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Character (IV)

Dama hooch 50.000 Hogwarts - men's bathroom

To perceive

Information:Go to the boys' bathroom, which you can access by going up the spiral staircase along the upper right side of the Great Hall area, then head down a hallway and open a locked door with Redoubt magic. Enter the bathroom and go downstairs, then look at the right wall. There you should see what appears to be a fire extinguisher. Raise it with magic and spray its contents along the wall to reveal a face. When the face is complete, the character token will appear within your reach.

Gilderoy Lockhart (green jacket) 75.000 Hogwarts - Hagrids Kurbisbeet

Information:Enter the pumpkin patch area to the right of Hagrid's hut and there will be a cutscene with snails. When you're done, look to the east corner of the garden area you are in. There is a clock. Have Hermione use the Time Turner ability to travel through time. Now go to the west side of the patch. Use stronghold magic to pick the lock on a treasure chest, revealing the character token.

Gilderoy Lockhart 75.000 Story Mode - The Basilisk

Information:When you reach the underground tunnel area after clearing the bathroom area, head left. There's a stone wall with some chests covered in vines. Use Lumos magic to expel the tentacles, then use dark magic to open the left of the two chests and find the character token.

Dama Pomfrey 45.000 Story Mode - Dobby's Plan

Information:Go to the infirmary. Pull one of the beds at the back of the room to reveal a knight who will pass through the back door of the room and allow you to enter a new chamber. Walk along the back wall here and use Dark Magic on the box to the right of the light puzzle cabinet. Then hit the box again with your magic to reveal the character token.

Lady-Clip 40.000 Hogwarts - Terrace

Information:The area just in front of the yard, where you can climb the pendulum tower, is covered by a kind of awning. When walking through the covered area, look at the back wall. Along the back wall are three green mosaics. You can hit them with magical blasts to make them spin and reveal gargoyle heads. One is prevented from turning by a lock. Hit it with Redoubt's magic to flip it over. If you hit all three tiles, the character tile will appear.

bud teacher 65.000 Hogwarts-Invernadero

Information:Go to the greenhouse. Enter the second area by going through the door in the upper left corner of the first. In the second area, go back and through these doors to find yourself in a circular room. To the right is a bench under an upper ledge. Climb onto the bench and shoot it with magic to launch yourself and reach the ledge. Go to the closet there to find ear plugs. Once equipped, head to the mandrake waiting under the ledge. Pick it up and charge it, breaking all five glass objects. Three are on the lower level, and you can find the last two by climbing the ledges along the left side of the room. When you break all five, the character token will appear.

Professora Trelawney 100.000 Hogwarts - Divination Class

Information:In the Divination Class, there's a safe on the right. If you have Griphook with you (not difficult, as you can brew a potion on the lawn outside the classroom to change his appearance), you can open the safe to find the character token.

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Professor Binns 27.500 Hogwarts - Grand Staircase

Information:After completing the final stage of Story Mode, head to the top of the Grand Staircase. Where you used to go through an archway to access this stage, you'll now find a black statue. Use the Wingardium Leviosa spell on the left candle to light the right one. They make the character token appear.

teacher was 30.000 Story Mode - Follow the spiders

To perceive

Information:Halfway through the first part of the stage, you can fly over a lake on your way to fight the giant spider. On the other side, look to the right to find a black chest. Use Dark Magic to open it and find the Character Token.

vector teacher 25.000 Story Mode - Tom Riddle's Diary

Information:Go straight through the third part of the stage, interacting with the environment as needed to proceed. You'll soon reach an area where you'll need to climb a ledge and use the Lumos spell to drop some pieces to the ground below. Place these pieces on the nearby wall, use them as a springboard to reach the upper right area and there you'll find a safe. Have Griphook open it to reveal the Character Token.

Kate Campana 25.000 Hogwarts - Quadribol shop area

Information:Use your magic to hit the beige and red flags leading to the Quidditch tent. When hitting all the flags of that color in the area, the character token will appear.

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