Bloons TD 6 - Enabling and using turret hotkeys (UPDATED) [Jan 2023] - Qnnit (2023)

This guide will show you how to enable turret location hotkeys and what they are. It also examines all the other hotkeys in the game.

How to enable hotkeys

Launch any game and click on the gear in the upper right corner.

Bloons TD 6 - Enabling and using turret hotkeys (UPDATED) [Jan 2023] - Qnnit (1)

Once in this menu, simply click on the empty circle next to "Click and Drop" to change your controls, no more holding down your mouse for each turret you place.

Bloons TD 6 - Enabling and using turret hotkeys (UPDATED) [Jan 2023] - Qnnit (2)

It's done!

What are shortcut keys?

The hotkeys for placing turrets are as follows:

insured: you

primary towers
Arrow Macaque: Q
Mono Boomerang: W
Bomber: E
Stud Shooter: R
Eisaffé: T
Klebepistole: Si

military towers
Sniper Monkey: Z
Affensub: X
Mono Bucanero: C
Affen-Ass: V
Helipiloto: B
Mortar Jack: N

Magic Towers
Magic Monkey: A
Supermarket: St.
Macaco Ninja :D
alchemist: F
Druid: G

support towers
Banana Farm: H
Pincho factory: J
Affendorf: K

Multiple placement of selected turret: Holding Shift until released will not deselect the monkey after placing it

This may seem like a mess at first, until you see that each category has all of its towers next to each other on the same row of buttons.

Different hotkeys

These are all the other hotkeys in the game.

Provides shortcut keys
Street Tips: 1
MOAB-Mine: 2
Glue Trap: 3
Tarnfallen: 4
Banana producer: 5
Technological robot: 6
Hanging Power Totem: 7
Exactly: 8
Portable lake: 9

Update hotkeys:
Update top path: <
Update Intermediate Route: >
Update bottom path: ?

Round start, turn off and on Fast forward: space bar

Sell ​​Selected Rook: Pullback

Change Turret Orientation: tab (does not currently work for Mortar Monkey)

Bloon numbers sent: 1
Send Blue Bloon: 2
Send Green Bloon: 3
Send Yellow Bloon: 4
Enviar Bloon Pink: 5
Enviar Black Bloon: 6
Lila Bloon sends: 7
Send White Bloon: 8
Send Leadbloon: 9
Zebrabloon's Prayer: 0
Send rainbowbloon: –
Send ceramic bloon :=
Send M.O.A.B:O
Senden BFB: P
Z.O.M.G sent: [
DDT send:]
Send B.A.D:\

Bloons TD 6: How To Get Faster And Better XP

Bloons TD 6 - Enabling and using turret hotkeys (UPDATED) [Jan 2023] - Qnnit (3)

In this guide, you will learn how to get XP for your turrets faster and better.

How to earn XP faster and better

This guide will give you a detailed explanation of how Tower XP works and the best way to get it. Please note that this is all based on how I played the game and I wanted to share a few things with you.

Bloons TD 6 - Enabling and using turret hotkeys (UPDATED) [Jan 2023] - Qnnit (4)

how XP works

This part of the guide will introduce you to the basics of how the experience works and how you can earn more for certain towers. There is a more detailed explanation and strategies on how to get Tower XP in the dedicated section.

Sales and Support Experience:

Each round is worth a lot of XP and is split between the towers. Here's an example:

  • A round has 1000XP to give if you win it successfully.
  • They spend $600 on a Dart Monkey and $400 on a Druid
  • You get 600 XP for your Dart Monkey and 400 XP for your Druid.
  • (600:400 ratio, 1000 total as the round is worth 1000XP)

Thus, the XP will be divided according to the amount of money spent on the different types of towers.

You get more free for your Dart Monkey because you invested more in this tower. The more you spend on a tower, the more XP you will earn. And if you only use one type of turret, that turret will get all the XP it got in that round.

If you had multiple turrets of the same type, but also some other turrets, it would work like this:

  • You spend $300, $300 on 2 Dart Monkeys ($600 total between the 2) and $400 on a Druid
  • You get 600 XP for your Dart Monkey and 400 XP for your Druid.
  • (300:300:400 ratio)

You'll still get 600 XP for your Dart Monkey upgrades, since that's how much you've invested in the overall tower.

Difficulty experience:

The higher the difficulty, the more experience you will earn. Very easy.

I hope this has given you the basics of how XP works.

How to earn XP easily

This part of the guide explains the easiest ways I have found to get Tower XP easily and quickly.

Points to consider:

  • The higher the difficulty you play, the more XP you will earn
  • A player gains XP more easily
  • These strategies are all for individual players.
  • If you want to speed up the process even more, use Benjamin for more money to upgrade towers faster.


1. Any map on Hard difficulty
Playing any map on Hard difficulty, especially with the XP-requiring turret, is a great way to speed up the process. It doesn't matter if you lose or run out of lives, you can start over. With this process, you can see how XP is activated.

2. Deflation in the Dark Castle
This is a tough mission, but rewarded with quick and easy XP. Just use the turrets you want to upgrade and easily get XP. Again, if you die, that's fine, just start over.

3. Use your monkey knowledge points
Just use your Monkey Knowledge points on your tree to get XP more easily.

These strategies work well in my opinion and have helped me a lot.

Bloons TD 6 - My Personal Hero Rating

Bloons TD 6 - Enabling and using turret hotkeys (UPDATED) [Jan 2023] - Qnnit (5)

My personal hero rating

7. Quincy
Trust your abilities to deal damage
It can do a lot but nothing good
Easy to wear/set and forget

Pick Quincy if you really hate round 63.

6. Benjamin
do not attack
Earn money in each round
Earn money with each appearance of bloon
Start losing money using the Bloon Trojan on MOAB-class balloons
Biohack is situational and can sometimes get you killed
Siphon funding can turn a difficult round into a joke

Choose Benjamin if you plan to grow early.

5. Obyn Greenfoot
He has the weakest attack of all the heroes.
Purple balloons cannot be popped.
It relies heavily on your damage dealing abilities.
Earn more money by popping balloons with Wall of Trees

Auf Level 10 Hat Wall of Trees 3000 HP
(Can store 4 MOAB and 6 ceramics)

Auf Level 20 Hat Wall of Trees 5600 HP
(Can Tank 1 Fortified BFB y 2 Ceramic)
(Can Tank 1 BFB 2 MOABs and 6 Ceramics)

Choose Obyn Greenfoot if you want a lower permaspike.

4.Captain Churchill
Deal the most damage of any hero.
Level up the slowest of all heroes.
Trust your abilities to deal damage
It is weak against black/zebra balloons.

Go for Captain Churchill if you want DPS, but don't expect him to outperform a Tier 3 Supermonkey.

3. Biker Bones
Weak against spaced balloons
Weak against black/zebra balloons
It may not work well on its own
Extremely good at stopping balloons.

Choose Striker Jones if you plan to use bombers.

2. Ezil
He has the strongest attack of any hero without using any abilities.
Removes stealth/regeneration/fortification effects from non-MOAB class balloons at level 9
Purple balloons cannot be popped.
Strong against balloons that spawn children.
Extremely strong against MOAB class balloons
Deals more damage than The Bloon Solver
she is the best girl

Choose Ezili when you want to dish out extreme amounts of DOT while being useful.

1. Gwendolin
He has the second strongest attack of all heroes without using any abilities.
Purple balloons cannot explode until level 16
Allows nearby turrets to burst lead balloons with heat
At level 17, Heat gives turrets +1 layer of damage
Your Fire Cocktail is good against MOAB class balloons
firestorm is good

Choose Gwendolin if you want to become a meta slave.

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