capital Raids

In Capital Clan mode, players can make raids. Raid weekends are a period of events where clans battle other clan capitals. The main objective of the mode is to destroy as many clan capitals as possible by performing 3-star attacks on all capital districts and then destroying the capital peak. Clans and players receive Capital Gold and Raid Medals as rewards.

The fight starts on Friday and ends on Monday. All 50 clan members can participate in this event and each player can fight up to 5 times during the raid weekend, but the chances of an additional raid increase if you do a 3-star raid in a clan district. The maximum bonus you can get is just one attack.

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For example, Clan Capital Villages will transfer damage to the next attacker, if an attacker deals 10% damage to Clan Capital Village without claiming any stars, it will be permanent and will not reset when the next attacker arrives. Additionally, traps will not reactivate between attacks. Therefore, if a previous attack triggered a trap, it remains activated. Spells persist during an attack even after they are cast. For example, if you cast a healing spell and your clanmate attacks next, that healing spell will still be on the battlefield for your clanmate's next attack.

The corresponding raid weekend event for a clan is against other clans with the same build level. This happens as soon as all bases in the opposing clan's capital are destroyed. Direct confrontation is not activated in the event. It's like normal multiplayer games where you attack another player's base, but he doesn't attack yours.

District Friendly Challenges

Players can play District Friendship Challenges as well as the Main Village option of Friendship Battles. This is to test your clan capital design skills. Any clan member can start a district friendship challenge, but only one challenge per district can be active at a time. Players who attack a district during a district challenge will attack with the capital's army, and their clanmates can continue to attack a district until it is destroyed. Even the player who started the challenge can join raids to get the most out of the challenge and improve the base.

To avoid copying enemy districts to practice raids, district challenges will be disabled and cannot be spent on weekend raids.

clan capital skins

To participate and win in Clan Capital Event, it is important to have the best design. Clan members can contribute to building the best base. However, these changes can only be made by the leader and co-leaders of each clan. If skins are changed during the Raid Weekend event, no changes will be made until matchmaking is complete.

As for the base skins layout for Capital Peak, we still don't have the Copy Base option. Therefore, you cannot choose a baseline and copy it directly. You must manually organize the bases in your Capital Peak village. Stay tuned in this section as we will be bringing base skins for each level (up to level 5) of Clan Capital Peak along with the district bases.

(Video) New Clan Capital - Update Explained!

Terrain and Defense

The section explains the different terrains and defenses in Capital Clan and what each one is.

Land in the clan capital

  • agua- Buildings cannot be placed in water and on land. Troops cannot cross watery terrain. However, using a Frost spell creates a frozen surface for your troops to walk across the frozen water. If a land unit is forced to spawn in water terrain, it will automatically move to the nearest land point within 2 tile range. If there is no land within 2 hexes, that spawn unit dies instantly. Flying troops can avoid water.
  • cliffs- Cliff terrain has an elevation change. Therefore, ground forces cannot bypass the cliff terrain and must bypass it. Flying troops can fly over cliffs.
  • bridges– Buildings cannot be placed on a bridge. Ground units will be able to cross a bridge, but skilled base builders can use Narrow Pass to bottleneck their defenses to funnel enemy troops into their defensive damage.

Clan Capital Defense

  • canyon– Ground defense only. It works just like the cannons in your hometown and building base.
  • air defense– Air defense only, air troop targets.
  • Super great post– Supergiants are defensive troops when you build a Supergiant Outpost.
  • amazing dragon mail– As defensive units, they will rain fiery havoc from the sky.
  • Publish winning cart– Works similarly to building bases.
  • super wizard tower– Tower equipped as Super Wizards.
  • rocket artillery– Eagle artillery, but with a missile.
  • hell tower– Targets ground and air troops and works similarly to Home Village.
  • giant cannon- If you thought a giant cannon in the builder base would be devastating, imagine how your enemies will feel when there are several on the battlefield.
  • Mega-Tesla– Power Electro Defense, addresses air and ground forces. It works similarly to Builder Base.
  • bomb tower– Prohibited bowling game. Occurs when skeletons obtain explosive devices.
  • multiple mortar- It will be fun to see how devastating the builder base defense will be on a much larger battlefield during capital attacks.
  • the air bomb– Fresh air trap.
  • crusher– Ground defense only, which deals area damage.
  • the explosive book– A huge ballista that deals area damage with its explosive attacks.
  • Multi-Kanone– A multi-barreled rapid-fire cannon.
  • fast missiles– Shorter range than Air Defense, but deals more damage.
  • zap fails– Hits nearby enemies.
  • javelin thrower- Turn air and ground units into kebabs with a dangerous disaster spear.
  • log trap– AoE damage, ground only.
  • minas– Traps that deal area damage.
  • mega loss– Increased damage, increased area, increased spear.
  • main hall- The main room has its own missile defense weapon that will unleash destruction and chaos on enemy attackers.

military training

Unlike Main Village or Builder Base troop training, there is no time frame for troop training. All troops are instantly trained and ready to fight. To train their army, players can access the army camp training option in clan districts. The size of the army camp is equal to the total strength of all districts in the capital combined. Just like in home village, your troops from army camps will not defend your village.

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When someone from the clan goes into battle, they have full access to the troops and spells unlocked in the clan capital, regardless of their level. If your clan unlocks super dragons in the Dragon Bluff district, everyone in your clan will be able to train super dragons for their respective capital battles. Building base and home village heroes are not available for battle.

Troops and Spells

troops in clan capital

In the clan capital, troops are unlocked by building their own barracks, unlike the ones we follow in the home village. Each individual troop has its own barracks, which are unlocked with certain clan districts. Currently the clan capital has 14 troops:

  • battle ram
  • flying fortress
  • pig hunter
  • Minion-Horda
  • Berggolem
  • Raid-Wagen
  • rocket balloons
  • skeleton barrels
  • sneaky archers
  • super barbarian
  • amazing dragon
  • super giant
  • Super PEKKA
  • super magical

There is no laboratory system here. Upgrading their respective barracks will automatically upgrade troops. Clan members must make the necessary contributions to upgrade.

Magic in the Clan Capital

They serve the same application as in the cities of origin. Unlocking spells requires building the spell factory for each spell. Currently the clan capital has 5 spells:

  • Frostzauber
  • Heilzauber
  • jumping spell
  • lightning spell
  • rage spells

Unlike Home Village, these spells have no duration here and persist through attacks. After finishing your attack, your spell remains on the battlefield and will be active in that clan's district in the next battle. Like troops, there is no laboratory system here. By upgrading their respective factories, spells will be upgraded. Clan members must make the necessary Capital Gold contributions to upgrade.


Players can be rewarded in-game bycapital goldYattack medals. Capital Gold is used to upgrade your capital buildings. You can earn Capital Gold by crafting the Home Village and Builder Base resources available in the Forge. Remember that your Capital Gold can be stolen with any attack.

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Raid Medal is another currency that players can use in-game. Players can earn Raid Medals through Clan Capital Attacks. Players can donate Clan Castle Troops through Raid Medals and buy and trade items with Troops. You can watch the following videos to learn more about the Clan Capital:

(Video) Tips to Master EVERY Clan Capital Troop! (Clash of Clans)

After completing the Assault Weekend, you can check the total rewards for offensive and defensive results, as well as the total capital loot obtained.

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What do you think of this Clash of Clans Clan Capital guide? Did you find this Clash of Clans Clan Capital? Are the instructions helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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