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Characters (II)

Hermine (Hogwarts) 25.000 Hogwarts - Owlery Tower


Information:Travel to the Owlery, which you reach by going through the lower arch under the tower with the swinging pendulum. After making your way up the path and into the Owlery, have one of your characters use the Time Turner ability in the bottom right corner of the room. Now go left. On the wall you can see a portrait of an owl. Hitting it with magic will cause a bird to fly out and then join more of its kind in the top right corner. Climb onto the platform they raise and they will take you to the top. There he blows up the plant on the back wall to torment a portrait nearby. When he finishes his explosive sneeze, use your magic to lift the shards toward the nearby phonograph, which will start playing when a character token appears.

Hermione (red hooded top) 85.000 Story Mode - The Screaming Shack

Information:After clearing the storage room at this stage, you'll find yourself in a wooded area with vines descending from a bench on your right. There is a locked treasure chest nearby that you can open with the Redoubt spell to find the character token.

Hermione (blue blouse) 62.500 Hogwarts - Divination Classroom

Information:Head into the Divination Room while controlling a character who uses dark magic, like Lucius Malfoy. In the back right corner of the room is a chest that you can open with this evil magic to find the character token.

Hermione (grey hooded top) 57.500 Hogwarts - Owlery Tower

Information:Go to the Owlery. Inside, climb along the back ledge and to the right. On the wall you will find a maze-like pattern with an egg in the upper left corner. Use magic to guide the egg through the small maze. When you come out on the other side, roll onto the floor near the center of the room and transform into an owl. Drop down and use magic on the debris. If you blow it up, the debris will fly up and eventually form a bridge leading to the opening on the right. Climb the bridge and jump towards the end to collect the character token.

Hermione (cat) 125.000 Hogwarts - Bathroom Hallway

Information:When you reach the hall, go left to a closet. Hermione can begin an easy puzzle. Repeat the pattern so that a small vault appears. Hit it with magic to reveal the character token.

Hermione (Ball Gown) 125.000 beco Diagonal

Information:You must visit the costume shop in Diagon Alley. Enter the shop and use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to set up a table on the lower level of the lobby for the token to appear.

Rony (Hogwarts) 25.000 Gryffindor dorm

Information:When you appear in the room, cobwebs will block the door leading out of the room. Hit them with magical blasts to knock them out and materialize the character token.

Rony (Pajamas) 82.500 Hogwarts - Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom

Information:You can pull four torches scattered around the edges of the room, causing the character sheet to spawn in the back of the room.

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Rum (Pullover) 60.000 Story mode - follow the spiders


Information:Cross the lake and climb up to the shore. Look towards the top edge and you should notice the character token. To get it, go to the right of the area. Some gremlins occupy the rungs of a ladder, but you can blast them with magic. Some sprites will appear and create a ladder that you can climb to the top bank. Then go left towards the tile.

Ron (brown jacket) 62.500 Hogwarts - Hagrids Kürbisbeet

Information:Target all three groups of fungal plants with Wingardium Leviosa's magic. After all three have been drawn, the character token will appear.

Ron (Slytherin-Costume) 75.000 Story Mode - Crabbe and Goyle

Information:In the Slytherin common room, go to the right of the two rooms. There, in the back corner, you'll find a locked treasure chest. Pick the lock with Redoubt's magic and open the chest to get the character token.

Ron (girl costume) 60.000 Story Mode - Outside the Dungeons

Information:Hermione can solve the light puzzle located just to the right of where you first enter the stage to reveal thatRon (girl costume)character sheet.

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